How much money will Martin Roberts have in 2022? Presenter of “Homes Under the Hammer” Experiences Pericardial Effusion

Englishman Martin Leyland Roberts is a real estate expert, investor, businessperson, and author.

Along with Martel Maxwell and Dion Dublin, he co-hosts the BBC One property auction programme Homes Under the Hammer. But Lucy Alexander served as his co-host for a long time.

In the UK, Roberts is a well-known journalist and TV host who focuses on real estate, travel, and lifestyle.

Additionally, he hosts the Talkradio programme “Home Rule with Martin Roberts,” on which he talks about real estate.

Martin has been hosting the well-liked BBC1 real estate auction programme “Homes under the Hammer” for the past 15 years; the programme is currently in its 22nd season. Additionally, he has frequently appeared on BBC Radio, ITV, CNN, and SKY TV.

How Much Money Will Martin Roberts Have In 2022?

Martin Roberts’ estimated net worth in 2022 will be £1.2 million.

Martin has worked for the BBC as a UK and Overseas Property specialist for the entirety of his career, providing commentary for several programmes on BBC radios 2, 4, and 5 Live.

Martin’s family includes his wife and kids.

Roberts frequently appears as a guest presenter on “The Jeremy Vine Show” on BBC Radio 2 and “Moneybox” on BBC Radio 4.

The show’s host frequently appears as a guest broadcaster on The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 and Moneybox on BBC Radio 4.

Roberts has also written to books about travel, including Intrepid Africa, The Traveler’s Handbook, and Great Festivals of the World. The Villes Children’s Books are written by Roberts.

Real Estate Showcase The speaker experiences pericardial effusion

The 58-year-old host was hospitalised last month after mistaking long-lasting Covid for chest symptoms. He was eventually identified as having pericardial effusion, a fluid buildup in the area surrounding the heart.

After being admitted to the hospital with chest pains last month, Roberts claimed he was close to passing away.

The Houses Up For Auction The presenter’s organs started to fail when a fluid-filled sack encircling his heart prevented it from pumping normally.

When he was admitted to the hospital last month with chest pains, he experienced a horrible health scare.

The speaker was accustomed to having a tight chest because he had asthma since he was a young child and had recently experienced chest infections.

Following his recovery, Martin posted a moving message to his 20,800 Instagram followers, stating it was a momentous day to be back recording the programme he has hosted for almost 20 years.

The Presenter’s Wife Kirsty Roberts: What We Know

Kirsty Roberts, a well-known television personality, is married to Martin Roberts. In order to formalise their relationship, the pair got married after starting to date in the 2000s.

In 2010, Kirsty Roberts wed Martin Roberts in an elaborate ceremony that was witnessed by her family and close friends.

Even down south, Kirsty Roberts @KirstyRoberts44 WINDSday. Going to be one of those “hair bear bunch” days. #StormAli
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Kirsty holds a variety of vocations, including that of an interior designer, dressmaker, skilled worker, and occasionally long-distance runner.

She also works with BBC Homes Under the Hammer as an individual collaborator and as Martin Roberts’ business director.

The Roberts’ two children are Scott and Megan. Scott Roberts and Megan Roberts, Martin’s wife, son, and daughter, all reside in England.

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