Jacinta Price: Profession, Husband And Other Updates

Jacinta Price, The Renowned Politician

Burney’s Condemnation of Price’s Claims

  • In recent news, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, the leader of the Indigenous voice to parliament no campaign and shadow Indigenous Australians minister, has ignited a fierce debate by asserting that there are no ongoing negative impacts of British colonisation on Indigenous Australians.
  • These remarks were made during a speech at the National Press Club in Canberra, where Price also declined to endorse Peter Dutton’s policy for a second referendum on constitutional recognition.
  • Her statements have drawn sharp criticism from Indigenous Australians minister Linda Burney and sparked discussions about the lasting consequences of colonisation.

A Bold Statement: No Ongoing Negative Impacts

During her speech, Price made a bold assertion that there are no ongoing negative impacts of colonisation on Indigenous Australians.

She argued that Aboriginal people have experienced positive changes, such as access to running water and readily available food.

She also expressed concern that portraying Aboriginal people as victims without agency could be detrimental to their progress.

Jacinta Price
Jacinta Price(@Instagram)

Burney’s Strong Opposition

In response to Price’s comments, Indigenous Australians minister Linda Burney strongly opposed her stance, referring to it as “a betrayal” of many First Nations families.

Burney pointed out the historical trauma caused by the Stolen Generations and emphasized that Price’s comments dismiss the experiences of those who have suffered intergenerational trauma and pain.

A Focus on Different Issues

Price’s speech emphasized a different perspective on Indigenous issues.

She criticized Indigenous organizations for demonizing colonial settlement and advocated for a greater focus on issues such as domestic violence, abuse, neglect, and lack of education among Indigenous youth.

Price argued that attributing these problems solely to racism and colonisation overlooks pragmatic solutions.

Truth And Justice Commission Controversy

Price singled out the Victorian government’s truth and justice commission, which she claimed sought to misrepresent pre-colonial Indigenous Australia.

This added another layer of controversy to her speech, as it raised questions about the portrayal of Indigenous history.

Jacinta Price Campaigning In Her Birth City


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The Ongoing Debate

The debate ignited by Price’s comments extends to the necessity of the Indigenous voice to parliament and the potential second referendum proposed by Peter Dutton.

Price did not fully endorse Dutton’s call for a second referendum, emphasizing the need for comprehensive conversations and involvement from all corners of the country before committing to such a decision.

Jacinta Price
Jacinta Price(@Instagram)

A Blended Family’s Perspective

  • The video begins with Jacinta Price sharing her upbringing in Alice Springs, where she grew up with an Indigenous mother and a white Australian father.
  • She highlights the importance of recognizing what her family has in common and stresses the shared values that transcend cultural differences.
  • Jacinta recalls her exposure to issues like violence, substance abuse, and alcoholism in the town camps around Alice Springs.
  • She also emphasizes her unwavering commitment to advocating for marginalized Australians, particularly those in remote communities and those for whom English is not the first language.

Common Humanity As The Central Theme

Throughout the video, the theme of common humanity resonates deeply.

Jacinta Price uses this theme to elucidate why she believes Australians should vote against the upcoming Voice referendum.

She expresses her concern that the proposed changes to the constitution would treat some Australians differently based on the color of their skin, leading to division rather than unity.

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Jacinta Price, Her Professional Journey

A Flawed Foundation

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price didn’t mince words when she stated that the Voice to Parliament proposal is “flawed in its foundations.”

She pointed out various reasons behind her disapproval, emphasizing that this proposal is built on what she believes to be false premises.

Jacinta Price
Jacinta Price(@Instagram)

Colonization’s Impact

One of the central arguments put forth by Senator Price is her denial of the continuing negative impact of colonization on First Nations Australians.

She passionately asserts that the proposal wrongly assumes ongoing harm to Indigenous communities, a view she vehemently disagrees with.

Lies Within The Proposal

Senator Price did not shy away from accusing the Voice to Parliament proposal of being based on lies.

According to her, it represents an aggressive attempt to alter the Australian Constitution and, in her view, divide the nation.

She argues that this division has unfairly labeled the No campaign as racist.

The Existing Indigenous Voices

Senator Price also underlined the presence of Indigenous voices in the current political landscape.

She is one of the 11 Indigenous politicians serving in the Australian parliament, and she firmly believes that these democratically elected voices should not be dismissed or considered redundant simply because they belong to political parties.

Lack Of Clarity On Functions And Powers

One of the key concerns raised by Senator Price is the lack of clarity regarding the functions and powers of the proposed Voice to Parliament.

She questions the wisdom of enshrining it within the constitution without a clear understanding of its role in shaping government policy and addressing issues affecting Indigenous communities.

Jacinta Price
Jacinta Price(@Instagram)

A Journey of Redemption

Colin’s journey toward redemption and a better life took him from his Scottish village of Mayfield, just outside of Edinburgh, to the heart of Australia in Alice Springs in 2005. It was here that he found sobriety and, more importantly, love.

It was in Alice Springs that Colin crossed paths with Jacinta Price in 2008. Their meeting marked the beginning of a beautiful love story.

Colin, who had previously worked as a cook, decided to pursue a career in music, further fueling his passion and creativity.

A Family United

Jacinta Price’s occasional social media shares provide glimpses of the life they’ve built together.

A recent Christmas selfie featuring Jacinta, Colin, and various members of her family exemplified the sense of togetherness and love that binds them.

Notably, Jacinta Price, a member of the Country Liberal Party, has three sons from a previous marriage, adding to the depth and complexity of their family dynamics.

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Jacinta Price: Husband And Updates

Jacinta Price’s Husband: Colin Lillie

Jacinta Price is happily married to Colin Lillie, a musical virtuoso who found his muse in the arid heart of Australia, Alice Springs.

Colin’s journey in the world of music has been a remarkable one, and it all began with his debut album in 2016, aptly titled “Glass Homes.”

A Moving Facebook Post

  • In a moving Facebook post that captured the essence of love and gratitude, Jacinta Price shared a photograph of herself alongside her husband, Colin Lillie.
  • The image portrayed the couple in a sweet and intimate moment, radiating affection and togetherness. Accompanying this image was a touching caption that spoke volumes about their bond.
  • “I’d like to take a moment to thank my wonderful husband for all the unrelenting love and support he’s given over the years,” the 41-year-old Senator wrote on Valentine’s Day.
  • This simple yet profound expression of love resonated deeply with her followers and admirers.
Jacinta Price
Jacinta Price(@Instagram)

Love Beyond Boundaries

Jacinta Price’s message didn’t just convey love; it transcended the boundaries of politics and public life.

It was a testament to the enduring power of love in our lives, irrespective of our positions or roles in society.

“I certainly couldn’t do what I need to do to fight for us all without your love, Colin Lillie!” she continued in her post. Her words underscored the crucial role that love and support play in her journey as a Senator and advocate for her constituents.

A Heartfelt Valentine’s Wish

As her post concluded, Jacinta Price extended warm Valentine’s wishes not only to her beloved husband but also to her broader audience.

“Happy Valentine’s to my hubby and to you all! May LOVE conquer!” she proclaimed, reminding us all of the universal significance of love.

The Man Behind the Love

Colin Lillie, Jacinta Price’s husband, is not just a loving partner but also a talented musician and artist.

He has left his mark in the music industry with the release of folk albums such as “Glass Homes” in 2016 and “Petrichor” in 2020.

His creative journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

A Brush with Fame: The Voice

  • Colin Lillie also graced the television screens when he appeared on the reality show, “The Voice,” in 2018.
  • His vocal prowess and captivating presence earned him a spot on Boy George’s team during the initial audition. While he may not have won the competition, his appearance allowed viewers to see the depths of his character.
  • During his time on the show, Colin courageously opened up about his personal struggles with addiction and how it had once taken control of his life.
  • He candidly admitted that he “wasn’t the nicest human being” during those trying times. However, his story took a heartwarming turn.

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