Elon Musk Twitter Era Begins

Customers awoke on April 4 to find the phrases “Elon” and “Elon Musk” trending on Twitter, not because the world’s richest, most adopted businessman had caused a stir with his futuristic enterprises, but because he’d declared a significant interest in Twitter Inc.

Elon raises the bread and talks. Alternatively, Tesla’s inventory. Alternatively, the value of bitcoin. Or the doge can make one. Musk is arguably the most powerful Twitter user in recent times, but he isn’t satisfied with that, and has ended up buying the social media platform for $44,000 million dollars.

The technical purchase has grown to be one of many largest in recent times, but the story remains unfinished because everything that surrounds Musk looks to turn into gold. The trouble is that Twitter’s issue – which has never been really worthwhile – is rather unique in comparison to others in which it has previously achieved amazing success.

Musk needs to change a few things on Twitter — hey, we’ve given him some additional concepts in case he reads us — but this isn’t a Tesla or a SpaceX with clear engineering challenges: Elon is dealing with 400 million different ideologies and opinions, not nuts and malfunctioning motors for specific causes.

The promise of making Twitter a stronghold of freedom of expression is undoubtedly one of the most ambiguous, and some believe Musk is nothing more than the most recent model of billionaire-buy-speaker-media.

Time will tell whether this operation was beneficial to Twitter, Elon Musk, or the customers. For the time being, all that exists is hope and good intentions ahead of a Musk who ushers in a new era on Twitter. One that assures delicious headlines like the ones he’s always supplied.

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