Drunk nurse shot at neighbor’s flat because of piano noise, according to Kathryn Pugh

A nurse from Arcadia, California, is charged with shooting multiple rounds into the apartment of a neighbor. As a result of her suspected use of a firearm while intoxicated at Pin Hsin Lin’s apartment in the 600 block of Sunset Boulevard, Kathryn Pugh has been detained without bond. It appeared to be motivated by a persistent disagreement between her and Lin, a piano teacher.

Sgt. Ryan Mulhall of the Arcadia Police Department stated, “We found an intoxicated female in possession of two weapons,” following her arrest on Monday, August 1. She fired two shots through a downstairs apartment unit, as we later learned. She had a bottle of tequila at her home when we discovered it, and she was acting drunk.

According to accounts, the woman dialed 911 after two bullets reportedly pierced her roof and entered her home. Lin was reportedly inside the house when the shots were fired, thus she might have also been hurt. She said, “All of a sudden, a straight bullet. I quickly dialed 911 after realizing the hole was caused by a gunshot.

Lin continued by outlining their conflict with Pugh, a registered nurse who in 2019 received a DAISY Award from Huntington Health in Arcadia. She identified herself as a piano instructor who has been instructing pupils out of her residence for close to three years. And during these years, no one had complained about the noise, but when the accuser moved in, she started experiencing problems.

Additionally, Lin reported that on Monday, she first heard a blasting sound at about midday, which was followed by two more at night. But it wasn’t until the fourth shot that she realized they were indeed gunshots since she could see one coming in through the roof. She eventually discovered a second gunshot hole in a kitchen cupboard. Lin continued, “The rice cooker was exactly underneath the bullet hole.

Following his arrest, Pugh’s bond was initially set at $250,000 and later increased to $500,000. She was eventually imprisoned without bond by Judge Terry Lee Smerling, who described her as “a menace to the community.” To us, that’s really tragic, the public defender Karla Sarabia said, before continuing, “Conceivably until she goes to trial, so that might take months and in a major case like this, maybe even longer. She’s about to lose her livelihood in addition to her job and housing.

Pugh’s mother, Marie, also expressed her dissatisfaction. She claimed, “She has no priors, she’s a respectable person, she attended Berkeley, she had financial assistance, and she received a 4.0.” (grade point average). She is among the best persons ever to inhabit the planet. Although Lin stated, “I am scared that she will (seek) revenge,” Lin does not actually feel the same way. On August 16, the accused is anticipated to show up in court.

As for the judge’s judgment, Fox News noted that it was quite the reverse of what Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon thought. “The District Attorney is firmly dedicated to the key concepts that the voters of Los Angeles adopted, including the goals of eliminating cash bail and maximizing pretrial release within the confines of public safety,” the DA’s office stated in March.

“Over the past 18 months, we have discovered some deficiencies in our current system of pretrial supervision that call for minor changes to the way we work toward those objectives. The agency may ask for bail in a narrowly restricted set of situations for people who pose an extreme risk to public safety, including those who have committed additional crimes while on pretrial release,” it noted.

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