What Happened To Fousey Hair Tattoo’s Head and Face?

What Happened To Fousey Hair Tattoo’s Head and Face?

Yousef Saleh Erakat is a native of Fremont, California and was born on January 22.

Erakat is a well-known social media user and YouTuber. He may be best known for his March 21, 2011, YouTube channel, “FouseyTube” (no longer his primary channel, but still his online moniker). More than 10 million people are currently subscribers.

The vast majority of the content that FouseyTube has published to this channel and his two other channels was devoted to him evaluating various products, pulling practical jokes, and taking part in challenges.


Examine Fousey’s Life

FouseyTube’s Palestinian parents, about whom little is known since he respects their anonymity, raised him in Fremont together with his older siblings Noura, Ahmad, and Mohammad.

FouseyTube respects his Palestinian parents’ right to privacy. His sister is now a university professor and a prominent member of the neighborhood.

After enrolling in a local high school, FouseyTube discovered a love for sports and went on to excel greatly in the sports of football and basketball.

Around the age of 16, he started becoming interested in physical conditioning. He has many other channels into which he had posted movies about physical fitness before the launch of his channel on FouseyTube.

FouseyTube enrolled in San Jose State University to study theatre arts after finishing high school in 2008. In 2012, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Following graduation, Fouseytube relocated to Los Angeles, California, with the goal of pursuing an acting career. But in the end he made the decision to concentrate his career on YouTube.

The Fousey Hair Tattoo Untold Truth

The Internet phenomenon admits in one of his videos that in his early 20s, while living in Los Angeles, he started losing his hair due to a congenital propensity known as male pattern baldness.

Fouseytube claims in his films that losing his hair was such a burden for him that it affected his mood and bound him. Additionally, he claims that his insecurity kept him from realizing his full potential. He was unable to participate in many elements of life as a result. He asserts that the rapidly declining state of his receding hair was caused by the medicine he was taking to manage his bipolar disorder.

He tried shaving his head completely bald. He also went through a phase of fast weight gain at this time, which he now views as one of the most difficult times in his life. He underwent a hair transplant with a doctor in Los Angeles to change his public image. He claimed that the result was a complete failure.

He ended up with ingrown hairs all over his head as a result. As a result, in addition to being overweight and having thinning hair, he also had ingrown hairs all over his body.

Following that, he tried out a “hair replacement system,” a type of wig that is essentially a modification that takes into account contemporary trends in the conventional toupee. He enjoyed the way this made him look at first, but soon found that the model he had chosen needed much too much maintenance.

After that, Fouseytube saw micro pigmentation on the scalp and was shocked by it. He began to reconsider, though, when the aesthetician worked on him and gave him a face examination of his head.

Yousef Saleh Erakat, popularly known as FouseyTube or Fousey, is an American YouTuber that creates parodies, vlogs, comedic sketches, and interviews. He was born on January 22, 1990.

Along with that, he runs the channels Fousey and DoseOfFousey.

Fousey’s Bio

Yousef Erakat was born to Palestinian parents in Fremont, California. He has three older siblings, including the academic Noura Erakat. Erakat studied theatre arts at San Jose State University. After graduating in 2013, he relocated to Los Angeles to further his acting career.

Beginnings, fitness, and controversies in the YouTube career between 2011 and 2014
In the past, Erakat has run a number of YouTube channels, particularly ones focused on fitness. His popularity didn’t increase until he began producing Middle Eastern-themed videos. His previous channels showed him following the P90X exercise program and sharing reviews of his adventure both before and after. In 2012, MBMuslima Magazine ranked Erakat third among “40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40.”  Under the alias “fousey,” Erakat released his debut single, “Prideland,” on January 1st, 2015. The song’s music video debuted on his daily vlog channel DOSEofFOUSEY the same day. Erakat was given permission by Quest Nutrition to prank other well-known YouTube celebrities, specifically by pieing them in the face, in order to promote their newest protein bar taste. More than a million people have watched the video.

On October 3, 2015, Erakat displayed his fully customized BMW 435. Erakat sent his automobile to West Coast Customs with the intention of dramatically altering it to symbolize both his favorite colors and his YouTube subscribers, whom he used to refer to as the “bruh bruhs.” Erakat was pleased with the response and included it on both his main channel, fouseyTUBE, and his daily vlog channel. On October 6, 2015, it was revealed that Erakat has joined the renowned Century City, Los Angeles, agency known as Creative Artists Agency. On February 24, 2016, Erakat and friend Roman Atwood began their “Roman vs. Fousey Tour,” a five-day journey. As a taster or test run for their planned 30-day tour of the same name, they gave performances in five states along the west coast. Erakat received a YouTube Diamond Play Button after reaching the milestone of 10 million followers on June 3, 2017.


“Hate Dies, Love Arrives” is the name of an event that Erakat announced for July 2018. He asserted that this occurrence would be known across the world. The event was held on July 15 by Erakat, however it was a huge failure. Only around 1,500 individuals showed up at the location. Fousey struggled with his mental health throughout the incident. The ceremony was postponed because of an alleged bomb that was present when Fousey took the stage. Afterward, Fousey stated that the incident had transformed his life and added that he had almost lost his parents and had also lost his automobiles, respect, money, and worth.

Erakat removed all of his content from his social media sites on August 31, 2018.

Erakat posted a video addressing the channel’s reluctance to resume vlogging on February 26, 2019. Erakat began uploading to his YouTube channel less frequently in 2020, and eventually stopped altogether.

Returning to YouTube and adding more material from 2021

Erakat made a comeback to YouTube in 2021 with the launch of the Fousey boxing-related channel (stylized fousey). He has shared boxing-related videos on this channel with Slim Albaher, AnEsonGib, and other YouTubers. He began referring himself himself as DanaTube. He also made a comeback to his DOSEofFousey channel that year. He stated that he would post video on his DOSEofFousey channel.

It was stated in January 2021 that he would publish a book with the working title Warning: This Is Not a Motivational Story.

Career in Boxing

On September 29, 2019, Erakat faced Slim Albaher in his boxing debut, losing by a technical knockout. Erakat need two surgeries to repair a damaged nose. He made a promise to never fight again after the experience, but in 2022 he decided to do so against Deji Olatunji and lost, making a second promise to never fight.

Personal biography Erakat was raised in a devout Muslim Palestinian family. He has frequently addressed derogatory stereotypes of Muslims.

Erakat battles with bipolar disorder, addiction, despair, and anxiety. He announces it on VH1 and constantly references it in his daily vlogs.

In September 2015, he won the Show of The Year award after being nominated for Pranks and Show of The Year at the 5th Streamy Awards.

He alleges that she suggested some further scalp tattooing as a way to make some adjustments, and he agreed to what turned out to be the most agonizing five hours of his life. And to make matters worse, he claims that she drew in a new hairline for him that was entirely different from his natural one.

According to the YouTuber, his initial attempt at micro pigmentation involved utilizing inks that were specially blended together and incredibly thin needles to create very little dots that produced the appearance of a shaven head. He claims that the second procedure was more like getting a tattoo than anything else. He observed that the dots were significantly larger and had a flat, monochromatic color.

Additionally, he believes that this treatment was more agonizing than the first. Black ink was used in his case. As a result, the tattoo artist tried to fill in additional regions surrounding his scalp and all around the edge of his hairline with several little, thick black dots.

Fousey’s Surgery And Boxing Injuries

On his YouTube channel, FouseyTube recently posted a video in which he discussed his recovery from a broken nose and subsequent surgery.

In 2019, Fousey faced fellow content creator Slim Albaher in his professional boxing debut. Nevertheless, he lost a six-round fight after being knocked out in round four. Fousey’s sustained injuries during the exhibition match left him physically exhausted and ended in a fractured nose.

He needed surgery because of how badly the wound was. This hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his fighting career, either. The video shows his terrible wounds from a boxing match as well as the early phases of his surgical recovery.

The most common method of treating nose fractures is to perform a closed reduction. This is how things are usually done. In order to provide the ideal environment for the nose to heal in the shortest amount of time, it appears that the bones and cartilage of the nose were straightened. The overarching objective is to facilitate and improve the success of formal nasal septal fracture repair in the future.

For the majority of simple nasal fractures, a closed reduction of the fractured nasal septum is sufficient treatment. However, in these circumstances, the nasal bones and the septum have a propensity to collapse over time, leading to a saddle nose deformity. As a result, a little more involved reconstruction is required, which calls for the use of rib cartilage grafts. It is not insignificant that Fousey’s nose cartilage has been destroyed.

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