Former Love School Contestant Ashima Chauhan: 5 Facts You Need To Know

Ashima Chauhan works as a model and is a well-known actress in India.

Chauhan and her then-boyfriend, Alireza Sheikh, were on MTV Love School in 2015. The gift was meant to help the people in charge of Love Mentors Karan and Anusha Dandekar get along better.

The TV Reality Star has a lot of fans because of how pretty and confident she is. Her fans have given her a lot of praise for how great she is as an actress.

As of August 14, 2022, there was no mention of Ashima Chauhan on the official Wikipedia page. We might be able to see her on the official Wikipedia page in the next few days.

Find out about Ashim Chauhan’s age, husband, and Instagram account in this article.

What’s Ashima Chauhan’s name?

Ashima Chauhan is well-known as an actress, model, and social media influencer. She has many skills.

Ashmita became a model after Talent Factory Models signed her up. She was on the team that made the short film Discover Jammu, which was shown at the International Festival of Short Films.

Ashima also has a second job as a social media influencer. She has worked with companies like NomaFashion Official, Jewels Of Jaipur, Green Snack, and others to promote their products.

She is also a great singer, musician, and dancer, among other things. She also took part in pageants in 2015, where she won the title of Miss Uttar Pradesh.

Age: How old is Ashima Chauhan?

As of 2022, Ashima Chauhan will be 29 years old.

On June 8, Chauhan has her birthday. She lives in Hailing, India, but she is from Allabahab, India.

She is a well-known reality TV star who became famous after she married Pradhyaman.

Since he was a child, the reality TV star has wanted to be an actor. She has also been in a few short movies.

Ashima also got a good grade when she finished school at St. Mary’s Convent in Allahabad.

Who is the husband of Ashima Chauhan? Is she married?

Ashima Chauhan is married to Pradhyaman Maloo, who is both handsome and kind.

As far as anyone knows, Pradhyuman said in Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking that he met Ashima at a party. He thought it was great that the famous Ashima Chauhan made him feel good.

Ashima said that when she was around him again, she felt like she was 16 years old. Sima Taparia said that they seemed like a good match.

Ashima had been dating a private seaside property for only a few months when Pradhan asked her to marry him. All of their fans also bought tickets to watch them at a big Indian wedding in Udaipur.

After turning down almost 150 women, Pradhyman finally met the woman he was meant to be with. The show says that he met her at the party and that they dated for a few months.

Let’s go to Ashima Chauhan’s Instagram account to meet her

Ashima Chauhan is using Instagram right now under the name aka ashimachauhan.

The reality TV star’s Instagram account has 236 posts, 443 followers, and 925 people who follow her. She has made sure that no one can see her Instagram account.

Chauhan is also known as Ashima Chauhan on Facebook, where she is active. She has put up a lot of pictures that advertise different brands.

Ashima Chauhan also wants to keep her personal life hidden from the public, just like other famous people. She has kept a lot of information about her parents, like their names and how much money they have, from the public.

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