Is Maya le Tissier Related To Matt le Tissier? Father and Family Ties

Maya Le Tissier is close to Matt le Tissier, who is like a father to her. When she was young, her dad and Matt played together.

Maya is a defender in the English Women’s Super League. She plays for Manchester United right now.

She has played for England in international games up to the age of 23. At age four, her father, Darren, started coaching her in football for the local boys’ club St. Martins A.C.

Where Matt Le Tissier, an attacking midfielder with great technical skills and a lot of creativity, is Southampton’s second-highest scorer of all time, behind only Mick Channon.

Maya le Tissier
Maya le Tissier

Is Maya le Tissier Matt le Tissier’s sister?

Maya and Matt Le Tissier are not related, but their families know each other. Maya’s father, Darren, played with Matt as a child.

This season, Maya signed a three-year deal to play for United after coming from Brighton. Yesterday, the young player showed why the club signed her. The Guernsey native scored twice in her first game and was the best player of the match.

Maya was born and raised in Guernsey, where there were few opportunities for girls. Because of this, she had to play football with the boys. Maya is now a promising star in the Women’s Super League, and her manager, Marc Skinner, sees her as an important club member.

Maya and Matt are not related by blood, but they know each other well because Matt knows her parents. Matt knew her father from when they were kids and played together. Maya Le Tissier is a defense player for Manchester United in the English Women’s Super League.

She has played for England in international games up to the age of 23. At age four, her father, Darren, started coaching her in football for the local boys’ club St. Martins A.C.

Where Matt Le Tissier, an attacking midfielder with great technical skills and a lot of creativity, is Southampton’s second-highest scorer of all time, behind only Mick Channon.

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Maya le Tissier Ties Between Father and Maat le Tissier

Maya Le Tissier’s father, Darren Le Tissier, used to play semi-pro football for St. Martins AC. And, in an odd turn of events, he was there with Matt Le Tissier, who is often mistaken for Maya’s father.

Darren has had a big effect on the career of his daughter. Even though he was never a big star on the football field, he is determined for his daughter to do well. Since she was four years old, Maya’s dad, Darren, had been coaching her. As time went on, he realized that his daughter was good at the game and that Guernsey, where they lived, wasn’t the best place for her.

By the time Maya was ten, her father and she were going to Hampshire several times a month for training. Darren has always wanted his daughter to be the best player in the game. Maya told Athletic that her father would never tell her that she was talented. But the person defending her says that it was only to help her.

Maya is making her father’s dreams come true after an amazing debut last night against Reading, where she scored twice and kept a clean sheet.

Maya le Tissier’s Family Is Helpful

The fact that Tissier’s first game was in one of the best clubs in the country must have made her parents very happy.

And what a way for her to meet the new Manchester fans. The 20-year-old grew up on the Channel Island of Guernsey, where her parents encouraged her to follow her football dreams. Maya’s dad was a strict coach who put her with boys to see how she would do. He was sure that his daughter was smart and talented enough to be able to compete with anyone. Maya played football with the boys until she was 16 years old.

Maya’s mother cheers for her at every single game. She and Maya’s grandparents go to the stadium to cheer for England’s best football player. Maya’s talent was seen by more than just her parents.

Local people in her area would pay for her flight to England. The person defending her says that her family and friends helped her get to this point in her career.

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Who does Maya le Tissier go out with?

Maya is a player for Manchester United, and she is single.

The England player doesn’t seem to be in love with anyone on her social media pages. Instead, she seems to be focused on her football career. The young player wants to make the England senior team and become a star for her new club. Maya has a lot of fans on the internet, but she hasn’t shown any desire to talk to them.

People are now wondering if the young player can play as well in the rest of the season as she did in her first game. We probably won’t see Maya with a partner for a long time. The 20-year-old wants to lead the England National Team, and she doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that.

Tissier’s Money Right Now

At Manchester United, Maya makes $29070 per month.

And since she is just starting out in her career, her net worth is probably $3.48 million.

Maya is one of many amazing athletes who have signed with Puma, a sports brand that is worth billions of dollars. Being a Manchester United athlete helped her get the contract, and the young woman can be seen modeling the brand on her Instagram account.

Over the years, people have talked about how the men’s and women’s football teams make different amounts of money. The United women’s team makes an average of $8.13 million per year, which is a lot more than the men’s team.

The average weekly pay for the men’s football team at Manchester United is $16 million, which is more than the average weekly pay for the women’s team. Maya has teamed up with the football charity Common Goal, which has promised to give 1% of her salary to the charity.

Is Maya Le Tissier Matt Le Tissier’s sister or brother?

Matt and Maya Le Tissier are both from the island of Guernsey, but they are not related.

From what country is Maya Le Tissier?

Maya Le Tissier is from England, and she plays football for Manchester United Women’s Team.

Maya le Tissier
Maya le Tissier

Maya Le Tissier has been shown how many red cards this season?

This season, Maya Le Tissier hasn’t been shown a red card.

Club career

Le Tissier grew up on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel. Her father, Darren, taught her how to play football at the local boys’ club St. Martins A.C. when she was four years old. Since there were no girls’ teams on the island, Le Tissier flew to Hampshire twice a month to play for the county team when she was 13. She did this for two years, until she missed too much school and too many training sessions. She played for St. Martins until she was 16 years old.

Albion of Brighton and Hove

On July 1, 2018, Le Tissier joined the youth team at Brighton & Hove Albion, a club in the English Women’s Super League.

She was quickly moved up to the first team. On November 25, 2018, she was named as an unused substitute for a WSL game against Arsenal. On December 5, 2018, she made her senior debut by starting and playing all 90 minutes of a 5–1 win against Crystal Palace in the League Cup group stage. She started her first league game four days later against Chelsea. She scored her first goal for the club in a 3–1 league win over Bristol City on May 9, 2021. She was named Brighton Women’s Young Player of the Season for both the 2020–21 and 2021–22 seasons at Albion’s end-of-season awards. In June 2022, she was also up for PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year.

Manchester United

Le Tissier signed a three-year deal with Manchester United on July 20, 2022.

With one year left on her contract with Brighton, the club reportedly paid between £50,000 and £60,000 to get out of it. On September 17, 2022, she made her club debut. She started and scored two goals in a 4–0 win over Reading on the first day of the WSL.

An international job

Le Tissier made history when she became the first woman to play for the Guernsey under-16 boys’ team. In March of 2018, she played against Jersey under-16s in the under-16 version of the Muratti Vase.


Le Tissier went on to lead the England under-15 women’s national team after being invited to an England under-15 south west regional camp. Le Tissier was named captain of the under-17 team in September 2018 so that they could qualify for the 2019 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship. England won all six qualifying games without giving up a goal, and Le Tissier was named to the final squad for the 2019 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship in Bulgaria. She started all three games for England, which was knocked out in the group stage because it had the same number of points as Germany and the Netherlands.

On March 6, 2020, against Sweden in the La Manga tournament, she moved up to the under-19 level.

She played her first game for the under-23 team against Belgium on October 25, 2021. She was 19 years old at the time.

Life at home

Darren Le Tissier used to play semi-professional soccer for St. Martins A.C.

She gives him credit for putting her on the team of four-year-old boys he was coaching. She has said, “Credit to the boys back home. If they didn’t just see me as another footballer, I might not be where I am today.”

Even though they are both from the small island of Guernsey and have the same last name, Le Tissier and Matthew Le Tissier are not related. Their families know each other, and Darren used to play football with Matt.

In May 2022, Le Tissier joined the football charity Common Goal and promised to give at least 1% of her salary to the organization.

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