Are Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak from High Water Based on Real People?

Are Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak from High Water Based on Real People?

The drama series “High Water” on Netflix, also known as “Wielka Woda,” is based on the 1997 Millennium Flood that struck areas of Poland. The Polish television programme, developed by Anna Kpiska, centres on hydrologist Jasmina Tremer, who struggles to persuade the authorities of the impending flood. Jakub Marczak is the only person, nevertheless, who accepts her beliefs. Viewers could ask if Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak are models for real individuals given that the show is based on true events. Then, here is what we know about the two characters in “High Water” who served as their inspiration. Spoilers follow!

High Water
High Water

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Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak: Who Are They?

Polish-born hydrologist Jasmina Tremer attended Utrecht University. She and her lover have an isolated home in the Uawy Wetlands. Tremer informs the administration that there is a good chance that a flood will hit Wroclaw and cause extensive damage. The government then calls her. Jakub Marczak, acting province governor, calls her in as a result. Tremer’s job is to make flood-related solution suggestions. Additionally, viewers are informed that Tremer and Marczak had a daughter named Klara while they were a relationship. Due of Tremer’s drug addiction, Marczak and her daughter had to part ways.

Tremer and Marczak collaborate to stop the natural disaster, but the authorities do not help them. Tremer’s recommendations are disregarded, which causes the flood that affects Wroclaw. Tremer and Marczak consequently focused their efforts on rescuing their loved ones from the flood. Jasmina Tremer is portrayed in the series by actress Agnieszka Zulewska (‘The Mire’), and Jakub Marczak is portrayed by actor Tomasz Schuchardt (‘The Disappearance’).

Do Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak Borrow Characters from Real Life?

The fictional hydrologist Jasmina Tremer is not based on a real person. The persona, though, might have drawn inspiration from a number of actual Millennium Flood survivors. Jakub Marczak likewise seems to be a fictional fabrication, on the same lines. No one with the same name is known to have held the office of Acting Province Governor in 1997. It is acceptable to assume that the character is not based on a real person as a result. Agnieszka Zulewska and Tomasz Schuchardt, two actors, most likely witnessed the water firsthand. Zulewska claimed in an interview that she went to Turawa with her grandfather to experience the flood. As a result, it’s possible that the actors drew inspiration from actual events when acting out their parts.

According to Tomasz Schuchardt in a different interview, the show fictionalises the real-life catastrophe and dramatises genuine events to provide complex human interaction drama. The actor noted that his persona emphasises the importance of government involvement in the Millennium Flood. Tremer and Marczak thus stand in for the authorities and scientists that toiled assiduously to save many lives during the 1997 flood. The show enables viewers to develop an emotional connection with the difficulties faced by government officials during the natural tragedy by concentrating on just two individuals. In the end, Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak are fictional characters that the show uses to forward its narrative about one of the worst tragedies in Polish history.

High Water’s Bio

The 2016 American neo-Western crime drama film Hell or High Water was written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by David Mackenzie. It centres on two brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) who commit a string of bank robberies while being being after by two Texas Rangers in order to maintain their family ranch (Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham). As a result of OddLot Entertainment’s closure in 2015, it was the last movie the company produced.

Whatever the cost debuted on May 16, 2016, at the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival. On August 12, 2016, it was shown in theatres in the United States. The performances of Pine, Foster, and Bridges, Sheridan’s screenplay, and the editing all won praise from critics. On a $12 million budget, it made $37.9 million in revenue. It received multiple nominations, including four Oscar nods: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Bridges), Best Original Screenplay, and Best Editing. The American Film Institute named it one of its 10 movies of the year.

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Plot of High Water

Toby and Tanner Howard, brothers, rob two Texas Midlands Bank locations in West Texas. Despite the well-thought-out robberies, Tanner’s reckless temperament causes him to take unwarranted risks, which frustrates Toby. They use a backhoe to dig a pit and bury their getaway vehicle at the family ranch. After a protracted illness, their mother passed away, leaving their ranch in debt due to a reverse mortgage granted by the Texas Midlands Bank that, if not settled, would result in foreclosure. In the meantime, oil has been found on their property, and Toby is determined to give his estranged boys a good existence.

Alberto Parker and Marcus Hamilton, two Texas Rangers, are in charge of the investigation. Nearing retirement, Hamilton looks into the robberies and soon ascertains the brothers’ strategies and personalities. Tanner robs a different bank in the meantime, and Toby is unknowingly waiting at a nearby café. When they arrive at an Indian casino in Oklahoma to launder the stolen funds, Toby instructs the casino to write a cheque payable to the Texas Midlands Bank out of the casino’s gambling proceeds. The brothers return to Texas with untraceable funds and gambling as a pretext for how they were obtained.

Hamilton and Parker investigate a different Texas Midlands Bank location but come up empty-handed. As soon as Hamilton recognises a pattern in the bank robberies and chooses the next victim, he and Parker travel to the scene of the robbery. The brothers carry out the theft despite the busy bank since they are pressed for time. A security guard and an armed civilian open fire on the brothers, sparking a shootout that ends with Tanner killing both of them. Later, Toby is killed when they are ambushed outside the bank by a group of armed local residents.

The neighbourhood posse chases after the boys as they flee the city. Tanner pauses after pulling away and fires an automatic weapon at the posse, forcing them to flee due to his fire superiority. The brothers then split up; Toby uses another method to steal the money while Tanner comes up with a distraction. He lures the law enforcement officers to a mountain ridge in the desert, where he uses a rifle to shoot at the officers, killing Parker. Disgusted, Hamilton utilises his local knowledge to loop behind Tanner and shot him to death.

Toby simultaneously avoids being stopped by the authorities at a checkpoint and launders the stolen money at a casino, where he learns about his brother’s passing on the news. In order to prevent the ranch from being foreclosed upon, he rushes the casino’s cheque to the bank. He then deeds the ranch into a family trust.

After retiring, Hamilton returns to his old workplace and discovers that Toby has been exonerated of all suspicions because of his spotless criminal history and lack of justification—his new oil wells bring in more money each month than was taken in all of the robberies combined. The Texas Midlands Bank, which holds the funds from the ranch’s oil wells, declines to assist the investigation because of concern for losing control of the family’s trust fund. Hamilton is still certain that Toby was the second bank robber despite the lack of proof.

At the ranch, Hamilton confronts Toby and demands to know why the robberies are happening. Toby states that he has vowed to prevent his sons from suffering the same consequences of poverty that Tanner and he did. The tension in their talk rises as a clear foreshadowing of an imminent violent gunfight as Hamilton informs Toby that he holds him accountable for Parker’s death. However, things are cut short when Toby’s ex-wife and kids show there. Toby proposes they get together again soon to “complete the conversation” and “bring you some peace” as Hamilton walks away. Before departing, Hamilton responds that he would want to meet again and hopes to “bring some peace” to Toby.

Cast of High Water

Jeff Bridges portrays Marcus Hamilton, a Texas Ranger.

Toby Howard, played by Chris Pine

The Tanner Howard of Ben Foster

As Texas Ranger Alberto Parker, Gil Birmingham

Debbie Howard is played by Marin Ireland

Jenny Ann played by Katy Mixon

As Elsie, Dale Dickey

Billy Rayburn played by Kevin Rankin

Hooker, Melanie Papalia

As Vernon Teller, Amber Midthunder

Cowboy Taylor Sheridan

Production of High Water

Taylor Sheridan’s heist movie Comancheria, which Sidney Kimmel Entertainment would fund and produce alongside Peter Berg of Film 44, was acquired by SKE, according to a Deadline article from April 18, 2012.

The second book in Sheridan’s trilogy on “the contemporary American frontier”

A standee for the movie was displayed at Cinemacon 2016 in Las Vegas, revealing that the title has been altered to Hell or High Water.

Berg may have been the movie’s director. Additionally competing against SKE for the film were the studios Endgame Entertainment and Focus Features. In 2012, the script was named the finest Black List script. On April 2, 2015, it was revealed that Jeff Bridges would play the lead role in the movie, with Chris Pine and Ben Foster reportedly also interested in joining. David Mackenzie would also be in charge of directing.

On May 4, 2015, it was announced that Foster and Pine would portray brothers who rob banks to protect their family’s farm in West Texas. Bridges would play a Texas Ranger who is out to catch the siblings. Sidney Kimmel of Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Peter Berg of Film 44, Carla Hacken of SKE, and Julie Yorn of LBI produced the movie, with Gigi Pritzker, Bill Lischak, Michael Nathanson, Rachel Shane, John Penotti, Bruce Toll, and Braden Aftergood serving as executive producers. CBS Films purchased the US rights to the movie. The project was conceived by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Film 44, and OddLot Entertainment joined SKE in co-producing and co-financing the movie.

Scenes were shot in Estancia (Torrence County) Alamogordo Valley, Eastern New Mexico.

While filming took place in Eastern New Mexico, the story of the movie takes place in West Texas. The movie’s main photography started on May 26, 2015, in Clovis, New Mexico. Additionally, Tucumcari and Portales in New Mexico were used for filming. A few rural sequences, including picturesque shots of Alamogordo Valley south of Luciano Mesa, were filmed in the vast and sparsely populated ranch region of Quay and Guadalupe counties in New Mexico. On July 8, 2015, production came to an end.

High Water
High Water

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Release of High Water

On May 16, 2016, the 69th Cannes Film Festival hosted the world premiere of Hell or High Water. In the United States, it had a limited release to start on August 12, an expansion on August 19, and a general release on August 26. The movie premiered on September 9 in the UK and Ireland and on October 21 in New Zealand.

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