Evan McPherson: Relation To Alex McPherson, Career, Family, Siblings And More

Evan McPherson’s journey from high school standout to NFL record-setter is a testament to his unwavering skill and dedication

Evan McPherson’s Impactful Journey in the NFL

Evan McPherson: A Rising Star in Cincinnati Bengals’ Roster

Evan McPherson, born on July 21, 1999, has emerged as a remarkable American football placekicker for the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League (NFL).

McPherson’s Playoff Triumph: A Record-Breaking Performance

  • In the Bengals’ 2021 playoff campaign, McPherson showcased unparalleled prowess, tying Adam Vinatieri for the most field goals made in a single postseason— an impressive 14.
  • What set McPherson apart was his flawless record, establishing a new benchmark for the most postseason field goals made without a miss.
  • It was this clutch kicking that earned him the monikers “Shooter” (a nod to the Happy Gilmore character) and “Money Mac.”

Record Holder: McPherson’s Longest Field Goal

Adding to his accolades, McPherson secured the Bengals franchise record for the longest field goal.

Evan McPherson
                                         Evan McPherson (Image:@Instagram)

In 2022, he achieved this feat with a remarkable 59-yard field goal, solidifying his position as a pivotal player in the Bengals’ lineup.

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Early Triumphs: McPherson’s High School and College Legacy

Fort Payne High School: Where it All Began

  • McPherson’s football journey commenced at Fort Payne High School in Fort Payne, Alabama. Over four seasons, he served as the team’s kicker and punter, leaving an indelible mark.
  • Notably, McPherson’s high school highlights include a 60-yard field goal and an 84-yard punt, both just one yard shy of the Alabama high school records.
  • His stellar performance earned him the prestigious first-team All-State recognition in 2017.

College Stint at Florida: Setting Records and Shaping Legacies

  • Moving on to the collegiate level, McPherson played for the Florida Gators from 2018 to 2020.
  • His remarkable accuracy on field goals stood out, with a notable 85.0% success rate, setting a Southeastern Conference record for career field goal percentage (minimum 50 attempts).
  • Additionally, McPherson displayed consistency by making 149 of 150 extra-point attempts.
  • During his time with the Gators, McPherson played a pivotal role in the team’s success, contributing to a 29–9 overall record and a 2–1 record in bowl games.
  • The pinnacle of his college career came in the 2019 Orange Bowl, where McPherson made all three of his field goal attempts, including a 49-yarder.
  • By the time McPherson entered the NFL draft, his career field goal percentage ranked 12th in NCAA history, underscoring the impact he had made during his time at Florida.

Alex McPherson’s Journey to Excellence at Auburn University

Dominating the High School Arena

In the corridors of Fort Payne High School, a rising star emerged, none other than Alex McPherson. As a standout kicker and avid soccer enthusiast, his prowess on the field garnered well-deserved acclaim.

Kicking Triumphs and Soccer Feats

During his tenure, Alex soared to new heights, setting a state record with a phenomenal 61-yard field goal.

His versatility extended beyond the gridiron as he actively participated in soccer, showcasing a well-rounded athletic ability that caught the eye of many.

Alex McPherson
                                          Alex McPherson (Image:@Instagram)

Commitment to Auburn University

A Legacy Continues

Emanating from a lineage of athletic excellence, Alex McPherson committed to Auburn University, following in the illustrious footsteps of his brother, Evan McPherson.

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National Recognition and Accolades

Alex’s reputation as a top-tier kicker was solidified through his outstanding performances in national competitions. Esteemed sources hailed him as the premier kicker, underscoring his dedication and skill.

The College Chapter Unfolds

A True Freshman Making Waves

Transitioning to the collegiate realm, Alex didn’t merely rest on his high school laurels. As a true freshman, he clinched the backup positions for both placekicker and punter, attesting to his exceptional capabilities.

Stellar Showcases on the Collegiate Stage

In the early collegiate games, Alex left an indelible mark with his precision. Field goals and punts seamlessly executed against formidable opponents like Texas A&M, Western Kentucky, and Alabama showcased his mettle.

From State Records to Collegiate Triumphs

The 61-yard field goal record set in high school was a mere precursor to his collegiate journey.

Alex McPherson’s foray into college football not only maintained but exceeded the standards he had set, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with.

Alex McPherson’s Relationship with Evan McPherson

In the realm of family ties, the question often arises: Is Alex McPherson related to Evan McPherson?

Alex and Evan McPherson

Alex McPherson and Evan McPherson share a significant bond as siblings, both stemming from the same set of parents. This familial connection forms the basis of their intertwined lives.


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The McPherson Family Dynamic

Within the McPherson family, Evan is part of a trio of brothers, with Logan and Alex completing the trio.

It’s worth noting that Alex, the youngest among them, shares not only familial ties but also a common passion with his brothers.

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Athletic Prowess: A Common Thread

Alex McPherson, much like his brothers, is a notable athlete. The shared commitment to athletic pursuits not only underscores their familial connection but also showcases a common interest that unites the McPherson siblings.

Evan McPherson’s Brothers: Logan and Alex

Evan McPherson’s family is a testament to sporting excellence, with Logan and Alex contributing their own athletic achievements.

The trio’s collective dedication to sports not only solidifies their brotherly bond but also adds a layer of shared experiences that enrich their relationship.

The Youngest Sibling: Alex McPherson

As the youngest sibling, Alex holds a unique position in the McPherson family dynamic. His journey as an athlete intertwines with his brothers’ paths, creating a narrative of shared aspirations and mutual support.

Evan McPherson
                                      Evan McPherson (Image:@Instagram)

Exploring Alex’s Athletic Journey

Delving into Alex McPherson’s athletic endeavors provides a deeper understanding of the family’s commitment to sports. The youngest McPherson’s achievements add a vibrant chapter to the family’s sporting legacy.

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McPherson Legacy: Evan McPherson’s Family

In the realm of athletic prowess, the McPherson family stands as a testament to talent, dedication, and familial support.

Evan McPherson’s Early Days

Born for Greatness

On July 21, 1999, a sports prodigy entered the world, destined for greatness. Evan McPherson, the second child of LaDon and Amber McPherson, was embraced by a family deeply rooted in a culture of excellence.

Ladon and Amber McPherson

A Dynamic Duo

LaDon and Amber McPherson, the formidable duo behind the McPherson legacy, have not only crafted successful careers but have also been the architects of their children’s destinies.

LaDon McPherson

Shaping Futures at Fort Payne Steel Company

LaDon McPherson, a dedicated quality manager at a prominent Fort Payne steel company, brings precision and commitment to both his professional and personal life.

His influence on Evan’s journey cannot be overstated, as he instilled values of discipline and hard work.

Amber McPherson

Championing Justice at Dekalb County Children Advocacy Center

Amber McPherson, the nurturing force behind the McPherson siblings, serves as a Forensic Interviewer and Family Advocate at the Dekalb County Children Advocacy Center.

Evan McPherson
                                                   Evan McPherson (Image:@Instagram)

Her role extends beyond the family, contributing significantly to the community. Amber’s dedication to justice and advocacy has undoubtedly shaped Evan’s character.

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Guiding Evan’s Trajectory: A Parental Odyssey

Molding a Sports Prodigy

LaDon and Amber’s influence on Evan’s athletic journey has been profound. Their collective commitment to fostering his talents has created a nurturing environment where success is not just encouraged but expected.

The Impact of LaDon’s Quality Management Expertise

Precision and Discipline

Evan’s father, LaDon, with his role as a quality manager, has instilled in him the importance of precision and discipline.

These qualities reflect not only in Evan’s sportsmanship but also in his approach to life, setting him apart as a well-rounded individual.

Amber’s Advocacy and Nurturing Spirit

Beyond the Field: Shaping Character

Amber’s dual role as a Forensic Interviewer and Family Advocate has imparted in Evan a sense of justice and empathy.

Beyond the confines of the sports arena, Evan carries the values instilled by his mother, making him not just a remarkable athlete but a compassionate human being.

Gary Logan McPherson’s Pioneering Journey in Professional Football

Gary Logan McPherson, the elder sibling of Evan, stands as a trailblazer in the realm of professional football within the McPherson family.

Evan And His Siblings
                                       Evan And His Siblings (Image:@Instagram)

Early Years: A Glimpse into Gary’s Formative Football Days

Witnessing Gary’s prowess on the football field became a source of inspiration for Evan during his formative years.

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Gary’s Athletic Brilliance at Fort Payne High School

Gary’s remarkable athletic abilities came to the fore during his tenure at Fort Payne High School, where he not only participated but excelled in multiple sports.

Garnering three letters in both football and soccer, and two in cross country, Gary left an indelible mark on the high school sports landscape.

Gary’s Continued Football Journey at Louisiana Tech University

Choosing to further hone his football skills, Gary embarked on his college education at Louisiana Tech University.

Throughout his academic journey, he continued to showcase his football prowess, contributing significantly to the university’s football legacy.


1)Who is Evan McPherson?

Evan McPherson is an American football placekicker.

2)When did Evan McPherson born?

Evan McPherson was born on July 21, 1999.

3)Who is the elder sibling of Evan McPherson?

Gary Logan McPherson is the elder sibling of Evan McPherson.

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