Veteran radio host and broadcaster Francois St Juste passed away; cause of death and obituary

The unexpected passing of Francois St. Juste this morning brought tears to the eyes of his devoted followers, who are inconsolable at this time.

Francois St. Juste, a well-known and respected figure in Jamaican public life, passed away earlier today. He was a radio personality. His tenure as general manager of Radio Jamaica, which spanned several years, earned him a prominent reputation.

The person who served as Jamaicans’ source of inspiration and drive, a radio personality who won the country’s affection, has passed away. He or she is no longer with us in this life. Regardless of the circumstances, his blessings and legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of the people.

His adherents, who have just begun to pay tribute to him, will always remember him in the days to come, and they will do so forever. His labour and contributions have been quite valuable to the station, and as a result, the audience has found that they are more interested in what is being broadcast.

francois st juste
francois st juste

The Reason for Francois St. Juste’s Death as Well as His Obituary and R.I.P. Have Been Made Public

The West Indies; University Hospital was the location of the untimely death of the legendary radio personality Francois St. Juste. It was out that he had been suffering from a number of different illnesses before his death.

The late presenter exhaled his last breath early on Monday morning, leaving behind his loved ones and admirers. His obituary has not yet been published at this time. According to many accounts, Francis was battling a disease at the time of his passing, and he ultimately succumbed to it.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, expressed his heartfelt condolences on Twitter to the veteran broadcaster Francois St. Juste’s family and friends after learning of the news of his untimely passing.

This morning, Francois, who had been ill for quite some time, passed away.

In a similar manner, the writer Ricardo Brooks wrote on Twitter, “Condolences to @Paulaanneja and the entire @RadioJamaicaFM family on the passing of Francois St. Juste.”

Damion Mitchell, a Jamaican journalist, joined to the tributes by saying, “So heartbroken to wake up to the dreadful news of the demise of broadcaster Francois St. Juste. His contribution was significant because of his voice. Actually served as the FAME organization’s primary spokesperson. Deepest condolences.”

He served as a genuine motivation for a great deal of well-known radio hosts and DJs as well. The station and the entire planet have suffered a significant setback as a result of his passing.

During this time when everyone is paying their respects and thinking about him, President of the PNP Mark J. Golding also commented, “JA is grieved by the demise of legendary broadcaster and radio personality Francois St. Juste.:

“It was always a pleasure for me to listen to Francois on Fame FM because of the humour and joy that he gave to the radio,” the listener said. He left an indelible stamp on Jamaica’s media, and for that we are grateful. We are also thankful for his life. Walk Good!”

Meet Francois St The Late Juste Wife, Who Was Also a Veteran Broadcaster, Has Died

When the veteran broadcaster Francois St. went away, it appeared that he was still married to his wife. When it came to his family, he had always been careful to keep personal details confidential.

However, he had spoken about his radio station colleague Paula-Anne Porter J during the celebration of Radio Jamaica’s 70th anniversary. The event took place in Jamaica.

He said, “Working with Paula has been really easy as we have both worked together and formed professional and personal bonds from our time at Fame 95FM.”

Because we are familiar with one another and our respective personalities and working methods, it is not difficult for us to collaborate well as a group.

It seems as though his family is choosing to grieve in private at this time and is protecting their privacy. We have high hopes that his family will be able to find the strength to deal with this challenging circumstance.

Is Francois St. Juste Married or Has He Any Children?

It’s possible that Francois St. Juste has other people living in his family. On the other hand, because he chose to live a quiet life, there is not a lot of information about his family life that has been made public.

His family and other loved ones, who are currently praying for his soul, have been left in utter devastation by his unexpected passing.

At the time of his passing, Francois St. Juste had a net worth of approximately

At the time of his passing, it is anticipated that Francois St. Juste had accumulated a net worth of more than one million dollars.

He was a well-known media personality who spent many years working as the voice actor and morning host for the show “Sunny Side Up.” The amount of Juste’s salary and other profits are currently being kept a secret from the general public.

In the meantime, there has been a flood of tributes sent across various social media platforms in response to the demise of the renowned broadcaster.

Twitter, a tool for social media, was the venue that Prime Minister Holness used to praise Francois for his work.

He claims that Mr. St. Juste brought joy to every room he entered and was very approachable and affectionate.

The Prime Minister made the additional observation that St. Juste was always professional and had a passion for what he did, which elevated his work to a level beyond that of a simple job.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, concluded his remarks by expressing his sympathies to Mr. St. Juste’s family and other loved ones.

And Olivia Grange, the Minister of Culture and Entertainment in Jamaica, stated that Mr. St. Juste surely made his name in Jamaican radio broadcasting by being a common name among radio listeners all over the island.

Minister Grange writes in her eulogy that “a booming voice from an excellent presenter behind the microphone has been silenced but the echoes in recollections will remain for a very long time.”

She went on to express her condolences to Francois’ family, his relatives, the RJR Group, and Paula Ann Porter, who was Francois’ partner on “Sunnyside Up.”

francois st juste
francois st juste

Francois St Juste Experience

President 2014-15

The Rotary Club of Kingston and District

the month of July 2014 up till the present

General Manager

RJR Communications Group

Jun 2008 – Present · 14 years 3 mosJun 2008 – Present

The responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the programming of RJR94FM, FAME95FM, and Hitz92FM; nevertheless, this list is not intended to be comprehensive. RJR Administration and Management of the Record Collection. management of productions and events, in their respective capacities. Management of more than one hundred different personnel. The administration of finances totaling more than one and a half billion dollars each year. Product development, including but not limited to: recruitment of staff and training of said staff Product development. It is important to keep an open line of communication with your audience members, as well as your customers and superiors. Social Media development.

MC for company banquets

Secrets Resorts

Secrets Resorts2011 – 2015


Manager 1997 – 2008 · 11 yrs

You will be in charge of managing the relaunch of the station format and the targeted marketing for the niche. Continuing development of the FAME Road Party Series. The beginning of the FAME Island Party Series Establishment of the FAME Entertainment Capitol. The cultivation of FAME’s social media platforms. Formation of the FAME Fraternity, as well as FAME FratChat and FAME FratGear. The creation and development of the FAME 6-page Concept Calendar Series 1998-2011. Simone Clarke Cooper was the one who came up with the idea of Retroactive Wednesday, and I was the one who came up with the notion of Full House Friday and developed it (Named by Paula Anne Porter Jones). The production of the series Pan Caribbean Advice (in collaboration with Christopher Denny), A Moment With Wine (in collaboration with Debra Taylor), and Tech Time (with Carlette DeLeon). The creation of the series “Francois’ Facts and Trivia,” as well as its continued development.

From 1991 to 1997, I served as Assistant Programmes Manager for a total of six years.

Help out with the programming of the station as well as the administration of the talent.

Francois St Juste Education

The Mona campus of the University of the West Indies

Physics major, earned a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) from 1979 to 1984
Boys’ Education at Wolmer’s School
1973–1979: Years spent teaching at Wolmer’s Boys School

The following are memorials to St. Juste:

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

This morning, many Jamaicans, including myself, were overcome with grief upon hearing the news of the demise of Francois St. Juste, a well-known radio and media personality who was cherished by many and held in high esteem. Francois brought joy to every environment he entered and was an extremely lovable person.

Mark Golding, Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom

The news of the loss of legendary broadcaster and radio personality Francois St. Juste has left JA feeling devastated. Listening to Francois on Fame FM, with the humour and joy he brought to the airwaves, was always something I looked forward to doing. He left an indelible impression on Jamaica’s media, and we are grateful that he was given the opportunity to live. Walk Good!

Olivia Grange is the Minister for Culture, Gender Equality, and Entertainment and Sport.

In no uncertain terms, Francois St. Juste rose to prominence in the field of radio broadcasting in Jamaica, becoming a well-known name among listeners located all across the island. We can’t help but think back to the beginning of FM radio in Jamaica, when Francois was one of the announcers who helped place FAME FM on the map. Not only did he carry out the duties that were expected of him, but he was also accountable for the education of others. The versatility of Francois was further illustrated when he took on a position in management later in his career. The booming voice of an experienced presenter behind the microphone is no longer audible, but the echoes it left in our memory will continue to reverberate for a significant amount of time.

Floyd Green is now serving as the Minister Without Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office.

What an absolutely magnificent specimen of the human race. Sincere sympathies to his family and friends on their recent loss. Francois St. Juste, may you finally rest in peace.

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