Check & Download IGNOU Grade Card Status 2020

IGNOU Grade card 2020

Indira Gandhi Open University is one of the most noted institutions for open university studies in India. They have recently released the grade card for the June TEE 2020. The grade card got released on 1st October. You can check it on their official website i.e., candidates can check the marksheet by login on the official website of IGNOU. To get a peek of the grade card, the candidates need to put their nine digit enrollment number. Once login to the page, they can find the term end marks, assignment marks, practical exam marks and course code. The student can note down all the marks or print the page for future.

IGNOU grade card for JUNE TEE 2020

The Indira Gandhi Open University or IGNOU generally conducts the TEE or Term End Examination Twice a year. The respective grade cards are available once the result is published. The result gets published online and the students should download the grade card once it is published. Keeping the grade card and the result to the student is very important. Now what is the difference between the Grade card and the result. The Grade card of IGNOU consists of the result of a particular TEE. This includes practical exam marks, theory marks, assignment marks and of course the course structure. But in case of the result, it is the joint marks of the two TEE taken place in a year.

Some important dates related to IGNOU TEE

These results are published twice a year. In case of the June term, the result gets published in August. This time the exam took place in June 2020 and the result gets published and can be downloaded in June 2020. In case of the December 2020 term exam, the result will be published in February 2021 and the result can be downloaded in February 2021 only.

Download the IGNOU Grade Card 2020

The grade cards can be downloaded right after IGNOU published the grade cards online. If you are taking the exam, you need to visit the official website and download your grade card.

Course wise Grade Card Official Links Direct Link
Grade card of BCA/MCA/MP/MPBOfficial Link
Grade card of BDP/BA/BCOM/BSc/ASSOOfficial Link
Grade card of other programmesOfficial Link
Official links

How to download the IGNOU Grade Card 2020?

Downloading the IGNOU Grade Card from their official website can be confusing sometimes. Hence, we have prepared a full step by step procedure to guide you through the path. Please visit the official website of the Indira Gandhi Open University or IGNOU and follow the below mentioned steps to download your Grade Card of June TEE 2020 without any problem.

1st step: Click on IGNOU official website is You can bookmark the website for future references and convenience.

IGNOU Official homepage
IGNOU Official homepage

2nd Step: Scroll down the homepage of the Indira Gandhi Open University website. Now click on red highlighted part “IGNOU declares Term End Result and Grade for June 2020“.

IGNOU declares Term End Result and Grade for June 2020
IGNOU declares Term End Result and Grade for June 2020

3rd Step: Now a screen will pop up on your screen, so you can check your grade card according to your course.

Check grade card course wise
Check grade card course wise

4th Step: Once you choose your course, the page will navigate to another fresh page. Now you will see another link consisting of your stream and subject.

Check grade card status
Check grade card status

5th Step: You need to select the program you are enrolled for again and now you need to put your 9 digit enrollment number here. Now click on the ‘Submit’ button on the right side of the login page.

Choose course and enter enrolment number
Choose course and enter enrolment number

6th Step: Now the screen will pop up with the IGNOU Grade card on it. You can check all the relevant fields; your assignment marks, theory marks, practical marks etc. The student needs to verify his details here too!

7th Step: The student needs to download the Grade Card for future reference and can take a print out of the same as well.

If a student follows the steps mentioned here, downloading the IGNOU Grade Card will be much easier for him.

Details mentioned on the IGNOU Grade Card 2020

Once the Submit button is clicked, lots of information will pop up on the screen of the student. The student needs to go through all of them and make sure to check them thoroughly. Any discrepancies in the details will lead to bigger problems while getting the final degree upon completing the course. The important details found on the Grade Card are mentioned below:

  • Name of the Course
  • Name of the student
  • Enrollment Number of the student
  • Course code of the student
  • Practical marks obtained in the examination
  • Assignment marks obtained in the examination
  • Theory marks and Term marks obtained in the examination
  • Status of the student
  • Course wise grades of the student

IGNOU Grade Card FAQs

Students may face several questions while following the download process. Here are some frequently asked questions in this manner that might help students facing trouble while downloading IGNOU Grade cards.

  1. When can students expect IGNOU June TEE Grade Cards?

The grade cards are mostly released in the month of August. So candidates of June TEE can also expect the same.

  1. What is the general difference between IGNOU Result and IGNOU Grade card?

The Grade cards are the detailed account of the student’s performance in the examination. The Grade cards include      Theory marks, Practical Marks, assignment marks, information about the next session. These grade cards are available twice a year. The Result on the other hand is available once a year and that includes only the marks of the each grade cards and not all the individual marks.

  1. Is it necessary to download IGNOU Grade Card 2020?

The candidates are encouraged to download the Grade Card as this will be required for future references.

  1. Credentials to be needed to download the Indira Gandhi Open University or IGNOU grade card?

The candidates require only the 9 digit enrollment number provided by IGNOU to check the result. No other details or information is required.

  1. On what mode IGNOU is going to release the June TEE grade card 2020?

IGNOU is going to release the Grade Cards online. The students can visit the official website once the declaration of result is done online. They can download the grade card only from that official website.

  1. Can the IGNOU June TEE 2020 result be reevaluated?

Well, a student can appeal the university for a reevaluation. For that, he needs to submit a reevaluation request in the IGNOU revaluation centre. The student needs to submit a DD in the favour of the University as well. All the detailed information related to the reevaluation is available on IGNOU’s official website.

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