Imogen Daines From The Suspect: Age, Work, Detective Role and Wealth

Actress Imogen Daines is now a member of the ensemble cast of the television show “The Suspect.”

Daines is a well-known artist who has contributed to a number of games, including The Suspect, Intergalactic, and The Witcher. Both the voice agency Anthea Woods and the talent agency Denton Brierley had represented her in the past.

In addition, Daines had her first appearance in the film industry the same year, starring as Emily in the short film Inside. She has worked in the entertainment industry for eleven years and continues to work in the same line of work. During the course of her career, the actress appeared in a number of films, as well as television programmes and short videos.

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art awarded Dines a Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting in 2012 after she successfully completed all of the program’s requirements (RADA). The actress’s singing was evaluated by the Royal School of Music and given a grade of 8 for the level. In addition to that, she has an interest in music and can play a number of instruments, including the violin, piano, flute, and guitar.

Imogen Daines
Imogen Daines

Quick Facts About Imogen Daines

Full Name Imogen Daines
Age 34
Birth Date May 16, 1988
Birth Place United Kingdom
Nationality British
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Boyfriend Matt
Known For The Suspect, Intergalactic, and The Witcher
Net Worth $1 million

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From the show “The Suspect Age,” Imogen Daines

At this point in time, Imogen Daines from “The Suspect” is 34 years old. The 16th of May, 1988 was the day she was born.

The actress has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, which is equivalent to 1.73 metres. 2012 was the year that the actress graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where she had been studying arts and theatre. After completing her training in the theatre, she went on to establish a name for herself in the acting world.

When Daines was in school, she had a song that she used to sing. After making her debut in the show Inside at the age of 24, Daines went on to take roles in a number of other television shows. She was just cast in the upcoming episode of the suspense television series The Suspect.

Imogen Daines Career

Imogen Daines had an early beginning to her professional life. During her time at her acting school, she established her reputation in the filmmaking line for the short film Inside.

The video ran for only thirteen minutes and highlighted a group of young environmental activists who were working to protect the earth from pollution. In the movie, the actress took on the character of the protagonist. Edward Hicks is in charge of directing the show, and Hannah Patterson is the one responsible for writing it. The performance was produced in 2012 by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and broadcast in the United Kingdom (RADA).

In 2014, Daines made his debut in the television mini-series Chasing Shadows, which was centred on a criminal investigation. In the first two episodes of the series, she presented herself in a guise. The main focus of the plot was the hunt for a serial killer who preys on weaker members of society.

Chloe Amos, the character that Daines portrayed in the programmes Only Connect: Part 1 and Only Connect: Part 2, was played by Daines. Despite this, the actress is not credited for her performance in the first instalment. In the same year, the actress had a role in the Mutton & Lamb Productions short film titled “Commitment,” playing the part of Daisy.

In 2016, Daines had a starring role as Young Jackie of Falling Snow in the film Despite the Falling Snow, which was produced by Enlightenment Productions and SK Enlightenment. In the same year, she had a role in the television series Hated in the Nation, which was produced by Zeppotron and broadcast on television. Her character was an MRI Technician. Babieka and Channel 4 Television Corporation are both referred to here.

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Imogen Daines Net Worth: How Much Does He Make?

The actress’s career is said to be worth more than one million dollars, according to a number of sources on the internet. She has worked in the entertainment industry for more than ten years, so she has plenty of experience.

Before Daines became well-known for her acting, she worked in a number of different theatres, including the Woodwind Theatre, the Rose Theater, and the Royal Riverside Studios. In 2017, the actor appeared in the short film Work as Arguing Girlfriend, in which she played a role. During the same year, she appeared in the film On Chesil Beach playing the role of Jenny.

In the year 2020, Daines first appeared in Surge in the role of Prissy Weeding Guest. Following that, the actress made an appearance in the television series Intergalactic playing the role of Verona Flores. She appeared as a cast member in all eight episodes of the science fiction television series produced by Tiger Aspect Productions. Julie Gearey was the one responsible for creating the show.

Savannah Steyn, Natasha, Thomas, Parminder, Craig Parkinson, Samantha, Sharon, Eleonor, Daisy, Oliver, Hakeem, Emily, Carlyss, Emma Appleton, Jack Collard, and Fred Fergus were some of the other people who worked alongside Daines. The first episode of the show aired on April 30th, 2021.

Daines co-starred in “The Suspect” with the professional actor Bobby Schofield, who also had a role in the film. As a result of his lengthy career in the industry, it is estimated that the actor has a net worth of 2 million USD.

Imogen Daines
Imogen Daines

Imogen Daines Is Dating Her Boyfriend Matt

Imogen Daines is currently seeing her boyfriend, Matt, who she has been seeing for a while. The year 2020 marked the beginning of the actress’s decision to discuss her romance in public.

Matt currently has 56 people following him on Instagram and can be found posting under the username @mattparkinson.cooks. When looking at his profile, it seems as though the actress’s companion is the cook. On a regular basis, the actress posts pictures of the meals prepared by her partner on a social networking site.

On May 17, 2020, Dained sent the picture to Matt and pinned the following caption underneath it: “Shout out to this creature of the light, who has made my birthday/lockdown/life rather fantastic.” During the month of May, the actress’s partner strongly disliked having him photographed. She believed it made him even more adorable because of it.

On Instagram, Daines posts content under the handle @imi daines, and she has garnered the support of 1993 users. The actress and her boyfriend went to Bracciano, Italy, on September 23 to celebrate the holiday together. The actress claims that Bracciano is the place on earth with the warmest people and the most breathtaking scenery.

Daines appeared to the premiere of The Witcher on Netflix along with Matt in ODEON Luxe West End. Daines dressed up for the event. In October of 2022, Daines was the first person to hold Clem and Sean Ahearne’s newborn baby. The actress celebrated the arrival of her nephew Brexit, Danny Brown, on November 11th, 2019.

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