Explaining the prey ending: Does the predator turn become the prey?

The long-awaited Prey, a precursor to the first Predator and its sequels, is now available on Hulu. The Predator movie, which tells the Predator’s genesis tale and was released almost 35 years ago, is unquestionably the best sequel.

Prey, which is set in 1719, tells the tale of a hunter named Naru who sets out to earn the respect of her Comanche tribe. When she defeats an alien threat to their existence, she ultimately turns out to be their savior. The movie makes reference to the venerable Predator series.

Does Naru, the hunter, end up as the prey of the predator?

Prey’s premise is upon Naru and her devoted friend Sarii. By introducing viewers to Naru as a skilled hunter who is routinely marginalized by her tribe because she is a woman, the movie rapidly establishes the mood and background. Naru sets out on a hunt to prove her value but encounters the predator, an unidentified creature.

The predator quickly begins to cause havoc after being equipped with cutting-edge technology and superhuman abilities. Even if it means taking on the role of the prey herself, Naru must take all available measures to neutralize the danger.

The predator targets Comanche hunters first before moving on to the French traders who had taken Naru and her brother Taabe prisoner. While the predator is attacking the French invaders, Naru and Taabe are able to flee. However, Taabe gives his life to save his sister and their dog, Sarii, when the pair come face to face with the predator.

Naru pursues the predator out of a desire for vengeance, and after a number of encounters, she learns how to defeat the alien. Now that she is aware, the predator won’t attack unless it perceives a threat. She takes advantage of this by chewing on an orange blossom, a medical herb, to cool her blood, making it hard for the predator to recognize her as a threat.

How does Naru defeat the predator with the last blow?

After diverting the alien’s attention with another prey that is equipped with shooting technology, Naru is able to knock the helmet off of the creature. She then engages the beast in a one-on-one battle while luring it into a mud hole.

By the time the beast succeeds in pulling itself out of the swamp, Naru has cunningly set up the last trap that would kill it and has baited herself. After Naru set the helmet on the other side of the bog, the predator eventually shot itself. It redirected the shot after recognizing itself as a danger.

Not only has Naru defeated the predator, but also her entire tribe. She dismembers the creature’s head and brings it back to her tribe. With the climactic climax, Naru is definitely a sight to behold, covered in the predator’s grey-green fluorescent blood. She drops the head at the chief’s feet, demonstrating her skill as a fighter by rescuing her tribe.

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