Ishtar Currie-Wilson (Lockwood & Co): Who Is She? Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

The terrifying adventure from Great Britain The premiere of the Netflix show took place on January 27th, 2023

Lockwood & Co. is a British crime drama television series starring Ishtar Currie-Wilson as the character Annabel Ward. Ishtar is stepping out into the public eye for the very first time with this show.

The 27th of May saw the birth of the actress Ishtar in Australia. Her appearances in the short film Eyelash of 2020, which was directed by Jesse Lewis Reece and was nominated for a BAFTA, brought her a lot of attention.

Dreaming X was a film that was released in 2021 and starred the actress in the character of X. Antonia Luxem was the film’s director and writer. In the year 2023, she debuted in her first major part on the Netflix series, which took place in Lockwood and Company.

Joe Cornish is the creator of the spooky show that Netflix is producing, while William McGregor and Catherine Morsehead are the show’s directors.

The novels The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull written by Jonathan Shroud served as an inspiration for this work.

Cameron Chapman, Ali Hadji Heshmati, Michael Clarke, and Ivanno Jeremiah are the supporting cast members for the thriller programmes that star Ruby Stokes as the main character.

In this paranormal mystery, the protagonist, Lucy Carlisle, is a sensitive who works for a spooky detective agency in London called Lockwood. Her job is to investigate paranormal incidents and figure out the causes of hauntings.

The agency, which is comprised of two adolescent boys and a girl who possesses psychic abilities, functions under the supervision of an adult and embarks on a trip to solve a mystery involving the presence of a ghost.

On its premiere date (January 27, 2023), the show broadcast all eight of its episodes.

Ishtar Currie-Wilson
Ishtar Currie-Wilson

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Ishtar Currie-Wilson: In Lockwood & Co

Ishtar Currie Wilson gave a performance in the Netflix horror series Lockwood & Co. as the character Annabel Ward.

Let Go of Me, This Will Be Us, and Doubt Thou the Stars were the first three episodes of season one, and Wilson made an appearance as a specter-like spirit in all three of those episodes.

Annie Ward is her on-screen persona, and Julian Ward is the name of her on-screen father in the series.

She is an accomplished actress who has been in a number of plays, one of which is Hamilton, and she dated Hugo Blake for a short period of time.

Annie’s life was cut short, however, when her ex-lover and current CEO of Fairfax Iron, John William Fairfax, had her murdered.

Following her passing, Annabel transitioned into a Type Two ghost, which are distinguished by their strong connections to the realm of the living.

Because they both wear the same necklace, Her has a particularly close connection with Lucy Carlyle, the main heroine of the series.

The pendant is a sign of the profound psychic connection that exists between Annabel and Lucy, and it also draws attention to the complex web of connections that exists between the living and the dead souls throughout the series.

The haunting presence of Annabel is what drives many of the paranormal investigations that take place throughout the series, and it exemplifies how deadly and unpredictable the afterlife can be.

The viewers adore Wilson’s performance in the part of the ghost, and they are viewing the show on Netflix.

In the instance of Ishtar, she will become well-known for the remarkable acting she has done and will be given other opportunities to act in films and on television.

Ruby Stokes from Bridgerton, Cameron Chapman, Luke Treadaway, and Morven Christie star in the Netflix original series Lockwood & Co., which follows a group of young people in London who investigate paranormal activity.

The Lockwood & Co. television show on Netflix takes place in an alternate version of London, where alcohol is not served in bars.

This eight-part drama series follows heroes Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood, and George Cubbins, who manage a Psychic Detection Agency named Lockwood & Co. During the night, teenagers wage battle with the spirits, and the story follows the heroes as they go about their business.

The series is based on the fantasy adventure series written by author Jonathan Stroud and stars Ruby Stokes, Morven Christie (The Bay), Luke Treadaway (Ordeal By Innocence), and Game of Thrones star Ben Crompton. The series also opens in a new tab.

The supernatural adventure series Lockwood & Co. can be found on Netflix. Presented below is everything you need to know about the show.

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The Golden Blade is portrayed here by Luke Treadaway.

Lockwood & Co: Date of Release

The first episode of the eight-part series Lockwood & Co. will debut on Netflix around the world on Friday, January 27, 2033.

Lockwood & Co: Where To Watch?

Yes, a few of trailers for Lockwood & Co. have been made available by Netflix, and they indicate that the show will be really disturbing.

Take a look at what’s down here. You may also watch a video clip that provides further information regarding the books just below those.

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Lockwood & Co: Plot

In the world of Lockwood & Company, England is plagued by a ghost epidemic, which results in the appearance of ghouls roaming the streets.

These supernatural beings have the ability to cause death to everyone else they come into contact with, with the exception of children.

Lucy Carlyle, played by Ruby Stokes, is a quick-tempered heroine who, after fleeing her troubled past and heading to London to find work as a ghost hunter, sees fate lead her to the door of Anthony Lockwood, played by newcomer Cameron Chapman.

Anthony is the ambitious young owner of a small independent agency that is trying to compete with a host of large adult-run ghost hunting firms. Together, Lucy and Anthony embark on a journey to battle the ghosts.

However, after teaming forces with Lockwood and his close friend George Cubbins (Ali Hadji-Heshmati), the exceptional nature of Lucy’s paranormal skill begins to surface. This leads to the uncovering of a sinister conspiracy that has the potential to alter the path that history takes.

The three investigators are up against some of the most dangerous hauntings in the nation’s capital, as well as strong rivalry from larger competitor agencies. However, they are fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment and buckets full of courage.

Ishtar Currie-Wilson
Ishtar Currie-Wilson

Lockwood & Co: Cast

Ruby Stokes is best known for her role as Francesca Bridgerton in the second season of the critically acclaimed television series Bridgerton.

She currently stars as the daring ghost hunter Lucy Carlyle. In the series Not Going Out, Ruby played the role of Little Lucy. She also participated in the film Una and the upcoming film Rocks.

The following is an interview that we had with Ruby Stokes on her role in Lockwood & Co.

According to Ruby, “She had a terrible childhood since her mother was extremely abusive, and she’s also suffered a lot of trauma in her life, so she comes to London to escape all of that.”

We watch as she develops relationships with Anthony and George, and it is mostly through these interactions that she regains the ability to love and trust other people.

I really enjoy playing her because she’s such a multifaceted character; on the one hand, she’s really strong-willed, fairly badass, and fiercely independent; on the other hand, she can be quite fragile.

Ruby says, “I don’t want to tell too much, but as the story unfolds, not only does she learn about her abilities, but so does the audience.” Because she is a young woman who is just starting to understand how to control her gift, this facet of her was an extremely interesting component of her character.

It makes her feel vulnerable, but with time she comes to understand that those powers are what make her so exceptional. “Anthony has a room in their house that he won’t let anybody else into, so of course Lucy is curious about what’s in there!”

Lockwood & Co: More Details

Ruby is quoted as saying, “It’s terrifying to think that the future of the planet rests on the shoulders of these children!”

But I believe there are actual parallels between this programme and the culture we live in today, and I believe that we ought to pay more attention to the opinions of young people.

Ruby divulges the following information: “We had a specific sword trainer who trained us completely for those situations, with thrusts, parries, and all of the other manoeuvres.”

As part of our training, Cameron, George, and I sparred with each other for several hours. However, there are a lot of other action situations, including one in which Ruby leaps from a flaming building in the very first episode. My stunt double did a fantastic job of boosting my confidence and urging me to give those things a try.

Ishtar Currie-Wilson
Ishtar Currie-Wilson

Ishtar Currie-Wilson (Lockwood & Co): Facts

  • Ishtar Currie Wilson real name is Ishatar Apsara Currie-Wilson.
  • Ishtar resides at 62 Sheen Road, England though she was born in Australia. She moved to New Zealand to pursue her acting career.
  • Wilson appeared as Her to Elijah W Harris in the BAFTA Nominated short movie Eyelash. The drama was about a couple’s romantic relationship and mental health problems with obsession.
  • The Australian-born actress starred as Annabel Ward, an evil spirit in the teenage supernatural show Lockwood & Co.
  • According to linked in, she is an actor as well as a self-employed model. Ishtar was a fashion model for the Archives London and contributor magazine 2020.
  • Her nationality is New Zealander and she has a beautiful, attractive skin tone.
  • The actress has beautiful Hazel color eyes that attract the audience relentlessly. She has endorsements with Gucci, Highsnobiety and Cable magazine online.
  • Ishtar has soothing long auburn colored hair and a height of 5 ft 7.5 in.
  • Wilson is a social media influencer who has seven posts and 1,760 followers on her Instagram account named ishtarcurriewilson.
  • The beautiful Actor model’s favorite drink is coffee. While staying in Rome for ten weeks, she used bleached brows and pocket coffees.


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