Has Striclty’s Matt Goss Had a Hair Transplant or Does He Wear a Wig?

A fan was sure that Matt Goss got a hair transplant after he appeared on both the Sunday Brunch show and Strictly Come Dancing.

Matt became well-known as the lead singer of the English pop group Bros. Their first album, Push, was certified four times platinum, had eight songs in the top five, and stayed at the top of the U.K. charts for an incredible 54 weeks.

In 1995, the musician started his solo career. By 2021, he had released 23 singles, and four of them had made it into the Top 40. Goss and Paul Oakenfold worked together on the song “Firefly,” which was remixed and reached number one on the World Trance chart.

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing watched BBC One on Friday night to find out who the celebrity candidates will be dancing with in the show’s 20th season. A lot of people were confused, though, when singer-songwriter Matt Goss showed up at the event. Some even said that his new haircut made him look like a “action man.”

Matt Goss
Matt Goss

Has Matt Goss from Strictly Come Dancing had a hair transplant?

Multiple sources say that Matt Goss has had a hair transplant. Goss therefore looked younger than he really was when he was a guest on the British TV show Sunday Brunch.

Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 was hosted by Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy, who had a wide range of guests on their show. James Blunt, Guy Garvey, Matt Goss, and Rachel Riley joined the hosts in the studio to talk about their new projects. But Matt’s appearance made a lot of people look away, and some even thought something was strange.

People who catch a glimpse of Matt can tell that his hair changed quickly because it is so thick. Even though Matt hasn’t said anything about it, the rumors keep going. His hair was thick on the back and sides, but thin in the front, and his hairline was moving back.

Matt went on the show to talk about his album, The Beautiful Unknown, which had just come out at the time. But some people were confused by how he looked as he talked about his record.

Some Channel 4 viewers were surprised that they didn’t know the pop star before he was on the show. They said this on Twitter.

Other Twitter users, on the other hand, made it clear that they didn’t trust the musician’s hairstyle. But it wasn’t all bad news. Some viewers defended the musician by saying he looked good for his age.

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The twin brother of Matt is bald

Matt Goss and Luke Goss, who are the same person, were both in the band Bros. Luke, Matt’s brother, played the drums, and Matt was the main singer. Before the band broke up, they had several hits over a few years.

Matt went out on his own and started a job. There were only a few songs that people liked by him. In June 2010, he signed a contract to play often at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the next three years. Up to this point, he had been making hit after hit.

One of Quora’s users wrote, “I think Matt has some kind of hair add-on, like a hairpiece or something else. Since they are identical twins, they should both be bald. He might be taking Propecia, but I don’t think it would help that much.”

Luke, who is his twin brother, has a receding hairline. Luke decided to get rid of it and keep his hair short. But that doesn’t always mean that Matt’s hairline will thin too.

Matt Goss and Victoria Beckham have been friends for a while. Even Victoria made fun of the way his hair looked. “She told me to just cut it,” said the former lead singer of the Bros. Victoria seems to know that his hairline is getting thinner. Matt just laughs it off and says that it was just a joke between them.

Factor host Louis Walsh said that the twins’ brother was to blame for their hair loss

Louis Walsh didn’t care about the much-anticipated Bros reunion in 2016, because he said that the two of them have “no hair.”

The funny X Factor judge didn’t seem to care about Matt and Luke Goss’ one-time performance in London, which they told the press about at a special press conference. It’s possible that he often backs brother boybands with mohawks and a lot of hairspray, like Jedward.

The twin brothers have both lost their hair, and according to the source, Louis, who has also had a hair transplant, said that no one would care. Louis has already talked about how Simon Cowell’s comment made him decide to get a hair transplant.

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Does Matt Goss Wear Hairpiece?

There is a lot of talk about Matt Goss’s hair on the internet. Is hing wearing a wig or has he had a hair transplant?

When one of Matt’s fans finally met him, he found out that, as he said, Matt wears a wig.

“Are you kidding me, everyone? Just now, I went to see Matt Goss play at 1 Oak in Vegas. He is a great singer, so I don’t mean to put down his skills, but his hairpiece isn’t very noticeable. At the back of his head, where the hairpiece meets his own hair, it is a little easier to see. THIS IS THE RIGHT ANSWER.”

Based on how he looks now, it seems like he does not wear a wig. Even though he might have gotten a hair transplant, it’s clear that he’s showing off his real hair.

Where Did Matt Goss’s Hair Go?

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing didn’t pay attention to the much-anticipated premiere show on Friday because Matt Goss was there.

Matt was dancing with his partner in the video. He was wearing a dark sequin jacket and a grey fedora hat.

The stylish singer was on the launch show and talked with host Claudia Winkleman in the studio. He wore a light pink suit and a white shirt. But his ginger buzz cut kept many people from paying attention as he was being questioned on the show.

One Twitter user said, “That’s not the hair color I thought Matt would have for #strictly.”

The 53-year-old musician told the crowd that his partner in this year’s series would be Ukrainian dancer Nadiya Bychkova. Matt went to London’s O2 Arena and watched a video, which told him that he would be paired with the 33-year-old pro.

Before he met Nadiya in the arena, he told the cameras, he was a little nervous and could feel his heart beating fast. But when Matt turned around and saw Nadiya, he felt better, and she quickly made him feel safe again.

Is the hair on Matt Goss real?

Matt hasn’t said anything about his hair, but some people think he’s had hair transplant surgery.

 Matt Goss
Matt Goss

Where does Matt Goss now live?

Matt lives in London right now, but it’s not clear where he and his beautiful French bulldog, Reggie, have chosen to live.

Is Rebecca Ferguson going out with Matt Goss?

Matt was honest about their relationship and had said before that they were still close friends even though they were no longer dating.

Luke and Matt Goss may be brothers

Yes, they are twins, and their pop group Bros is well-known.

Early years

Matthew Goss was born at Lewisham Hospital in the London borough of Lewisham on September 29, 1968. He is Luke Goss’s twin and younger brother.


Goss became famous as the lead singer of the English pop band Bros. Their first album, Push, went platinum four times, had eight top five hits, and stayed on the U.K. charts for an amazing 54 weeks.

He started his solo career in 1995 and had released 23 singles by the beginning of 2021, four of which were Top 40 hits. Goss and Paul Oakenfold worked together on the song “Firefly,” which was remixed and went to #1 on the World Trance chart.

In June 2009, it was announced that he would be doing live shows at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. In just nine months, the show was a hit right away, and in January 2010, it moved to Caesars Palace. The well-reviewed show has been a Strip favorite for more than ten years. [needs citation] People in Las Vegas have called him “The New King of Las Vegas.” Goss was given the keys to the Las Vegas Strip, and August 8 in the city was named “Matt Goss Day.”

The show from Las Vegas was brought to London’s Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena, where he won the SSE Arena Award for Best Show of 2016.

Bros: After the Screaming Stops, a movie about his and his brother’s life that won a BAFTA, came out in 2018.

Babyface helped Goss record his version of “If I Ain’t Got You” at the beginning of the year 2020. During the Covid pandemic, Goss put out the song as a way to raise money for the NHS. He wanted to raise £50,000, but after three months, it had only raised just over £15,000.

Goss said that he will release his fifth studio album, called The Beautiful Unknown. It was supposed to come out in September 2021, but it was pushed back to November 19 of that year. Finally, it came out on March 25, 2022. The song was number 7 on the official charts in the UK for a week, and it sold less than 8,000 copies around the world. The album didn’t do well on any other album charts around the world, either. “I use that phrase a lot in my poetry, because I think we’ve been programmed to fear tomorrow and the years ahead. I just want to live in a place where the unknown is a beautiful thing.” Goss said that he didn’t want to make music or sing again because of how busy he was with shows in the United States. But when COVID-19 spread, Goss had a chance to start over and start recording again. “So it was quite a strange thing that, ironically, the connection I found talking about much deeper issues was the reason I wanted to make a new record and realized there were people who wanted me to keep going. Goss said that he was excited for the album to come out and hoped that the music industry would notice his hard work. “I want to be able to compete with Ed Sheeran, with The Weeknd, with Robbie Williams, with everyone. I made this record because I was sure we could do it. I want to be an important player. No one can say that this record isn’t from the present.”

Goss has said that, in addition to his solo work, he plans to work with his brother Luke on a “outrageous” Bros album.

Goss said that he would like to work with Adele. “I’d love to sing with Adele, and I think we’d make a great pair. We’re both from London, which I like a lot.”

He was announced as the eighth contestant on the 20th season of Strictly Come Dancing on August 8, 2022.

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