Gene Thurnau Murder: Is Robert Peterson Dead or Alive? Update

Learn more about the murder-suicide case of Bob Peterson and Gene Thurnau in the article below, or read it now. Explore the tragic love story of these two details below.

He fell in love with Gene Thurnau when he saw him for the first time.

However, he kept it hidden for a long time, and no one saw the signs. There was recently a lot more information about what happened, and it came in the form of investigation files.

At the St. Pete/Clearwater Airport where all three worked as air traffic controllers, Peterson and the Thurnaus, Gene, 47, and his wife, Juanita, 48, had been friends for a short time.

Juanita Thurnau thought Peterson was following her husband around in a weird way, but she thought he was just lonely. However, Gene Thurnau and Bob Peterson got into a real fight, and it was really bad.

Bob Peterson And Gene Thurnau Murder Case

In the case of the murder-suicide, investigators looked into Gene Thurnau’s background and found out that Bob had worked with Gene at another job.

People say that Bob was so enamoured with Gene that it almost crossed over into sexual desire, and he had been following him for a long time.

Bob was also able to keep an eye on the person who was sick because he worked with Gene and his wife, Juanita. He even took pictures of the couple’s new house as it was being built. He gave them a photo book on November 1, 2006, which he had made for them.

According to reports, after Juanita left the men alone, Bob asked Gene for oral sex. He said that if Gene didn’t agree, he wouldn’t leave the house until Gene did.

Gene didn’t want to go, so Bob is said to have snapped and cut Gene’s genitals before shooting him in the head. Bob then took Gene to a house in Safety Harbor, where he turned the pistol on himself and killed himself, police say.

Bob Peterson and Gene Thurnau had a very sad love story.

Gene Thurnau was not the only person found dead in the Safety Harbor home. Bob Peterson’s body was found in the same room as Gene.

A gunshot wound to the head caused by the same 22-caliber weapon killed Bob.

Officials, on the other hand, thought that Bob killed Gene before committing suicide because they didn’t have any proof of a forced entry and no other options. Detectives say that Peterson’s declaration of love turned into something more aggressive.

Gene Thurnau’s Wife and Family in 2022

Gene Thurnau moved to Florida after a painful divorce from his ex-wife. He was getting used to living in a new place and meeting new people.

The truth is, though, that he worked as an air traffic controller at the St. Pete/Clearwater Airport as a former air force member.

Even Juanita, one of his coworkers, fell in love with him. After a few years, the two married and had a child together. It looked like the couple’s future was going to be good because they had a new house in Land O’Lakes, Florida.

After Gene and his wife moved into their new house, another coworker, Bob Dean Peterson, came over and said he had a gift for them. The murder investigation began.

However, the information about Gene Thurnau’s wife and family as of 2022 hasn’t been made public yet.

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