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In 2022, DJ, rapper, producer, and actor Getter has a net worth of $25 million. He is a well-known DJ and musician. He has also worked with well-known musicians like Datsik, Skrillex, Borgore, Liquid Stranger, and Suicideboys. In 2012, he also signed a deal with Firepower Records, which is owned by the popular band Datsik, as well as with other labels like Rottun Recordings and OWSLA.

His song “Uppercuts” made him well-known in the music business. It was one of the songs that made him famous and got him other jobs in the music business. He has also made his own clothing line, which is called the Shred Collective and is sold in shops. He is also a well-known rapper and actor who has been in some shows. He has been working on this for a long time and has become known as one of the most important people in music. You might be interested in Don Diablo Net Worth.


Getter Net Worth

“Getter,” a well-known American DJ, has a net worth of $25 Million. Several online sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, say that the most popular American DJ, Getter, is worth around $25 million. Getter has been in this business for a long time and has been in many music concerts. As a DJ and rap artist, he makes a good amount of money when he performs live.

He has worked for some of the most well-known and well-known brands. He has put out a song called “Uppercuts,” which has helped him advance in his career and led to other good projects. He has signed a contract for a good amount of money with Datsik’s label, Firepower Records.

He is making a good amount of money from music right now. His main source of income is the contract amount he got from Firepower Records, which is Datsik’s record label. He also makes a lot of money from concerts by DJs and rap artists. Reports say that this musician has a total net worth of $25 million in 2022 and that he or she makes thousands of dollars each year. Check out Alex Pall’s website.

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Getter Biography

Getter was born on April 13, 1993, which makes him 29 years old. He was born in the United States, in the city of San Jose, California. Getter is his stage name in the music business, but his real name is Tanner Petulla. He has been interested in music since he was in school. Around this time, he started making music and putting remixes of Far East Movement and Timbaland on his SoundCloud page. From the beginning of his career, he was really into music, and his style of performance helped him become well known.

When he was 17 years old, he also did DJ shows all over the United States. He has also started posting videos on the site Vine. His videos have been watched millions of times and he has more than 400,000 people who follow him. He has also worked with other musicians like Skrillex, Datsik, and Borgore, which has helped his career grow.

Getter: Work and Prizes

In 2012, Getter began his career by signing a contract with Firepower Records. Together with Nick Colletti and Dillon Francis, he also started making the video for the “SUH Dude” video vines. In 2014, he put out Trenchlords Vol. 1. It was the first part of a new project called Trench. He has also worked with the OWSLA on a project and put out an album called Worldwide Broadcast. He has been working in this field for a few years and has made a good name for himself. You might be interested in Andrew Taggart Net Worth.

In 2020, he put out a single called “Krylon,” which has also gotten good reviews from listeners. After his songs became huge hits, good things started happening for him. In 2012, he signed a contract with Firepower Records, which is owned by Datsik, as well as with Rottun Recordings and OWSLA. Over the years he has worked in the music business, he has also started his own group called Shred Collective and a record label called clothes shop. Working with artists like Datsik, Skrillex, Borgore, and Suicideboys has really helped him stand out in the music business.

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How much does Getter have in the bank?

Getter is worth about $25 million all together.

What is Getter’s age?

Getter is 29 years old right now (13 April 1993).

How much does Getter make?

Getter is thought to make about $2.5 million a year.


What is Getter’s Height?

Getter is 6 feet and 1 inch tall (1.85 m).

Early years

Petulla started making music when he was in high school. On his SoundCloud page, he put up both his own songs and remixes of songs by Far East Movement and Timbaland.

He became known when labels like Ultragore Recordings and Tuff Love Dubs put out his songs. He said in an interview, “I pretty much started when I was 16.” Before that, I was in a few bands. I played drums and guitar. I listened to a lot of metal and rap by Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina. Because you could make electronic music on your own, it really interested me and made me want to do my own thing. He said, “I knew I wanted to be a musician as soon as I picked up a guitar. I’ve always made art, whether it was music or drawing, so it was pretty easy for me to do this.


Petulla has been a DJ all over the US since he was 17. He is known as “the unsung hero of underground bass culture.” He played shows all over the US, and genre pioneers DATSIK and Downlink helped him out. Since then, he has been known for ignoring trends and going his own way with ripping, guttural synths and a few melodies. Since 2010, he has been in the bass scene. Petulla is a frequent performer at EDC and has worked with big names in the scene like Skrillex, Datsik, and Borgore. He often puts “gnarly” synths and heavy bass in his music. Petulla’s style of making music and DJing has changed over the years, going from “massive dubstep tracks to a wide range of genres that come together in an ethereal, trap-light sound with hard-hitting dubstep roots.” Recently, he has been trying out a more experimental style with reverb and bass while he learns different beats.


In an interview, Petulla said that on his 19th birthday, he saved enough money to move to Los Angeles, where he stayed for a few months at a friend’s place. From there, he grew and started to get better at music before he got his own apartment and studio.

In 2012, Petulla signed with Firepower Records, which was run by Datsik, before signing with Owsla, which was started by Skrillex, one of the first people to make dubstep music. When he began making “SUH Dude” vines with Nick Colletti and Dillon Francis, he became more well-known. He also said that after the tour, he and Colletti will work on making “something like a TV show or a movie.”

Petulla first joined Skrillex’s OWSLA when he sent Skrillex a demo of his music and Skrillex liked it. Petulla then sent Skrillex another song, which is now called “Head Splitter.” Skrillex told Petulla that “he wanted it for OWSLA.” Petulla said, “From then on, we were just friends. He introduced me to his team.” Now we all work together, and they know what I’m trying to do, which is really cool because they support it and have the resources to make it happen. Me and Skrillex both like heavy bass music, so I’ll send him some new songs and artists.

Petulla put out the first part of his new music project, Trench, which is called Trenchlords Vol. 1. On the EP, there are four songs. Two of them were made with Algo and Deemed. When asked what he thought about genres, Petulla said, “I think genres and subgenres are important for putting together what you like. I just don’t like subgenres that sound stupid and can be used to describe anything that has even the smallest bit of that class. Petulla said this about the project, its name, and what it meant: “I just think the name sounds cool and is short and sweet. A Trenchlord is someone I work with and bring into the trench project who I think makes fuckin’ dope music. When Petulla and his close friends realized they were on the “heavier/underground” side of dubstep music, they came up with the idea for Trench. Petulla then started the Trench project, and other artists were called “Trenchlords.” He said that he gave it away for free because his main goal was for his fans to enjoy his music.

On October 23, 2015, Petulla and Skrillex shared a nine-second preview of a new song they made together.

On November 28, 2015, Petulla played a show at the Red Room Ultra Bar in Vancouver, BC. Under the name “Planet Neutral,” Petulla put out an EP in 2015 that showed a calmer, more relaxed side of himself.

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