Did Jeffrey Dahmer Have a Boyfriend? Did He Have a Job?

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story shows how serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was attracted to most of his victims and killed them because he wanted to have complete control over them.

Reports also say that he raped a number of his victims. At the start of his crime spree, he was convicted and sentenced for second-degree sexual assault and for trying to get a child to do something he shouldn’t have. People have wondered, though, if Jeffrey Dahmer ever had a boyfriend because of the murders. On the other hand, his job status has also been called into question. Well, if you want to know if Jeffrey had a job or a boyfriend, we’ve got you covered.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer

Did Jeffrey Dahmer go out with a girl?

Surprisingly, none of the reports say that Jeffrey Dahmer had a steady partner, and we think he never did. Sources have said that Jeffery’s grandmother was the only person he ever cared about, which is another sign that he seems to have never been in a romantic relationship. Jeffrey was still in high school when he realized that boys, not girls, were what he liked. He hadn’t felt this way in a long time, and even though he struggled with his sexual identity, it was attraction and a need to keep everyone close that turned him into a murderer.

When Jeffrey first saw his first victim, Steven Mark Hicks, on June 18, 1978, the teen was standing on the side of the road with his shirt off. This made Jeffrey feel very attracted to him. But when Steven started talking about other girls, Jeffrey’s attraction quickly turned to anger, and he knew he would never be accepted. But he kept his cool until Steven asked to leave. Since Jeffrey wouldn’t let him go, he hit the victim twice in the head with dumbbells and then strangled him to death.

In the years that followed, Jeffrey also got into trouble with the law because he couldn’t control his desires. He was charged with sexual assault and indecent exposure. In addition, the 2012 documentary “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files” said that the serial killer allegedly went to bathhouses where he gave people drugs and then raped them. The Netflix show is interesting because it shows how Jeffrey and one of his victims, Tony Anthony Hughes, started dating before Hughes was killed. But official reports don’t say anything about such a relationship, and it seems like Jeffrey spent most of his life alone.

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Was Jeffrey Dahmer working?

Yes, Jeffrey worked for most of his life after he graduated from high school, even though he had time to kill people in horrible ways on a regular basis. After killing his first person, Jeffrey went to the Ohio State University in August 1978 to study business. But he quit school just a few months later because he drank too much and didn’t care enough. After that, in January of 1979. At his dad’s request, Jeffrey joined the army. He was sent to Baumholder, West Germany, where he worked as a combat medic. Still, Jeffrey’s drinking habit soon caught up with him, and in March 1981, the army gave him an honorable discharge because they thought he wasn’t fit to serve.

After he got out of the army, Jeffrey went to Miami, Florida, where he worked for a short time at a sandwich shop. But he eventually went back to live with his father and stepmother, who sent him to West Allis, Wisconsin, to live with his grandmother. While living with his grandmother, Jeffrey was very interested in finding a job. In early 1982, he got a job as a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center. But he could only keep that job for ten months. When he was fired, he decided to stay out of work for the next two years. Still, Jeffrey’s grandmother told him to look for work again. In January 1985, he got a job as a mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory. Jeffrey worked at this job for the rest of his life until he was arrested by the police in July 1991.

Early years

Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960. He was the first of his parents’ two sons. His mother, Joyce Annette (née Flint), was a teletype machine instructor, and his father, Lionel Herbert Dahmer, was a chemistry student at Marquette University and later a research chemist. Lionel Dahmer’s family was from Germany and Wales, and Joyce Dahmer’s family was from Norway and Ireland.

Some sources say that Dahmer wasn’t cared for when he was a baby. Other sources, though, say that both of Dahmer’s parents spoiled him as a baby and toddler, even though his mother was known to be tense, eager for attention and pity, and argumentative with her husband and the people who lived near them.

As Dahmer started first grade, Lionel spent most of his time at university. When he was home, his hypochondriac and depressed wife constantly asked for his attention and spent more and more time in bed. On at least one occasion, she used Equanil to try to kill herself. So, neither parent spent much time with their son. He later said that from a young age, he felt “unsure of the stability of the family” because he remembered his parents being very angry with each other and fighting a lot when he was young.

Dahmer was a “active and happy child,” but he changed a lot after he had surgery for two hernias just before his fourth birthday. In elementary school, Dahmer was seen as shy and quiet. One of his teachers later said that he showed early signs of abandonment due to his father’s absence and his mother’s illnesses, which got worse when she was expecting their second child. Still, Dahmer did have a few friends when he was in grade school.

The family moved to Doylestown, Ohio, in October 1966. When Joyce had a baby in December, Jeffrey got to pick the name for his new brother. He chose David. Lionel got his degree and began working as an analytical chemist in nearby Akron, Ohio, the same year.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer was interested in dead animals when he was young. He may have become interested in dead animals when he was four years old and saw his father take animal bones out from under the family home. Lionel said that Dahmer was “oddly thrilled” by the sound the bones made and became obsessed with them. He called them his “fiddlesticks” at first. He sometimes looked under and around the family home for more bones. He also looked inside the bodies of living animals to find out where their bones were.

In 1968, the family moved to Ohio’s Summit County, in the township of Bath. This was their third home in two years, and their sixth home since they got married. The house was on an acre and a half of woods, and Dahmer started collecting big bugs like dragonflies and moths and the bones of small animals like chipmunks and squirrels in a small hut just a short walk from the house. Some of these bones were stored inside the hut in jars of formaldehyde.

Two years later, while having chicken for dinner with Lionel, Dahmer asked him what would happen if he put chicken bones in bleach. Lionel was happy that his son seemed interested in science, so he showed him how to safely bleach and store animal bones. Dahmer used these techniques to preserve the bones he was collecting. He also started collecting dead animals, including roadkill, which he would dissect and bury near the hut. Sometimes, he would put the skulls on top of makeshift crosses. One of Dahmer’s friends said that Dahmer told him he was interested in how animals “fit together.” In 1975, Dahmer cut off the head of a dead dog, nailed its body to a tree, and stuck the dog’s head on a stick in the woods behind his house. Later, he invited a friend to see the display and said he had found the bones by accident as a “prank.”

Lionel taught his son how to preserve animal bones the same year Joyce started taking more Equanil, laxatives, and sleeping pills every day. This made it even harder for her to talk to her husband and kids.

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The teen years and high school

From the time he was a freshman at Revere High School, Dahmer was thought of as a weirdo. By the time he was 14, he was drinking beer and hard liquor during the day. He would often hide his alcohol in the jacket he wore to school. He told a classmate who asked why he was drinking Scotch in a morning history class that the alcohol he was drinking was “my medicine.” Staff thought Dahmer was polite, very smart, and had average grades in his freshman year, even though he didn’t talk much. He liked to play tennis and was in the high school band for a short time.

Dahmer found out he was gay when he turned 13, but he didn’t tell his parents. At the start of his teens, he had a short relationship with another teen boy, but they never met. Dahmer later said that he started fantasizing about dominating and controlling a completely submissive male partner when he was in his early to mid-teens. His masturbation fantasies gradually changed so that he focused on the chests and torsos of the men in his fantasies. Over time, these fantasies got mixed up with dissection. When Dahmer was about 16 years old, he had a fantasy that he would knock out a certain male jogger he found attractive and then use his body sexually. Dahmer once hid in bushes with a baseball bat to wait for this man, but he didn’t come by that day. Later, Dahmer said that this was the first time he tried to hurt someone.

Dahmer was kind of a class clown at RHS. He often pulled pranks, which became known as “Doing a Dahmer.” For example, he would bleat and act like he was having an epileptic seizure or had cerebral palsy at school and in stores.

By 1977, Dahmer’s grades were getting worse, so his parents paid for a private tutor, but it didn’t help much. In the same year, his parents tried to save their marriage by going to counseling. They kept fighting all the time. In September 1977, Lionel found out that Joyce had a short affair. He and Joyce decided to get a divorce and told their sons that they wanted to do it in a friendly way. In the beginning of 1978, Lionel moved out of the house and stayed for a while in a motel on North Cleveland Massillon Road.

Dahmer got out of high school in May 1978. A few weeks before he graduated, one of Dahmer’s teachers saw him drinking several cans of beer while sitting near the school parking lot. When the teacher threatened to tell the principal, Dahmer told him he was having “a lot of problems” at home and that the school’s guidance counselor knew about them. In the spring of that year, Joyce and David left the family home and moved to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, to live with relatives. Dahmer had just turned 18 and was still living at home with his family. On July 24, 1978, Dahmer’s parents finally split up. Joyce got to keep her younger son and will get alimony payments.

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