Helena Eagan: Who is She in Severance And Is She Jame Eagan’s Daughter?

It is a thriller show that keeps the audience on their toes by slowly revealing the eerie atmosphere at Lumon Industries, the show’s main setting. As the story goes on, viewers learn more about the lives of the Macro Data Refinement (MDR) team both inside and outside Lumon.

For most of the first season, viewers don’t know much about Helly’s backstory. Mark, Irving, and Dylan’s lives outside of Lumon are shown to the viewers. That’s not all: In the season finale, we find out who Helly really is thanks to Helena Eagan. if you want to find out more about Jame Eagan and Helena Eagan, here is everything you need to know! It’s going to be a long story.

Helena Eagan: Who Is She?

In the ninth episode of “Severance,” called “The We We Are,” Helena Eagan is shown. She isn’t exactly new to the show because viewers have been following her other persona since the very first episode. Heleen Eagan, Helly’s real name, was revealed in episode 9. She’s part of Lumon’s founding family, and she is a member of the family. There is a big surprise for Helly, who is the Innie persona of Helena and can only be found on a severed floor. She doesn’t know about the news.

Helly, on the other hand, wakes up outside Lumon after Dylan starts the Overtime Contingency. She learns about her Outie’s life. Thus, Helena Eagan comes to know who she is. Helena went through the severance process and took the job as part of a plan to show that severance is a new way to do business in the modern world. However, at the end of the episode, Helly speaks out against Lumon’s shady practises and criticises the process of getting fired. But when Mr. Milchick stops Dylan and shuts down the Overtime Contingency, her efforts are scuppered, even though she still wants to help.

Helena Eagan: Is She James Eagan’s Daughter?

Helly is shocked to find out that she is a member of the Eagan family, but the writers added another surprise by showing who Helly’s parents are. Heleen Eagan, who is also known as Helly, turns out to be the daughter of Jame Eagan in the ninth episode. When Kier Eagan, the founder of Lumon Industries, died, Jame took over as CEO. Jame is a descendant of Kier Eagan. Because of this, Helly is inadvertently linked to the company’s history.

In the episode, Helly is overwhelmed when she learns her true identity and takes a moment to calm down. It doesn’t end there, though. She has to meet her Outie’s (and by way of comparison herself) father. When Jame talks to Helly, what he says suggests that Helena is part of a plan to take over Lumon. There is a lot more going on at Lumon than meets the eye, Jame’s words show.

Because Jame is linked with hell, this is a clever way to show how complicated the Lumon plot is. Furthermore, it gives viewers a new way to learn about Jame Eagan and his persona, which has been a big part of the show for a long time. Thus, it will be interesting to see how Jame deals with his daughter publicly destroying the work of his life, which is the severance process.

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