Enrique Murciano’s Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Family

Enrique Murciano’s Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Family

Enrique Murciano or Enrique Ricardo Murciano is an American actor and model. Enrique Murciano’s wealth is estimated to be $5 million as of the year 2022.

He received his big break when he participated in the American mystery drama series “Without a Trace,” in which he played the role of an FBI Agent named “Danny Taylor.” He also got the role of “Francisco Torres” in the MTV serial opera “Spyder Games.” Both of these roles brought him a lot of attention

He has been in a number of blockbuster films, both as a lead actor and in supporting roles. In the combat movie “Black Hawk Down,” which was released in 2001, he played the role of “Ruiz.” He is also quite popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he has amassed a large number of devoted followers.


Enrique Murciano
Enrique Murciano

Enrique Murciano Wiki

As of the year 2022, Enrique Murciano will be 49 years old, having been born on July 9th, 1973. He was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States, into a family that belonged to the upper middle class, and he was raised there. It is well knowledge that he was born in the United States of America and that his ancestry is Cuban. He adheres to the Christian faith in all aspects of his life.

Enrique received his primary education at Christopher Columbus High School in New York City. He then continued his study at Tulane University in New Orleans for his secondary education.

Following this, he signed up to become a student at the New England School of Law in Boston. Since he was a teenager, he has had a strong interest in performing, and as a result, he gave up his studies and moved to Los Angeles so that he could pursue a career in acting.

Enrique Ricardo Murciano is a well-known actor who was born in the United States on July 9, 1973. His performance as FBI agent Danny Taylor in the mystery drama series Without a Trace, which aired on CBS from 2002 to 2009, brought him widespread recognition.

After graduating from Christopher Columbus High School [citation needed], Murciano went on to study at Tulane University in New Orleans, which is located in the state of Louisiana. He began his legal education at the New England School of Law in Boston for a period of time, but finally made the decision to pursue a career in acting and left the school. He traveled to Los Angeles and started his career there, making his debut in a feature film in the action movie Speed 2: Cruise Control, which was released in 1997 and starring Sandra Bullock.

Career of Enrique Murciano

Murciano made an appearance in the criminal drama titled “Traffic” in the year 2000. In 2001, he had a starring role as Francesco Torres in the MTV serial series Spyder Games, which unfortunately did not last long. In the same year, he had a role in the action-packed war drama Black Hawk Down. There, he struck up a conversation with Jerry Bruckheimer, which ultimately led to him receiving an offer to play the lead part of Danny Taylor in the CBS crime drama Without a Trace. The missing persons unit of the FBI in New York City served as the series’ primary setting throughout its entirety. Between September 26, 2002 and May 19, 2009, the show aired for a total of seven seasons. Because to his performance in this role, he was nominated for an ALMA Award in both 2008 and 2009.

His additional film credits include the comedic sequel Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, the drama How to Go Out on a Date in Queens, the drama The Lost City, and the Peruvian-Spanish drama Máncora. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous was his second feature with Sandra Bullock. In addition to that, he was featured in the music video “Yes We Can” by will.i.am as well as the video “Presidential Pledge” directed by Demi Moore.

As Det. Carlos Moreno from the Las Vegas Police Department’s Vice Division, Murciano made an appearance in the October 2009 episode 4 of the tenth season of the police procedural drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which was broadcast on CBS. The episode was titled “Coup de Gráce,” which is French for “stroke of mercy.”

In April 2011, Murciano appeared as CIA Agent Ray “CI-Ray” Cruz in two episodes of the CBS police procedural program NCIS, both of which were part of the eighth season: episode 20, which was named “Two-Faced,” and the eighth season finale, which was titled “Pyramid.” His last appearance on the show was in the thirteenth episode of the ninth season, which was titled “A Desperate Man.” This happened in January of 2012.

Murciano came back to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in April 2012 to reprise his role as Detective Carlos Moreno. He appeared in the following episodes: season 12: episode 20 “Altered Stakes,” the twelfth-season finale “Homecoming,” the thirteenth-season premiere “Karma to Burn,” and season 13: episode 3 “Wild Flowers.”

In October 2012, Murciano had a recurring role in the ABC supernatural/horror drama 666 Park Avenue, playing the character of Dr. Scott Evans. He appeared in the fifth episode titled “A Crowd of Demons,” the sixth episode titled “Diabolic,” and the seventh episode titled “Downward Spiral.” Unfortunately, the show was canceled after only seven episodes.

In the 2014 science fiction film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the sequel to the 2011 film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Murciano has a co-starring role as the character Kemp.

In the Starz series Power, which ran from 2014 to 2016, he played the role of Felipe Lobos.

In 2015, Murciano began his position as a series regular in the original Netflix series Bloodline, playing the character of Detective Marco Diaz.

Murciano had a minor part as a gang boss named “Poison” in the 2017 Netflix original film Bright. The film was released on Netflix.

Enrique Murciano’s Private Life

As seen in Without a Trace season 4, episode 6 “Viuda Negra,” Murciano is of Cuban heritage and is fluent in Spanish. This information was provided by Without a Trace (Spanish for “black widow”).

People magazine’s annual list of “The Sexiest Men Alive” placed him at number seven that year, making him the seventh sexiest man alive.

Jonathon Brandmeier is good friends with Jimmy Buffett, and Jimmy Buffett was a guest on the 15th episode of the Jonathon Brandmeier Podcast. Jimmy Buffett talked about his next album, “Life On The Flip Side.”

Enrique Murciano’s Family,  Girlfriend and Relationships

Enrique Murciano’s Parents are Enrique Murciano Sr. and Christina Murciano. The elder Enrique Murciano was also a musician and carried on the family name with his son, who was also named Enrique.

His mother’s name is Christina Murciano, and she is a stay-at-home mother who does housework. There are two older sisters in his family.

Enrique Murciano’s marital status is unmarried. He is neither dating nor has he been engaged with anyone in the recent past. Toni Garrn, a German model, was the woman he dated when he was in this relationship.

In 2019, the couple, who had been seeing each other for around a year, decided to end their relationship. In the past, he was romantically involved with the British model Lily Cole as well as the American model Molly Sims.

Enrique Murciano is a young man who is good-looking, intelligent, and handsome. He also has a personality that is captivating and dashing. He has an outstanding physique with impressive body measurements and a rhomboid muscular body type. His figure is both strong and appealing.

Enrique Murciano
Enrique Murciano

Enrique Murciano’s Weight and Height

His height is approximately 6 feet and 1 inch, and his weight is approximately 75 kg. He has hair that is cut short and is black in color. In addition, he has eyes that are a blazing dark brown color and are lovely and intriguing.

In 1997, Enrique Murciano made his debut in the film “Speed 2: Cruise Control,” a romantic drama, playing the role of Alejandro. This was the beginning of his career. “Traffic,” a crime thriller film released in 2000, featured him in the role of a DEA agent.

In the science fiction action thriller “Down of the Planet of the Apes,” he played the role of Kemp, a survivor of the global Simian Flu Pandemic. He also starred in the American black comedy picture “Rough Night” as “Detective Ruiz.” Both of these roles were notable for him.

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