Is One Of Us Is Lying Filmed In NZ? Auckland Filming Locations and Set Design

The teen mystery drama “One of Us Is Lying” was shot in Auckland, New Zealand. So, fans of the show are now interested in what goes on behind the scenes and how the show is made in general.

This show by Peacock is a little bit like the Breakfast Club, a little bit like Gossip Girl, and a little bit like Pretty Little Liars. It is also very aware that it is building on stereotypes and tropes that have been around for a long time.

The series is fun to watch because it takes place in beautiful places and has an interesting background. It’s a thriller with a lot of sadness, and the beauty of New Zealand is a great way to show that.

One Of Us Is Lying
One Of Us Is Lying

Is NZ where they filmed One of Us Is Lying?

Yes, “One of Us is Lying” was partially shot in Auckland, New Zealand.

Most of the show was filmed in New Zealand and British Columbia, Canada. The main school from the show is remade in more than one place, and it looks like some residential neighborhoods are also used for filming.

Reports say that the pilot was filmed in British Columbia from November 2 to November 20, 2019. Due to problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, production was moved to New Zealand, and on May 10, 2021, the rest of the episodes were filmed.

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Most of the first season was shot in Auckland, New Zealand

The first season of the show was supposed to be shot in the U.S., but because of technical problems, they had to re-create the setting in Auckland, New Zealand. In the same way, some scenes were even filmed in Vancouver.

Auckland is a big city that is in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. It is built around two big harbors. The famous Sky Tower in the middle gives views of the Viaduct Harbour, which is full of superyachts and has cafes all along it.

The formal Wintergardens are in Auckland Domain, which is the city’s oldest park and was built on top of a volcano that is no longer active. Mission Bay Beach has a walk along the water near Downtown.

Auckland is similar to Vancouver in that it has both urban and natural areas. This gives the production crew a wide range of places to choose from. This probably helped when trying to recreate the places where the pilot episode was shot in Vancouver.

Vancouver, British Columbia, was where the pilot episode was filmed

Vancouver, British Columbia, was the place where the first episode of the show took place. The area, which includes the city, is sometimes called “Hollywood North,” and it is where a number of projects are taking place.

Vancouver, a busy port city on Canada’s west coast in British Columbia, is one of the most densely populated and culturally diverse cities in the country. It is a popular place to shoot movies because it is surrounded by mountains and has strong art, theater, and music scenes.

The pilot was shot in a parking lot on Boundary Road, near where Vancouver and Burnaby meet. Central Park, which is close by, was also used for a number of shots. During this part of the building process, it looks like both Blenheim Street and West 53rd Avenue were used.

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Toronto, Ontario

After being stopped again by a COVID-19 lockdown, the last bit of shooting for season 1 is said to have happened in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto, which is the capital of the province of Ontario and a big city in Canada, is on the northwest side of Lake Ontario. Tall buildings in the city center are dwarfed by the famous, freestanding CN Tower, which is part of a busy metropolis.

The cast moved from New Zealand to Toronto, where they finished filming a few days later. Since a lot of the show takes place inside a school, the background was probably rebuilt to match the places where earlier scenes were shot and keep the show’s authenticity.

The New Zealand actors in “One of Us Is Lying” were also very good.

There were a lot of American and Australian actors in the show, but there were also a few well-known New Zealand actors.

Jacque Drew

Jacque Drew is an actress who has been in movies like Shortland Street (1992), Doves of War (2006), and Jinx Sister (2008). She is known for her hard work and dedication in the New Zealand film industry. She is married to a voice-over artist, and her husband does voice-over work.

On Peacock’s One of Us Is Lying, she plays Detective Wheeler.

Buti Crown

Andi Crown was born in 1977. She writes and acts. She is well-known because she plays Chloe Patterson on the TV show Wellington Paranormal. On the Internet, many pages from New Zealand have talked about her work.

She plays Miss Avery in the show, and her performance is winning over the audience.

Molly Lishman

Molly Leishman is a New Zealand actress who is best known for her lead roles in the three seasons of TVNZ’s The Cul De Sac and Wilde Ride, as well as her recurring roles as Isabella Kingston in the New Zealand comedy-drama TV series Agent Anna from 2013 to 2014. She will also play Livilla, Caligula’s sister, in the 2019 movie Roman Empire.

George Ferrier

George Ferrier is a New Zealand actor who is known for his roles in Juniper (2021), Dirty Laundry (2016), Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2019), and Journey of a Story (2019). (2012). At such a young age, he has made his own way in the world of show business.

One Of Us Is Lying
One Of Us Is Lying

Is NZ where they filmed One of Us Is Lying?

Yes, “One of Us Is Lying’s” first season was shot in New Zealand.

Where did they film One of Us Is Lying?

One of Us Is Lying was shot in British Columbia, New Zealand, and parts of the United States.


Bronwyn, Simon, Nate, Cooper, and Addy all have to go to detention with Mr. Avery at Bayview High because he found cell phones in each of their backpacks, which is against the school’s no-phone policy. But each of the students says that the phones don’t belong to them and that someone was just messing with them. When they hear a crash in the school parking lot, Mr. Avery goes to see what’s going on. Simon made the “About That” gossip app, where students at Bayview High post details about their personal lives for the rest of the school to see. He starts his speech by talking about how the other four students have stereotypical personalities and how, through his app, he is the omniscient narrator. He drinks water from a plastic cup, and because he is allergic to peanuts, he dies from an allergic reaction. Even though the others try to help, it’s too late, and Simon dies in the hospital.

At first, the incident is thought to be an accident, but after a Tumblr post says that Simon’s death was planned and the killer watched him die, the police start to look into it and find an unpublished post by Simon that reveals the secrets of the other four students. Each secret would have an effect on the students’ futures: Bronwyn’s cheating on a test could hurt her chances of getting into college; Nate’s repeated offenses could land him in jail; Addy’s cheating on Jake could end her relationship with him; and Cooper’s possible baseball career could be over if he’s accused of using steroids. At first, the four are wary of each other, but their situation brings them closer together.

The media pay attention to the investigation, and the four people are called the “Bayview four.” After Simon’s funeral, his post gets out, and the rest of the school finds out the four’s secrets. This leads to the following: The parents of Bronwyn are upset, Nate’s house is searched for drugs, Addy and her boyfriend break up, and Cooper’s performance is looked into. This makes Bronwyn’s younger sister, Maeve, look into Simon’s online behavior. She finds an encrypted original post about Cooper and Simon’s activity on massacre-worship forums, where he talks about wanting to kill people.

Addy becomes friends with Simon’s friend Janae. Bronwyn and Nate go back to Nate’s house to hide from the media and find his mother, who he said was dead but who had actually moved to Oregon because she had bipolar disorder and was a drug addict. She had left Nate and his father behind. She says she is now clean and wants to make up with her son and help. The police open Cooper’s encrypted file and find out that the steroid claims are not true and that Cooper is actually gay. This makes him known, which causes a rift between him and his father, who is against gay people. After this news gets out, Cooper is verbally bullied in the cafeteria. Nate stands up for him, and the group sits together to show how close they are now. There is evidence that links Nate to the murder, so he is put in jail. Bronwyn calls Eli Kleinfelter, a lawyer she saw on the crime show “Mikhail Powers Investigates” defending the “Bayview four.” She asks him for help.

Bronwyn thinks that the accident in the school parking lot that got everyone’s attention was planned, so she asks Cooper to see if one of his friends can help find the red Camaro that was involved. When he does, Bronwyn talks to the driver, who says that Simon paid him and a friend to fake the accident. She suggests that the three people who are still alive meet with Maeve and Addy’s sister Ashton, who are on their side. Kris, Cooper’s partner, thinks that Simon may have killed himself and then blamed the others for his death, and that Janae may have more information.

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