Is Anne Heche OK? Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-GF in ICU after suffering ‘serious burns’ in LA car crash

According to the sources, the actress and director Anne Heche was involved in a terrible accident that left her with major burns. Heche is said to have been involved in an automobile accident that resulted in the ignition of a house fire; she sustained many burns and was finally transported to a medical facility as a result of her injuries. According to eyewitnesses, just prior to the main accident, she drove her car into a garage and then ran off, only to find herself involved in another collision that put her life in danger.

Before crashing into a house in Mar Vista, California, on August 5 at around 11 a.m., the actress, who is 53 years old, was driving her Mini Cooper at the time of the accident. According to TMZ, she initially caused an accident by driving her car into the garage of a residence. But before anyone who saw what happened could assist her, she jumped into her blue Mini Cooper, put it in reverse, and sped away, only to be transported to the hospital a few seconds later. The terrible burns sustained by Ellen DeGeneres’s exe-girlfriend as a result of the big fire required her to be transported away from the scene on a stretcher. According to the article, the degree of the burns makes it difficult for the medical professionals to determine whether or not she was under the influence of alcohol. However, the journal was in possession of a photograph that showed Heche in her vehicle with a bottle with a red cap placed in one of the cupholders, which is suggestive of the presence of alcohol both before and while she was driving. The Hollywood actors and actresses were rescued and taken to a hospital in Los Angeles.

Is Anne Heche okay?

A video that was obtained by Fox 11 shows Heche lying on her stomach while she is on a stretcher. As a result of the fact that her garments are burnt, it is possible to deduce the level of damage that was caused by the accident. Although the kind and degree of the injuries are unknown at this time, it has been stated that no other people were hurt. The investigation into what led to this catastrophe is still ongoing at this time. TMZ also published a photo of the damaged Mini Cooper that belonged to Heche. A video that has been making its way around the Internet shows that Heche appears to be coming back to life while she is on the stretcher. The video shows her removing the sheet that was covering her and attempting to get off of it.

Heche rose to fame not just for her role as Vicky Hudson in the serial opera “Another World,” but also for the relationship she maintained with Ellen DeGeneres from the years 1997 to 2000. This specific couple’s relationship was the subject of a great deal of media attention, which only increased once they announced their intention to end it. CCTV footage acquired by TMZ reveals that the actress was driving carelessly in the time period in between the two incidents in which she was involved. According to additional information provided by the publication, the actor from “Donny Brasco” is currently intubated but is anticipated to survive. The representative for Anne Heche has not yet made any statements that will be made public.

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