Find Rebecca Lucy Taylor’s Dress From House of Games Here, Her Style Development

Self Esteem is an English singer-songwriter whose real name is Rebecca Lucy Taylor. She is better known by her stage name. Rebecca’s musical career has come a long way since she began as an independent musician. She has evolved into one of the most in-demand pop singers in recent years.

A recent episode of Richard Osman’s House of Games included Self Esteem as one of the panellists. During the episode, Self Esteem’s general knowledge was tested alongside that of three other celebrity panellists who had previously participated on Richard Osman’s House of Games.

Rebecca Lucy Taylor
Rebecca Lucy Taylor

The dress worn by Rebecca on House of Games

When Rebecca walked in wearing that breathtaking blue dress, all of her fans were left speechless. A number of people who enjoyed House of Games flocked to Twitter in order to express their adoration for the artist.

It was five rounds of unusual games that were played on BBC Two, and it included four renowned faces who competed against one another as the show continued to its conclusion.

Rebecca was a member of the indie-folk band Slow Club from 2006 until 2017, however in 2017 she made the decision to leave the band in order to pursue a career as a pop musician. The year 2017 marked the release of her first single, but it was her debut album, Compliments Please, that helped her establish herself as an up-and-coming pop artist.

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Recent Scandal, and She Has Filed for an Investigation to Look Into It

The English singer, who is 35 years old, has recently been linked to controversy as a result of the fact that she demanded an investigation after receiving ‘terrifying’ texts that ‘objectify’ her body.

Rebecca is a standout both in terms of her attire and her sense of style. During the exhibition, she appeared in her House of Games dress, which was designed by Klements Ltd. and Coco Fennel, a designer’s agency based in London. The colour palette of the House of Games was very successfully incorporated into Taylor’s clothing. The CocoFennel outfit that she wore on the show received compliments from the show’s viewers.

As she begs for an open investigation, many people slide into her direct conversations with words that are described as “aggressive,” “objectifying,” and “frightening,” which caused her to feel “genuine sadness.”

Rebecca Lucy Taylor’s Selections in the Fashion World

Rebecca appears to have no fear, as she does not hesitate to try on a variety of gowns or choose the latest fashion trends. It is because she dresses in whatever makes her body feel the most comfortable that she is able to muster the self-assurance necessary to keep her head high on stage when she performs her music. She despises the unattainable standards that our culture places on women. Her second album, titled Prioritize Pleasure, addresses this very subject in her lyrics.

Rebecca Lucy Taylor
Rebecca Lucy Taylor

Grazia, a women’s magazine based in Milan is on the cover

Rebecca has been a model for several big publications, one of which is Grazia, a publication for women that is situated in Milan, Italy. A month ago, she was on the cover of Grazia magazine. She adorned the cover of the magazine with a yellow top designed by Gabriela Hearst, a chocolate skirt designed by 16 Arlington, a necklace designed by Cartier, and bangles designed by Tiffany & Co.

She attended the Diva Awards in April 2022 while wearing blue Levi’s jeans and a top by Steven Stokey. Her top was designed by Steven Stokey. She wore a printed light yellow shirt by Carnations London and a drawing by Joy Yamusangie on April 1st, 2022. Both of these pieces were by Joy Yamusangie.

Rebecca, also known as Self Esteem, sported the eye-catching pink outfit in her cowboy getup during the month of March. Taff Williamson, who is also her stylist, was the one responsible for the design of her dress, while Gabriella Floyd was the one who applied her makeup. As she relaxed on the Yellow tub, her dress was looking really gorgeous.

In October of the previous year, Rebecca was recognised by BBC Music Introducing as a New Music Artist and was given an award for her work. At the ceremony, she donned a shimmering suit by Wolf and Badger, a creme-colored t-shirt by John Lawrence Sullivan, and, as a finishing touch, jewellery by Pawnshop, a brand that specialises in vintage jewellery.

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Previous to that, Taylor was a part of the Sheffield-based folk duo Slow Club, which was established in 2006. Charles Watson and Taylor were both multi-instrumentalists, therefore they were the only members of the band. Watson played the piano, and Taylor played the drums, but both of them also sang and played guitar. In 2017, after an extensive tour to support their most recent record, the band disbanded due to members’ varying musical interests and Taylor’s sense that he was not living up to his potential as a musician.

She is such a huge Queen fan that she decided to model her company’s emblem after Freddie Mercury’s signature.

2017–2020: Thank You for Your Compliments

In 2017, Taylor debuted her work under the Self Esteem monicker with the release of the tune “Your Wife.” Compliments Please, the artist’s debut studio album, was released on Fiction Records on March 1, 2019. Singles such as “Wrestling,” “Rollout,” “The Best,” and “Girl Crush” were released in advance of the album’s release.

During 2019, Self Esteem finished a tour of the United Kingdom and performed at several festivals, including Glastonbury, British Summer Time, and Latitude.

From 2021 forward, make enjoyment your top priority.

The first single off Taylor’s upcoming second album under the alias Self Esteem was titled “I Do This All the Time,” and it was released by Taylor in April of 2021. Both Tracey Thorn and Jack Antonoff have positive things to say about the single. She made the announcement in July that the record, titled Prioritise Pleasure, would be released at the same time as a tour of the United Kingdom in the same year, which took place in July. The third single by Self Esteem, titled “How Can I Help You,” was released in the month of August. Taylor was the director of the music videos for those singles, and the Almeida Theatre was the location of all three shoots. The song “Moody” was made available as a single in the month of September. Taylor is joined in the music video for “Moody” by the comedian Alistair Green, which was directed by Louise Bhose and was directed. The last single to be released before the album was called “You Forever,” and it was released by Self Esteem in October.

On October 22nd, 2021, Prioritize Pleasure was made available to the public. The tour of the United Kingdom began on November 6, 2021, in the city of Edinburgh.

Prioritise Pleasure was named the best album of 2021 by all three publications, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and Gigwise. The album was named number four on NME’s list of the best of 2021. The song “I Do This All the Time” was selected by The Guardian as the best song of 2021.

Taylor was the one who composed the score for the play Prima Facie that was performed in the West End by Suzie Miller. On June 14, 2022, Taylor digitally distributed the score that she had composed.

Rebecca Lucy Taylor
Rebecca Lucy Taylor


On the record label Kick + Clap, which is owned by Django Django member Dave MacLean, Taylor published her debut single under the alias Self Esteem. After that, Taylor was featured on the song “Surface to Air” by Django Django, which was included on the band’s album Marble Skies.

She contributed guest vocals to “Strangle of Anna,” a song by fellow Sheffield act The Moonlandingz. The song was included on the Moonlandingz’s second studio album, which was titled Interplanetary Class Classics. Taylor has also performed live with the band on multiple occasions.

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