Is Sasheer Zamata’s partner her husband? Know 5 Quick Facts about Actress

One of the new female stand-up comedians that will be appearing on Saturday Night Live is Sasheer Zamata.

Since the show’s debut in 1975, it is now the year 2014; yet, her run on the show came to an end only three years later. Since her departure from Saturday Night Live, the actress has had roles in the films Woke, The Last OG, and most recently, Home Economics. Fans are interested in knowing more about her because her new show just started.

We are interested in Sasheer’s private life and would like to know if she is currently in a relationship or not. Zamata became a cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) in the 39th season of the show’s run. She had joined the cast of Saturday Night Live during a season in which TV critics and several comedians criticized the show for not being racially diverse, and she had done so during the time that she was a part of the show.

Her first appearance on Saturday Night Live was as a featured player in Drake’s show on January 18, 2014, in which she did an impression of Rihanna. Sasheer was elevated to the position of repertory player in the very first episode of Season 41.

Sasheer Zamata
Sasheer Zamata

Some Interesting Information Regarding Sasheer Zamata

Full name Sasheer Zamata Moore
Birthday May 6, 1986
Age 36 years old
Birthplace Okinawa, Japan
Profession Actress/Comedian
Years active 2005–present
Nationality American
Parents Ivory Steward and Henry Moore
School Pike High School
Alma mater University of Virginia

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Who Is Sasheer Zamata’s Boyfriend or Husband, If She Has One?

Sasheer Zamata possesses an astounding amount of natural attractiveness. Although it’s possible that she has a boyfriend or is married to someone, she does not actually have a partner at this time; she is still a single woman.

The fact that she has been so successful in her acting and comedy career demonstrates how dedicated she is to her work. Her commitments at work keep her busy, and it seems as though she is very focused on advancing her profession.

Sasheer not only became well known as a fantastic comedian and actor after moving to Los Angeles, but the actress also made friends with the person who would become her closest companion. Sasheer’s best friend, Nicole Byer, is also one of the stars of their web series, “Pursuit of Sexiness,” which the two of them co-created and starred in.

The two came together and developed a powerful alliance, which allowed them to dominate the entertainment sector in the most effective way. The incredible team is back with a brand new album or EP they’ve worked on together.

Reports indicate that Sasheer and Nicole have initiated a new project together, which consists of the creation of a podcast series. They were the ones who made it happen, and even though only two of them are happy about it, we couldn’t be happier for them. This means that the artist does not have a husband or boyfriend but rather a close friend.

5 things you may not know about Sasheer Zamata

1. Sasheer Zamata spent the majority of his childhood in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She entered the world on May 6th, 1986. Pike High School was her alma mater, and she graduated.

Her parents gave her the name “Sahsheer,” which is a reference to an alien crystal that looks like a flower and appears in the Star Trek episode “By Any Other Name.” The creative individual received a Bachelor of Arts degree after completing their studies at the University of Virginia. She was rated one of the 13 funniest women in the world by Cosmopolitan magazine in 2014.

The magazine Cosmo described her as “one of the top contenders to join SNL” at the time the story was published.

2. Sasheer Zamata comes from a family with a long tradition of service in the military.

Ivory Steward and Henry Moore, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force, are her parents, and she was named after her father.

She was born in Okinawa, Japan, due to the fact that her father served in the military there. She is the great-granddaughter of Leroy Washington Mahon, a freed slave who laid the groundwork for the establishment of the town of Fargo in Arkansas.

3. It is anticipated that Sasheer Zamata has a net worth that is greater than one million dollars.

She has a significant amount of experience in the industry and has participated in a wide variety of programs and shows over the course of her career.

Amuse Bouche was the long-form improv comedy troupe at the university, and the comic was one of the original members of the group. In addition, while the actor was a student at the University of Virginia, she took part in the Disney College Program and portrayed a variety of roles while in costume.

On January 18, Sasheer will make her debut on the show, which will be her very first television appearance. Drake is going to host this episode, and he is also going to be the musical guest on the show.

4. Sasheer Zamata, the artist, maintains an active presence across all of her social media channels.
She interacts with her supporters and admirers on such platforms using the information they provide her. On Instagram, she is known by the handle @thesheertruth, and she has 331,000 people following her.

In a similar vein, her Twitter handle is @thesheertruth, and she has 67.8 thousand followers. Several articles claim that she can be found in Greenpoint, which is located in Brooklyn. She had a job at a clothes store in lower Manhattan known as Only Hearts before she started her career as a professional comedian.

5. On the ABC series ‘Home Economics,’ Sasheer Zamata portrayed the character of Denise.
On April 7, ABC broadcast the inaugural episode of Home Economics. In it, she and a number of other artists were among the performers who were presented to the audience for the first time.

The sitcom chronicles the narrative of three siblings who come from diverse backgrounds but are pulled together by love. Some aspects of the series are partially based on the life of the co-creator, Michael Colton. ABC airs brand new episodes of the show Home Economics every weeknight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Sasheer Zamata
Sasheer Zamata


Since 2009, Zamata has frequently performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. In the ABC News series Would You Fall for That, she co-starred. and was a cast member of the Hey Girl TV show on MTV. Additionally, W. Kamau Bell’s Totally Biased and Amy Schumer’s Inside featured sketches with Zamata. In the webseries Pursuit of Sexiness, she plays the lead role. She has also made appearances in CollegeHumor sketches.

Zamata has impersonated Tyra Banks, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé in videos on her YouTube channel.

Sally, a character in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s zombie mode, is likewise voiced by Zamata. Zamata provided the Mary voice in Muppets Haunted Mansion in 2021.

Weekend Night Live

In the 39th season of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL), in 2014, Zamata joined the cast. She joined the cast of SNL during a season when black comedians and TV critics attacked the program for lacking racial diversity (specifically, not hiring any black female cast members at the start of the new season and only having five of them in the near-40 years the show has been on the air). Since the biracial Maya Rudolph left the program in the middle of its 33rd season in 2007, Zamata was the first black woman to join the cast of Saturday Night Live.

Zamata made her SNL debut as a featured performer in the Drake-hosted show from January 18, 2014, in which she channeled Rihanna. In the Season 41 premiere, she was given the opportunity to become a repertory player. Her recurring characters include Keeley, a contestant on Black Jeopardy!, an African-American-focused version of Jeopardy!, and Janelle, a young girl who hosts the YouTube channel How 2 Dance with Janelle but is ignorant of how her emerging sexuality is coming across to viewers. Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Solange Knowles, Diana Ross, Lupita Nyong’o, and Taraji P. Henson are just a few of the famous people she has impersonated. After the season 42 finale, she departed the program in 2017.

ACLU and women’s rights advocacy

After joining the Women’s Rights Project, Zamata was appointed a celebrity ambassador for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 2015. By eliminating gender biases, the ACLU Women’s Rights initiative hopes to “guarantee equal economic opportunity, educational equity, and a stop to gender-based violence.” She has pushed for equal rights, particularly for women of color, and has spoken out against gender discrimination in the United States today. Zamata talked openly about her encounters with racism and discrimination in an interview with Allure. She has acknowledged that despite frequently experiencing stigma because of her darker skin tone, she intends to use her experiences to inspire women of all skin tones to appreciate themselves and their bodies.

Some FAQs

What is Sasheer Zamata’s net worth?

Sasheer Zamata has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2021. The actress has appeared in a variety of shows, including Corporate, Historical Roasts, Robbie, Woke, and The Fungies! She’ll also be in Home Economics, Mood Girl, and Devil Dinosaur. Sleight, Yoga Hosers, I Feel Pretty, Spree, and The Mitchells vs. The Machines are among the films she has appeared in.

What kind of family does she come from?

She is a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade. The underground New York comedy theater was founded by Amy Poehler has been a key launching point for SNL cast members, including current stars Bobby Moynihan and Kate McKinnon. Zamata was a member of the UCB house improv team, Bucky, and hosted the Brigade’s variety show.

Where did Sasheer Zamata graduate from?

She graduated from the University of Virginia with a drama degree and moved to New York in 2009. Zamata, like Tina Fey, is a Cavalier, and her bio says she “loves thrift shopping and eating.” So, yes, she shares many similarities with her SNL predecessor.

Does Sasheer has any tattoo?

Sasheer is a great tattoo enthusiast. As of now, she might have more than five tattoos on her body. On her right arm, she inked a tiger.

How tall is the actress?

Sasheer stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She has an incredible body.

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