Woman choked by Ezra Miller confesses her TERROR in the following quote: “I thought it’s just fun, suddenly it wasn’t.”

Woman choked by Ezra Miller confesses her TERROR in the following quote: “I thought it’s just fun, suddenly it wasn’t.”
In the video that lasts only seven seconds, the actor can be heard asking the woman, “Do you want to fight?” Is that how it works?'”

It would appear that the actor from “The Flash” cannot escape controversy. In the past few months, Ezra Miller has been accused of a variety of offenses, ranging from encouraging members of a North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan to shoot themselves in the head with their weapons to being labeled as a brainwasher and a groomer by the parents of Gibson Iron Eyes. Both of these accusations were made by Gibson Iron Eyes’s parents. And now, a distressing video that first went viral in the year 2020 and shows the actor choking a woman when they are both in a bar in Iceland has resurfaced. But this time with brand new details that are allegedly being uncovered concerning the tragedy.

During a conversation on Thursday, June 30, with Variety, an unnamed woman, who wishes to remain anonymous out of concern for her privacy, recalled her encounter with Miller at the pub and then, striking up a conversation with them. The unnamed woman also recalled how she struck up a conversation with them. She stated that she spotted wounds on Miller’s sandal-clad feet, which the actor claimed were injuries that were sustained as a consequence of a struggle. She saw the wounds after Miller told her that he was wearing sandals. After this, she joked to Miller that she could defeat him in a battle by saying, “But just so you know, I could take you in a fight.” Miller retorted, “You really want to fight?,” to which the other party responded. According to her, she had the impression that the actor was faking it, so she told him to meet her in the smoking area outside in two minutes. She then claimed that she was wrong. Miller eventually arrived, grabbed her by the throat, and began to suffocate her. The woman initially assumed they were joking, but she quickly understood that she was in a perilous predicament because of the circumstances. She added, “At first, I thought it was all in good fun, but then I realized it wasn’t.”

Who is Ezra Miller’s representative and agent? There has been no statement from the actor’s representative despite the fact that the star is still not present.

During the early, pre-vaccine days of the coronavirus pandemic, Carlos Reynir, who was working as a bartender at Priki Kaffihs at the time, claimed that Miller grabbed him by the throat and spit in his face. Reynir also confirmed the incident and stated that it was not the only altercation he saw Miller get into at the bar. Miller has denied these allegations. While he was relating the story, he commented that there was “always something going on with Ezra.” He, too, recalled all that had happened and commented, “As I was attempting to lead them out the [back] door, [Miller] grabbed me by the throat and informed me that they would not be going. They proceeded to spit in my face multiple times, which served as the final provocation for me to shut and lock the door behind me.”

The Icelandic incident in the year 2020

According to Variety’s report, the event occurred on April 1, 2020 about six o’clock in the evening at Priki Kaffihs, which is a bar located in the center district of Reykjavik in Iceland. Miller was a regular customer at the pub anytime they were in town. Whenever they were in town. Miller is seen on the video pulling the woman to the ground after grabbing her by the throat and pinning her there for seven seconds. At this juncture, the one filming exclaims, “Woah, bro. “Bro,” and then stops the camera, causing the footage to end quite suddenly.

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