Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Relationship, Love Triangle, Podcast and More

A look into the life of a group of friends who share a vacation home in New York’s Hamptons during the nation’s unofficial summer season can be found on Bravo’s “Summer House” reality series

Every minute of the crew’s waking hours is captured on video, giving spectators an insight into their daily activities as interpersonal conflict and passionate relationships heighten the suspense.

Due to her captivating personality, Gabrielle “Gabby” Prescod, who debuted on the show in season 7, quickly won the hearts of viewers. Fans are naturally curious about her personal life, and we are here to fill you in on the specifics.

Gabby Prescod
Gabby Prescod

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Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Bio

Gabby Prescod, a young woman from New York City, entered the competition in the hopes of making friends with contestants who share her interests.

The fashion editor is very close to her family, notably Danielle Prescod, her best friend, coworker, author, and extremely encouraging older sister. Gabby’s family, who have always supported her through thick and thin, will always be her pillar of support.

The Prescods are one of the close-knit families that dress alike for Christmas and enjoy each other’s company while creating priceless memories. In order to secure excellent opportunities in her professional career, Gabby completed her high education at the prestigious Trinity College Hartford.

The reality television personality is known for having a good sense of style, is picky about what she wears, and is frequently photographed with exquisite costumes from both high-end and boutique designers.

Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Career

Successful fashion editor Gabby Prescod has worked for numerous major media outlets, including Grazia and Bustle. As a Personal/Fashion Intern at Marie Amelie Sauve, she began her career in fashion.

When she was recruited full-time as a Fashion Assistant at W Magazine in 2012, a fantastic opportunity came knocking. After working at W Magazine, she moved on to work as an assistant for fashion and beauty at CR Fashion Book and as a market editor at Interview Magazine.

Soon after, Gabby was hired by BDG to serve as the Senior Fashion Market Editor and Style Lead. As the fashion director for the renowned Blanc Magazine, she is currently succeeding. It’s interesting to note that Gabby and Danielle, her older sister, are podcast hosts and Instagram fashion influencers (the former has 12.4K followers).

Gabby Prescod
Gabby Prescod

Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Relationship

It is said that Gabby Prescod has been single for a while. Gabby made the decision to step aside from the romantic scene after experiencing tremendous heartbreak as a result of her partner’s infidelity.

Although the reality TV star prefers to keep this aspect of her life private, fans are interested to see who Gabby partners up with and whether and how she will be able to get over her aversion to commitment.

Will she find the perfect partner? Time alone will tell. We do, however, wish Gabby luck in her attempts and hope she succeeds in all that she sets out to do.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Prescod is a qualified fashion editor, according to her bio on Bravo TV. According to reports, she is very close to her family, who gave her the support she needed when her ex-boyfriend cheated on her while they were dating. She freely discusses this with Danielle Olivera, the woman she was allegedly having an affair with in the Summer House.

Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Love Triangle

She’s described as “single and ready to mingle” aside from her complicated love triangle.

Additionally, according to Bravo TV, Gabby was previously employed by Bustle and is currently the fashion director for Blanc magazine. Her sister and she collaborate frequently at Blanc.

Ironically, Gabby actually has two different Danielles working on opposing sides of her support system because her sister is also named Danielle.

With more than 11.8 thousand followers, Gabby is very active on Instagram. She and Danielle collaborate on another Instagram account where the sisters market their joint business.

One of the three new cast members joining the Summer House group is Gabby. They include Samantha Feher. She is defined as “extremely single” in her Bravo TV bio and isn’t afraid to have more than a few guy friends on fast dial until Mr. Right shows up. She is also described as a hard-working, hard-partying content developer.

Chris Leoni, a former U.S. Marine who is now pursuing a career in photography and filmmaking in New York, is another option.

It will be fascinating to watch these massive personalities battle in the newest episode, with so many intriguing new characters entering the show.

Tonight at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo, the seventh season of Summer House starts.

The newest season of Summer House promises to get hot even in the dead of winter. A group of friends who share a summer home in Montauk, New York, are the subject of an ongoing Bravo television series. As these pals attempt to deal with the difficulties of their life, romance, controversy, and drama are all present.

The seventh season, which debuts tonight, offers a plethora of recurring cast members eager to set the titular summer house ablaze.

Former Summer House performers Lindsay Hubbard, Carle Radke, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, and Mya Allen are all scheduled to return for additional seasons of the programme.

Summer House is getting ready to bring a variety of new faces to the core cast, though, since characters have come and gone over its run.

Gabby Prescod
Gabby Prescod

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Gabby Prescod: In Summer House

  • Gabby Prescod is one of them. Learn more about the newest Summer House cast member.
  • Fashion editor Gabrielle “Gabby” Prescod will join Bravo’s Summer House in 2023.
  • According to her Bravo bio, Gabby is “outgoing” and eager to meet friends this summer.
  • Gabby was cheated on by her ex-boyfriend, as implied in the Summer House trailer.
  • In her Instagram bio, she states that she is “one half” of the Prescod sisters and that she is also very close to her family.
  • She is “single and ready to mingle,” and Summer House is the ideal setting for a great summer.
  • Alissa Humber and Camille Lamb’s drama, “Below the Deck,” is shocking.
  • Along with Chris Leoni and Samantha Feher, Summer House star Gabby is a newcomer to the programme.
  • According to her LinkedIn profile, Gabby worked as a fashion director for Grazia USA in 2021.
  • For Bustle, she had previously served as Senior Fashion Market Editor and Style Lead.
  • Additionally, Gabby served as Interview Magazine’s market editor from 2014 until 2017.
  • She is a New York-based reality TV star who previously worked in the fashion industry.
  • Currently, Gabby serves as Blanc Magazine’s At Large Fashion Director.


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Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Instagram

Learn more about Gabby from Summer House on Instagram.

Gabby may be found on Instagram under the username @gabbyprescod, where she has about 12k followers, and is a favourite of Summer House fans.

In her bio, Gabby claims that she and her sister Danielle are known as The Prescod Sisters.

She also provides a link to the Amazon page where Token Black Girl: A Memoir is available for purchase.

Gabby was born on May 8th, making her a Taurus according to her Instagram feed.

On February 13 at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo will premiere the seventh season of Summer House. 11 cast members will return to the programme to “experience all types of ups and downs in their relationships.”

On this exciting vacation, which is expected to be filled with tensions and loves, three new cast members will also accompany them.

Fashion editor Gabby Prescod, 32, is looking for a marriage “with a comparable astrological sign.” Samantha Feher and Chris Leoni, two newcomers, will join her in the current Summer House season.

Gabby Prescod
Gabby Prescod

Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Podcast

Westchester is the hometown of Gabby Prescod. She worked as a fashion student at Marie Amelie Sauve after graduating from Hartford’s Trinity College in 2012. Later, she worked as a fashion assistant and director for publications like W Magazine, CR Fashion Book, Interview Magazine, BDG, and Grazia USA.

She is currently the magazine’s fashion director. Along with her older sister Daniele, a Style Director for BET, she co-hosts the podcast Theprescodsisters.

According to Bravo, Gabby “leaned heavily on her family when her ex-boyfriend cheated on her a few years ago” since they are “very close with her.”

Today, Gabby is single and looking to meet new people. As of the time that this article was written, Gabby had 11.8K followers on Instagram. Along with having a sister, she also has a combined Instagram account with more than 5.4K followers.

This group of friends has been going to one of the most prestigious beaches on the East Coast on the weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day for years.

These people may act professionally throughout the week, but when they go to the beach on the weekend, they let free in a way that is exclusive to their affluent lifestyle.

Gabby Prescod (Summer House): Trivia

  • Gabby Prescod was born in Manhattan, United States.
  • Gabby Prescod‘s birth sign is .
  • She has a sister named Danielle.
  • She is a reality star who rose to fame after making an appearance on the television program Summer House Season 7, which was produced by Bravo.
  • After her ex-boyfriend cheated on her a few years ago, Gabby has a very strong bond with her family and has come to rely greatly on them for support. Since then, Gabby has become a free woman who is interested in dating.
  • She works as a fashion designer at Blanc Magazine.
  • She is in charge of the fashion direction and marketing for all of Bustle’s unique fashion and beauty projects.
  • Gabby can be found on Instagram under the username @gabbyprescod.

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