Who Is Gina Rivera? Find Out About Her Net Worth in 2022

Who Is Gina Rivera? Find Out About Her Net Worth in 2022

Gina Rivera is a well-known figure in the fashion and beauty industries and is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. Her company, Phenix Salon Suites, quickly became the industry’s most successful and fastest-growing distributor of salon suites, which helped catapult her to fame and financial success.

Since 1929, her family has run a salon, and today she works as a professional hair stylist with a sizeable net worth. Her family has been in the salon industry since then. Rivera is the creator of the professional colour lines “by Gina” and “Colours by Gina,” both of which are expensive products.

Because she never allowed a customer to leave without first making them feel amazing, she acquired the loyalty of her customers. Her simple approach to sharing her expertise and lending a helping hand when necessary earned her the adoration of the staff members who worked for her.

Working behind the chair taught Gina that not all salons are created with the same standards and that most booth renters receive very little assistance to ensure their business’s success. Gina made these discoveries based on what she learnt while working in the beauty industry.

She developed a tremendous excitement for the business and became a fierce supporter of Lifestyle Professionals who wished to establish own salons but may not have had the requisite cash.


Gina Rivera
Gina Rivera


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Gina Rivera’s Net Worth in 2022, According to Phenix Salons

As a successful businesswoman, Gina Rivera has a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars. Her career as a professional hairstylist is the primary contributor to her financial well-being.

Following Rivera’s introduction of Phenix Salons in the United States, the company expanded to the point where it now has 300 locations across the country and ranked #25 on The Entrepreneur’s TOP 500 List in 2017.

There is a wide variety in the investment required to open a Phenix Salon Suites franchise, from $200,000 to over $1 million. The process is speedy and includes additional construction help that was just installed at the corporate headquarters.

Rivera was a cast member on the show “Undercover Boss,” which was honoured with a CBS Emmy Award. Due to the fact that she had one of the highest Nielsen ratings for an episode, she was thrust into the public eye and was able to amass a sizeable fan base both within and outside of the beauty industry on a domestic as well as an international level.

In addition to this, she has had more than 300 essays published, establishing her as an accomplished columnist. She has been featured in a variety of well-known magazines, such as Fashion & Style, Modern Salon, the Huffington Post, Oprah, Today, and a great deal of other publications.

The hairstylist has made repeated appearances on the television programme EXTRA, and she has also been the subject of a number of picture sessions and advertisements for the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Gina Rivera’s Partner

Her business partner is Jason Rivera, who also happens to be her husband.

Gina Rivera and her husband, Jason Rivera, have been together for a long time and now have two children together. Her partner in business and the head of the company is Jason.

In honour of their first child, Gina and Jason Rivera, who serves as CEO of the company, chose the name Phenix for their business. Gina was a tenant at a typical salon when she went into preterm labour with her first child, Phenix. At the time, she was expecting her first child.

She had a plan to launch her first company idea in 2007, and by the time 2009 rolled around, she was the owner of four different companies. In 2012, she made Jason the CEO of the company. At the time, he was the owner of a marketing company and had previous experience working with companies such as Smashburger.



Bringing on an investor was “just that next step” to take in the process. Competition is tough for Phenix Salon Suites, particularly from Sola Salon Studios, which is more than twice as large as Phenix Salon Suites and acquired a new equity partner to buy out the founders of Phenix Salon Suites last year.

Gina Rivera’s Parents

Gina has continued in the footsteps of her mother and father.

Gina got her start in the beauty industry by cleaning hair off the floors of the salon owned by her parents. After that, she received her training in cosmetology at a beauty school before moving on to a booth rental business, where she quickly established a name for herself.

Her father, Larry Peneschi, was a platform artist at the major hairstyle competitions, and he came home with a bookcase full of trophies as a result of his success. “In the race, he was up there competing with the best of them. He was on par with the greatest, and in some cases even better than them.

There have been 27 people in her family who have worked as hairdressers ever since 1929, when her uncle’s grandmother began her career. Rivera’s mother is a hairdresser, and when Rivera was 8 years old, she made the threat that she would cut her hair if her mother forced her to go to school. It was through this avenue that she first entered the family business.

Because of the demands of school, Gina chose to get her bangs chopped shorter. She remembers leaving Colorado Springs, where she was attending high school, and relocating to Arizona when she was 16 years old. Arizona was one of the places in which one may apprentice without a licence.

At the age of 22, she concurrently received her diploma from a cosmetology school and her high school diploma. She was ecstatic about her new career up until the point when her supervisor asked her to attend a meeting.

Gina Rivera’s Mother Is a Model Constituent

Gina looked up to her mother as a person and as an entrepreneur throughout Gina’s life. She was a hairdresser, the owner of her own business, and a wonderful person who was a major inspiration to Gina and helped her perform at the highest level possible.

As part of her attempts to serve as a mentor, she has made free public speaking appearances at beauty schools all throughout the country. By talking about her experiences, Gina hopes to encourage younger people to pursue careers in the field she has worked in. It is imperative that female leaders of all ages participate in educational events related to their respective disciplines.

Gina Rivera’s Solid Relationships

The most significant success in Gina Rivera’s eyes is the intimate ties she has cultivated with God, her husband, their children, and the rest of her family. It is a privilege beyond compare to be in a position to give Salon Professionals the opportunity to own and operate their own businesses when, in certain situations, they might not have had the chance to do so otherwise.

Reading first thing in the morning gets her head in the correct frame of mind and helps her focus on the appropriate things, so it’s a good habit for her to get into. She also states that the gorgeous and talented salon professionals that she comes into contact with in the course of her work in the beauty industry serve as a consistent source of motivation for her.


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Gina’s response to a query concerning her personnel is as follows: “Our staff members are aware of the delicate significance they have in the lives of others. They are aware that by providing salon professionals with the opportunity to start their own business, they are facilitating the achievement of the “American dream.”

This also applies to our franchisee partners. It is quite satisfying to be able to assist others in growing their money and to watch them achieve success.

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Gina Rivera’s Salon Business

Gina Is Concentrated On Growing Her Business On A Global Scale.

Gina is focused her efforts right now on the development of corporate stores, which includes the establishment and management of corporate stores. Phenix Salon Suites is continuously expanding not only newly available but also already established franchise opportunities.

However, it now pays considerably more attention to diverse store owners. They are also working on strategies for their expansion throughout the world. They currently have various global marketplaces where they hope to make a difference.

They are shifting more of their attention on sales to major multi-unit prospects in essential overseas markets. Their efforts are paying off, and they are creating ties with important multi-unit franchisees who will greatly affect the advancement of the goals for worldwide expansion. This will allow them to more effectively reach their potential.

Gina Rivera
Gina Rivera

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Quick Facts About Gina Rivera

Full Name Gina Rivera
Date Of Birth May 20, 1966
Father Larry Peneschi
Husband Jason Rivera
Instagram @beautyexpertgina
Net Worth 1.5 Million Dollars


Who is Gina Rivera?

Gina Rivera is a professional hairstylish and she is a iconic personality in the world of beauty.

How old is Gina Rivera?

Gina Rivera is 56 years old. She was born in May 20, 1966 and she is a resident of San Diego, California.

Who is Gina Rivera married to?

Gina Rivera is married to her husband Jason Rivera. He is business partner and company CEO.

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