Is Adam Elliott and Kara Childerhouse currently dating? Domestic violence and Michael Lichaa’s marriage case

On Friday, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs player Michael Lichaa was found guilty of charges of domestic abuse after his ex-fiancée Kara Childerhouse declined to testify against him.

The Australian rugby player allegedly cut himself and punched the window after learning that his girlfriend was having sex with one of his teammates, almost losing his life and losing 2.5 liters of blood in the process.

Lichaa, 29, discussed how the painful event inspired him to make improvements in his life. To learn more about this story, keep reading.

Is Adam Elliott and Kara Childerhouse currently dating?

Adam Elliott and Kara Childerhouse are not dating. In truth, Adam admitted that his involvement with Kara was a mistake.

They were allegedly found having a sexual interaction at a Sydney home one morning. When Michael discovered this, he lost it and harmed himself after seeing his fiancée having a sexual encounter with his closest buddy.

The day after finding out he needed surgery for his injuries, Elliott sent him a barrage of remorseful texts. Before admitting that he had “severe profound difficulties” with drinking in the text and calling his actions the biggest mistake of his life, he further apologized for abandoning their friendship.

Kara Childerhouse, Michael Lichaa’s ex-girlfriend, allegedly accused him of beating her. On February 15, 2021, he was subsequently charged with crimes involving domestic violence.

Michael Lichaa’s former fiancée Kara Childerhouse

He was outraged to learn that his girlfriend had been having sex in his backyard with Adam Elliott, a former Bulldogs teammate. He reportedly yelled in horror and was still experiencing the effects of the booze at home after drinking all afternoon and into the early hours.

Lichaa entered his home and broke the front door’s glass window, severely injuring his arm in the process. After that, he was brought to the hospital and had minor surgery. After being charged for more than a year, he was ultimately cleared.

He testified and offered his account of the events in the afternoon. Kara, his companion, refrained from offering evidence against him. Lichaa may have needed some time to take it all in, but he eventually put things right with Elliott.

More Details On The Domestic Violence Case Against Michael Lichaa

As previously noted, in February, Lichaa’s home was the scene of a sexual encounter between Adam and Kara. After seeing his fiance interact in such a way with his closest friend, Lichaa lost control of his emotions and lost his balance, hurting himself when he crashed into a window.

Neighbors claim they overheard him ranting and threatening to murder her. After the disturbance, they even phoned the police. Kara claimed Lichaa had physically assaulted her when the police came.

Michael Lichaa, a rugby player, witnesses his fiancée engaging in a “intimate” deed with a former teammate.

He was then transported to the hospital while being guarded by police to receive medical attention for his arm injury. Later, Michael was charged with domestic violence. Lichaa has now been exonerated of all accusations after more than a year following the incident, according to NY Post.

Elliott hasn’t spoken to Childerhouse since that incident. Several sources claim that Adam has begun dating Millie Boyle and has discovered a new love.

Kara Childerhouse’s Age And Wiki

In her early 30s, Australian woman Kara Childerhouse works as a model. Previously, she was engaged to Michael Lichaa. Her name wasn’t well-known, but she became well-known once she was discovered physically cheating on her fiancé with Adam Elliott.

Since the event, her Instagram account, which formerly featured her modeling and fashion work, has been inactive.

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