Father Paul Battersbee And Mum Hollie Dance, Archie Battersbee Parents Want Him Out Of Life Support

Archie Battersbee, who was 12 years old at the time, has been diagnosed with “brain death” by medical professionals in the United Kingdom. After a previous ruling from the same court indicated that her son should no longer have access to life support, his mother is currently pursuing legal action in an effort to prevent this from happening.

Before Archie, age 12, went unresponsive with a belt around his neck during the week leading up to his first mixed martial arts battle, he was supposed to compete in the event. His mother and father are exerting every effort they can to save their child’s life. Continue reading to find out the rest of the story.

Details On Father Paul Battersbee And Mum Hollie Dance

Parents in the United Kingdom named Paul Battersbee and Hollie Dance are battling in court to have their son Archie Battersbee, who is 12 years old, kept on life support after a judge in London ruled against it on July 25. Unfortunately for Archie, he was involved in a tragic accident that severely damaged his capacity for thought.

The extent of the damage to the boy’s brain was so serious, the experts said, that it was possible for him to be mentally unable. The doctors recommended a mind stem demise check, but the family declined to have it done. As a result, the family came up with the notion of taking the matter to a high court so that the check might be performed successfully.

Following the conclusion of the trial in London, the jury came to the conclusion that Archie had passed away on May 31, the same day that he had his MRI. They went on to say that his artificial respiration and circulation might be turned off. In spite of this, Hollie and Paul did not endanger their child’s life in any way.
The parents were relieved to hear that their kid was still alive and expressed their hope that he would continue to improve. Additionally, Hollie mentioned in a recent interview that Archie had exerted pressure on her hand while she was talking.

Hollie and Paul divorced when Archie was six years old, leaving him to be raised by his mother. Paul, on the other hand, has been just as supportive during this interim period in order to let his ex-partner and kid to get on with their lives.

The parents of the 12-year-old boy have made an urgent request to the community for assistance in attempting to preserve their son’s life. Additionally, Hollie has established a website in order to publish updates regarding her son’s legal situation. However, there are a number of people who believe that given Archie’s situation, he should be given the opportunity to pass away in peace because he cannot be cured of this illness.

What Became to Archie Battersbee? / Quoi de Neuf? His parents are adamant that he be taken off of life support.

After sustaining a “catastrophic” brain damage three months ago, the British kid Archie Battersbee, age 12, was put into a coma and has been there ever since. Because of this, he was unable to win a legal struggle to prevent his doctors from shutting off the machines that kept him alive.

Archie was found at his residence on April 7 with what was referred to as a “ligature” around his neck, as stated in the court documents. On April 7, his mother, Hollie Dance, discovered that her son was unresponsive in the home they shared in Southend, Essex.

Initially, it was unclear what brought him to this situation; however, later on, Hollie stated that she believes her son suffered so while attempting the “Blackout Challenge,” a popular online challenge at the time. This was a change from earlier, when it was unclear what brought him to this situation.

Archie Battersbee and Hollie Dance, who is the mother (son)

Since then, the young child has been in a coma and has been putting up a valiant effort to recover. He is Hollie Dance’s third kid and her youngest child overall. Before his accident, Archie was active in the sport of boxing and gymnastics. Since the day he was born, Hollie has referred to him as a fighter.

In the vain hope that he may come to, his mother has been singing and playing his favorite song for him while he sleeps. Dance stated to Insider that “we are doing everything we can” and that the teenage mixed martial arts (MMA) fanatic is “trying to survive.”

The couple has made additional efforts to seek assistance from any and all legal avenues that might assist them in winning the case involving their son.

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