Food Babies Alexandria Herring Age and Net Worth – Who Is Her Fiance Will Thayer?

Alexandria Herring, who is known as Alex Food Babies on YouTube, is between the ages of 22 and 25. People are looking for her personal information because she is a Food Baby on a popular YouTube channel.

Alex is the face of The Try Guys and Food Babies, and he is also the Associate Producer for the comedy group 2nd Try LLC, which is known for trying out a lot of different things.

Alex and her friends taste different foods and talk about them on The Try Guys. In one of her favorite videos, the crew tried out different Taco Bell meals.

Most of the time, though, they try to eat the spicier dishes on the American-Asian menu. Alex knows a lot about how things work because he worked on a production line.

Few people know that she has worked as a production assistant in the office for the well-known DNA Inc. and on Nickelback’s music project. She was also in charge of putting together the movie Monolith.

Alexandria Herring
Alexandria Herring

How old is Alexandria Herring, who wrote Food Babies?

Alex is one half of The Try Guy’s food-tasting duo, The Food Babies. In full, her real name is Alexandria Herring. Herring graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 2014.

During college, she studied anthropology and communications as her majors. Alex has become a well-known YouTuber and content creator by the year 2022. She has also worked on commercials, music videos, and a Try Guys video.

Alex, who is one of the Food Babies, is between 20 and 25 years old. She is an Asian American who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. In her YouTube videos, she looks taller than her friends. On average, she is about 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Alex and her friend YB Chang are in the same age range. Chang, her partner on Food Babies, is 28 years old right now.

She is Korean on her mother’s side, Irish, German, Dutch, and maybe even Native American on her father’s. Even though she grew up in Los Angeles, she was still exposed to many different cultures and groups.

Alex has been quoted as saying: “I did not look like my friends, and I also did not entirely look like Asian friends,” So, I thought I wasn’t Asian enough for my Asian friends.

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Who is Will Thayer, Alexandria Herring’s boyfriend?

Alex has been with Will Thayer III for a long time, and they are now engaged. She first met him at the University of Hawaii in Hilo.

The man Alex is going to marry works as a manager at Paramount Television. According to his LinkedIn profile, he got a degree in business administration in 2014 and worked as a coordinator for CBS Television Studios before that.

Will Thayer also has a private Instagram account with the username @wht3 and all of his followers use that account.

Will and Alex go on trips together a lot. But they like to spend most of their time at Tunnels Beach.

Alexandria Herring’s Net Worth

Alex, whose real name is Alexandria Herring and who plays Alex on Food Babies, is thought to be worth about USD 500,000. She has also worked on the production line for more than ten years.

Glassdoor says that Alex’s salary as an experienced Associate Producer in LA is $66,680 per year. She also makes a lot of money from writing and posting videos on YouTube.

A senior associate producer named Alexandria Herring got a lot of attention for her work on the Food Babies episodes. She is shown with YB Chang, who is the group’s senior editor.

Alex and YB eat a lot of different things during the course, usually during the speed rounds and then the endurance rounds that come after.

Alex and YB say that the series started out as a fun conversation between two friends and then turned into an interesting TV show.

For example, they ate chicken nuggets in their first video, which got 3 million views in its first weekend. As of this writing, 8.6 million people have watched the Food Babies video where they eat 300 pieces of sushi.

Alexandria Herring got a degree in communication and anthropology from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in the spring of 2014. Herring works for 2nd Try, LLC, also known as “The Try Guys,” as an Associate Producer. The Try Guys are a video production company based in Los Angeles. They make web series like “Eat the Menu,” “The Try Guys: DUI Series,” “Without a Recipe,” and many more that are both fun and educational. Ke Kalahea reached out to Herring to get advice for soon-to-be graduates on how to navigate their careers after graduation, and especially how a B.A. in communication can be used.

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What have been some helpful UH Hilo resources for you?

“The very diverse group of students and teachers at UH Hilo was the best thing that helped me there. I was able to meet people from so many different cultures and backgrounds that I might not have met in my everyday life back home. This really helped me become a better person and broaden my outlook on life.

How do you make the most of your degree? At work? In daily life?

“It has helped me in every part of my life to be able to study communication in college! As a producer, I’m in charge of a lot of different departments, so it’s important that we talk to each other. I need to make sure I’m getting my message across to everyone so they have all the information they need to do well.”

If you could, would you choose a different major? If so, where?

“I had a great time at UHH studying communications and anthropology! All of my teachers were amazing, and I got to know so many different kinds of people. So I wouldn’t change my degree, but if I had the time, I would have studied business or accounting as a double major. Business and accounting can give you skills that you can use in all parts of your life and at any job, just like communications.

Alexandria Herring
Alexandria Herring

What did you do after you graduated?

“Right after I graduated, I got an internship at a company in Hollywood that makes commercials. I didn’t know anything about production at this point, so this internship really helped me learn the basics I needed to start working on a film set. I learned how an office works and how music videos and commercials are planned, which was a whole new world to me. I was able to get a job as a Production Assistant after this. At first, it was scary to be in a group of 100 people who have all worked in the same field for years, but it was a great way to learn.

What kinds of jobs have you had over the course of your career?

“After my internship, I started working as a freelance production assistant. This meant that the jobs I booked could last anywhere from a day to a few weeks. I was also a personal assistant to a film and TV director in Los Angeles during this time. Having two (or more) jobs at once was stressful, but it was a great way to meet a lot of people and learn how the business works. After working as an assistant for about six months, I was able to work on my own as a production coordinator for music videos. I was given more responsibilities, such as hiring crew and finding places to film. I worked with a lot of great artists, but my favorite jobs were with Fifth Harmony and with Gigi Hadid on a Calvin Harris music video.

“Unless you work full-time at a production studio or company, a lot of jobs in production are freelance, so you book one job at a time. At first, this was hard to get used to because you don’t have a steady paycheck. However, it gives you a lot of freedom, which I came to love. I could pick the days I worked and the people I worked with.”

“After working as a freelance producer for a year, BuzzFeed hired me as a Production Manager. I worked in their branded video department, where we made sponsored videos with a big budget. I used to spend a lot of time on BuzzFeed’s website when I should have been studying, so when I got hired there full time, I was over the moon. I also got to work with other women producers, writers, and crew members for the first time in my career. The production business is mostly run by men, and when I worked on music videos and commercials, I was often the only woman there. I was lucky to work at BuzzFeed with wonderful people of both sexes and different cultures. It was also where I met the Try Guys for the first time and got to work with them on a bigger series that let us go all over the country. We went flyboarding on Catalina, dune buggy racing in Pismo Beach, swimming with sharks in Florida, airboat racing in the Everglades, and dog sled racing on a glacier in Alaska!”

“I left BuzzFeed in the summer of 2018 to work for the Try Guys at their new company, 2nd Try LLC. I had been there for three years.” It was scary to leave my old job, where I had become close friends with my coworkers, but I was a huge fan of the Try Guys, and working with them had always been a dream of mine. Since I started working at 2nd Try in 2019, I was able to go to my first VidCon with the guys in Anaheim, California, and later that year, we went to VidCon Australia in Melbourne, Australia. We filmed a series about Australian animals, food, and culture while we were there. It took a lot of hard work and planning, but it turned out to be one of my favorite projects.

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