Why Coach Irv Pankey and Kelly Pankey Relocated to Oregon? Meet Their Children

Why Coach Irv Pankey and Kelly Pankey Relocated to Oregon? Meet Their Children

Irv Pankey, a former professional football player, and his wife, Kelly Pankey, relocated to Oregon after he left his position as COS’s head coach.

Irv was an offensive lineman in the National Football League for twelve seasons. With the Los Angeles Rams, he has a long history.

He was born to his parents on February 15, 1958, in Aberdeen, Maryland, and is currently 64 years old. He was an Aberdeen High School player during his collegiate years.

Similar to this, he was an offensive tackle and tight end for the Penn State Nittany Lions. He was chosen to be the squad captain in 1979.

He was an instructor and the offensive line coach at the College of the Sequoias in California. He led a Giants team that went 6-5 at the time and qualified for a playoff bowl for the first time in ten seasons.

Irv finished his 22-year career at COS coaching and teaching after the 2019 football season. He also provides guidance at football camps such as Linemen Inc.


Irv Pankey
Irv Pankey

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Coach Irv Pankey and his Wife Kelly Pankey

Coach Irv Pankey and his wife Kelly Pankey are a model couple in the NFL, enjoying a happy marriage.

Many years ago, the seasoned football coach and his devoted wife Kelly got married. Their wedding’s exact date hasn’t been made public yet.

Kelly encouraged Pankey to pursue a career as a coach and player. She served as the football coach’s and his family’s rock.

Kelly worked in student services at the College of the Sequoias before she passed away (COS). She fell in love with the neighborhood, so the Pankeys bought a home there.

Irv began coaching and later served as an assistant under renowned coach Joe Paterno at his alma mater Penn State before moving on to Cornell.

Pankey had to hunt for work after the coaching staff at Cornell was overhauled following the 1997 campaign. Then, Kelly, his late wife, suggested him to think about switching careers.

Mrs. Pankey told her husband that he would make a great teacher and an enthusiastic football player.

Kelly’s counsel led him to research junior colleges because that’s where he wanted to start.

Irv claimed that although he applied to a few junior colleges, a vacancy at COS struck his attention in particular.

Because of his relationships with players like Michael Young of Visalia, Jewerl Thomas of Hanford, and Darren Long of Exeter, with whom he spent much of time hunting in the Visalia region during his playing days, Pankey was able to accomplish this.

Irv Pankey Relocate Close to Oregon

Irv Pankey, the COS coach, relocated to Chiloquin, Oregon, a town of less than 800 residents tucked up in ponderosa and lodgepole pine forests about 4 hours southeast of Portland.

Pankey and his wife Kelly came to Oregon after he retired from teaching because they wanted to live near to their kids.

In a prior interview, Pankey said that he had a terrific time at the college and that working at COS was a great experience.

Due to the number of hunting and fishing spots, Pankey thought that California would be a great place for him and Kelly to grow their small family.

He was given the chance to play football while he was still a teacher, which was ideal for him.

To improve his prospects of landing a job, Pankey secured Paterno’s endorsement—the most successful head coach in the annals of major college football.

Under the direction of head coach Roger Kelly, Robert Dougherty, and Curtis Allen, he worked with offensive linemen.

The Twin Sons of Irv Pankey

Irv Pankey, an NFL player, and his wife Kelly had three kids together. Keith and Kevin Pankey are the names of their twin boys.

Throughout their college careers, their kids were connected to the Oregon State Beavers football team.

Keith played linebacker at Oregon State at the time, while his brother Kevin was the team’s tight end.

Irv had the opportunity to watch his children participate in athletics, chorus, and extracurricular activities when they were students at Mt. Whitney High School.

When Robert Dougherty left and moved to Hawaii, Keith’s father Pankey took over the Giants program and was named as the head coach at the end of May 2013.

COS had a five-season record of 16–34 during Pankey’s direction. His best season was in 2013, when the Giants finished 6-4.

Irv will be remembered at the college for his impact on his athletes and the students in his health and wellness and physical education programs, according to COS Athletics Director Brent Davis.

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Kiley: Coach Irv Pankey’s Child

Kiley is the sole child of Irv Pankey. He loved his children and instilled in them philosophical ideas as he raised them.

Kiley attended Visalia, California’s Whitney High School for her academic studies. She is the devoted sister of Keith and Kevin Pankey, identical twins.

She and her twin siblings were raised in California by her parents. Later, they moved to Chiloquin, a city in the United States’ Klamath County.

She is currently employed at COS, where her father spent years instructing the offensive linemen, as an assistant coach and teacher.

However, the fires that ravaged Oregon over the summer were within 15 feet of Pankey’s home, which frequently had a herd of deer and eagles on the six-acre property.

Irv said during the Pandemic that he intended to rent an RV and take his four grandchildren on a short trip throughout the country.

Irv Pankey and Betsy Taylor’s Story

One Penn State female student majoring in business administration, Betsy Sailors, had the temerity to criticize a football player playing for the school.

Irv Pankey, a player on the dominant college team, supported Mrs. Taylor in court after hearing her evidence.

Before the MeToo movement and decades before public conceptions of physical assault shifted, the incident happened roughly 40 years ago.

In a moving story that arose out of the tragedy, the football player stood up for Betsy and took up the role of her guardian.

Sailor was accompanied to class every day by Pankey when they were both students at Penn State, and he frequently invited her to activities with other football players.

The two broke off their relationship after graduation. Irv went on to play professionally for the Los Angeles Rams, while Betsy enjoyed a successful career in human resources.

Both of them had successful marriages, children, and unfortunately lost their husbands. After viewing an ESPN program about Hodne’s misdeeds, the two were reunited after being apart for 40 long years.

The narrative of how their long-lost friendship evolved into a love story from a famous American novel is told in the brand-new movie Betsy & Irv. They are both 60 years old now.

The movie also explores the odd bond that outcast kids on a combative school made during a time of alarming revelations.

The antithesis of the marginalized was in the thick of it: Todd Hodne, a tall, strong Long Islander who identified as a “All-American.”

Another ESPN employee named Paula Lavigne was studying Hodne for a lengthy article when she discovered facts regarding Ms. Sailor’s unique relationship with Mr. Pankey.

The incredible Penn State story was the subject of a little documentary that had its world premiere in March at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and is now available to stream on ESPN+.

Irv Pankey
Irv Pankey

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Irvin Lee Pankey
Nickname Irv Pankey
Age 64 years old
Birth Date 15 February 1958
Place of birth Aberdeen, Maryland
Nationality American
Profession Football player
Position Offensive tackle
High school Aberdeen High School
College Pennsylvania State University
Wife Kelly Pankey
Children twin sons (Keith and Kiley)


How Old Is Former Los Angeles Rams Player Irv Pankey Now?

Former Los Angeles Rams Player Irv Pankey turned 64 years old in 2022. He was born on 15 February 1958, in Aberdeen, Maryland, and holds American nationality.

Who Was Irv Pankey Wife Kelly?

Kelly Pankey, the adored spouse of Irv Pankey, worked in student services at the College of the Sequoias (COS). The two have twin sons Keith and Kevin, and a daughter Kiley Pankey.

Where Is Retired NFL Player Irv Pankey Now?

NFL Player Irv Pankey is now living a retired life. He was recently captured alongside Betsy Sailors, a lady who was physically assaulted by then-Penn State athlete Todd Hodne, in State College.

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