Jameel Farooqui was he detained? Twitter Reactions and The Journalist’s Controversy Explained

Pakistani journalist Jameel Farooqui was detained in Karachi not too long ago after being taken into custody there. There was a complaint lodged against him for making a fake accusation that the Islamabad Police had sexually abused and tortured Shahbaz Kill while he was in custody.

On the other hand, when the cyberians heard the news, it made them extremely angry. In response, they have expressed their solidarity with the news anchor and have formally requested that the government release him.

Jameel Farooqui
Jameel Farooqui

Have Any Charges Been Pressed Against Jameel Farooqui?

Since last Friday, Imran Khan, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan, has been demanding that justice be served in the case of Shahbaz Gill. Khan asserts that his chief of staff was the victim of sexual assault while being held in jail by the police.

He then uploaded a series of tweets that included images and videos that allegedly show Gill being sexually abused in addition to being subjected to mental and physical assault. On August 9, Gill was taken into custody in connection to a FIR that had been filed against him for allegedly inciting mutiny among the military troops.

Television footage from the 19th of August, the day of his court hearing, showed him being wheeled into court while audibly wheezing and pleading with staff employees to give him his mask, according to Dawn.com. The footage was reportedly captured by television.

Khan has not given up on getting answers to his questions on who was responsible for Gill’s torture, despite the fact that the ICT police have refuted these allegations.

The arrest of Jameel Farooqui was well known to Azaz Syed before it happened.

And just lately, a YouTuber and social media activist by the name of Jameel Farooqui was taken into custody in Karachi for making false charges about the way the Islamabad Police Department treated a PTI lawmaker named Shahbaz.

Jameel was taken into custody by the Islamabad Police after a complaint was registered against him at the Ramna Police Station, according to a statement released by the Islamabad Police. He made a slanderous accusation against them, stating that Shehbaz Gill had been sexually and physically assaulted by them.

According to another part of the announcement, the police had issued a warning to those who were spreading false, misleading, or inflammatory allegations that they will take action against them.

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Responses on Twitter to the Controversy Regarding Jameel Farooqui

Jameel Farooqui is at the centre of a storm of criticism right now. It is stated that he submitted fabricated claims of physical abuse against the politician Shebaz Gill to the Islamabad police.

He asserted that he was subjected to brutal treatment at the hands of the law enforcement officers who were investigating the incident. Khan further stated that his staff was tortured with the intention of humiliating and destroying him in order to achieve their goals.

The citizens, on the other hand, are upset at the news surrounding Farooqui’s detention, and they are pressing for the anchor’s immediate release. They have been discussing the fact that they are unable to use their right to freedom of speech in a free and unrestricted manner.

During last night’s conversation, Azaz Syed discussed Jameel Farooqui’s detention.

On top of that, there are indications that the former prime minister Imran Khan may also be arrested soon. In a public gathering late on Saturday night, Islamabad Saddar Magistrate Ali Javed allegedly made threats toward a judge as well as two senior police officers. Javed filed a complaint against him as a result of these alleged threats.

As a result of this, the head of the PTI was arrested and charged in connection with a terrorist case following the incident. Khan’s fellow party members are conspiring to stage a protest in order to forestall the likelihood of Khan being arrested.

Jameel Farooqui
Jameel Farooqui

What Specifically Came To Pass With Jameel Farooqui?

Jameel Farooqui was arrested after making a false accusation against the Islamabad police department of sexually and physically assaulting Shebaz Gill, therefore officers decided to take him into jail. According to reports, he was taken into custody while he was at his residence in Karachi.

In a video that he uploaded to YouTube late last night, he went into specifics on the kinds of abusive treatment that Gill received while incarcerated. Since then, there has been ongoing conversation about it on the social networking platform Twitter. Now that he has been jailed for making up allegations, internet users have taken the side of the journalist and are demanding that the officials release him.

On the other hand, Gill continues to be treated at the hospital and is making progress toward a full recovery.

Farooqui accused the police in Islamabad of torturing people

At the same time, a video that was published on the official Twitter account of the PTI showed the visibly frightened journalist being handcuffed at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport with an official from the Islamabad police department.

In the video, Farooqui claimed that he had been abused after having his clothes taken off and then having his body exposed.

“On the orders of the home ministry, just because I am stating the truth, they beat me, removed my clothes, and subjected me to torture.

“The Islamabad police has obtained my transit remand at the moment to take me from Karachi to Islamabad,” the journalist said, adding that his family and channel were still unaware of his whereabouts. “The Islamabad police has obtained my transit remand at the moment to take me from Karachi to Islamabad,” the journalist said.

This is the FIR

An arrest warrant had been issued for Farooqui at the Ramna police station, according to a statement that had been released earlier in the day by a spokeswoman for the Islamabad police department.

According to the statement, which was also broadcast on Radio Pakistan, “the suspect falsely accused Islamabad police of sexually and physically assaulting Gill” in the suspect’s online video journal. “In his vlog.”

The allegations made by the anchorperson are a repetition of the accusations made by the PTI, which state that Gill was “sexually molested” and “tortured both psychologically and physically” by detectives during the investigation into a sedition case now being conducted against him.

A copy of the first information report (FIR) that was filed against Farooqui on Sunday can be found on the website Dawn.com. The FIR was filed in accordance with the provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code found in Sections 499 (defamation), 500 (punishment for defamation), 501 (printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory), and 186 (obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions), respectively (PPC).

The complainant, a magistrate, stated that he had seen a video that was circulating in different groups on his phone and that the video was uploaded by Farooqui to his YouTube channel in the form of a vlog. In the vlog, Farooqui shared graphic details regarding the alleged torture of the PTI leader by the Islamabad police.

According to the complaint, the journalist made a number of untrue charges with the intention of undermining the credibility of the police, which was equated to hindering the investigation.

In addition, it stated that the journalist had attempted to divert the attention of the police, bring about unrest, and incite the general public against the officials.

Karachi police denies arrest

On the other hand, Zaman Town SHO Zahid Lodhi stated to Dawn.com that the YouTuber had not been detained by the local police.

According to him, an employee of Bol TV named Kamran Minhas called the police station and reported that Farooqui had left the channel’s headquarters in Korangi on Saturday night but had not been seen or heard from since then. He identified himself as having worked for Bol TV.

According to the officer, he informed Minhas that the local police or any other team that falls under the officer’s jurisdiction did not take Farooqui into custody.

Separately, Nazir Leghari, President and Editor-in-Chief of Bol TV, disclosed to Dawn.com that Farooqui was involved with the station and often hosted a show for it.

Leghari claimed that even though someone might have disagreed with his beliefs, he had not done any kind of crime. “Someone might have had a different viewpoint regarding his opinions.”

According to his point of view, the government only resorts to such “high-handed measures” when it realises that its time in power is running out.

He pleaded with members of the media community to speak out against what he called a “tyranny,” claiming that the independence of the media would be “minimised” if prompt action was not taken.

In response to the arrest of Farooqui, senior PTI politician Fawad Chaudhry stated that the government was employing coercive techniques in order to “control” a select number of media organisations. He continued by saying, “But the days of cruelty are numbered.”

Sami Ibrahim of Bol TV stated that the journalist was detained “for recording a vlog that was nothing but a political satire.” He stated that Farooqui had been taken into custody by the police, but his current location was unknown.

KUJ criticises Farooqui’s ‘disappearance’

Separately, the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) issued a statement in which they condemned Farooqui’s “arrest and subsequent disappearance” and called upon the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Umar Ata Bandial, to take notice of the “violation of human rights and vindictive policy against the media persons.”

In addition to this, the KUJ put out the demand that Farooqui be brought before the relevant court.

In the statement, KUJ President Shahid Iqbal and General Secretary Fahim Siddiqi said that the Islamabad police lodged a case against Farooqi at 10:55 p.m. on Sunday. They also mentioned that he had been registered in Karachi within a few hours after the incident.

“He was taken into custody as he was leaving the Bol TV headquarters where he had just finished hosting a programme late at night. According to the statement, “He was driving in a car and was on his way home when unknown persons snatched him away along with his automobile, and since then, his whereabouts have not been discovered.”

However, the KUJ feels that Farooqi’s imprisonment from the route was a violation of his fundamental human rights as well as his right to defend himself, as stated in the statement. The KUJ finds that Farooqi’s vlog is offensive and goes against journalistic and moral standards.

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