Deshawn Longmire: Who is he? Houston Uber driver was detained after fatally murdering a clergyman 

Deshawn Longmire: Who is he? Houston Uber driver was detained after fatally murdering a clergyman 

On June 24, an Uber driver shot and killed East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church pastor Ronald Mouton Sr.

Texas’s Houston Deshawn Longmire, a 23-year-old Uber driver, has been detained and charged with murder after shooting and killing a pastor after what appears to have been a road-rage incident, according to the authorities.

On June 24, after being seen fighting with another driver, East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church pastor Ronald Mouton Sr. was shot and died. The shooter wasn’t detained right away.

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The 23-year-old Uber driver has been taken into custody and accused of murder by the police. Deshawn Longmire is being held in the Harris County Jail on a $500,000 bond, according to online documents from the Harris County District Clerk’s Office.

A stoplight witness reported seeing Deshawn and Ronald arguing, according to an arrest report obtained by NBC station Click2Houston. Neither of the two got out of their cars.

According to the arrest report, Deshawn was operating a black Honda sedan for Uber with ripped window tint, and Ronald was operating a white BMW. Deshawn was not transporting any passengers at the time of the incident, according to a statement from Uber.

Deshawn is said to have shot Ronald while holding a firearm in his hand, then fled the scene, according to witnesses who provided a statement to the police. In the meantime, Ronald was involved in an automobile accident and was declared dead there.

According to the authorities, Deshawn and Ronald had never met before the incident. Deshawn admitted to authorities that he was not in the vicinity of the purported event. However, a smartphone search apparently refuted those assertions, and according to Uber records included in the arrest report obtained by KHOU-TV, Deshawn was present when Ronald was shot.

Online records as of right now reflect that Deshawn neither has a lawyer qualified to speak on his behalf nor has he yet entered a plea. Uber has blocked Deshawn’s access to the car-hailing service since the probe.

Family issues a statement calling it a “senseless tragedy”

In the meantime, Ronald’s family released a statement following the arrest of the Uber driver. “We are still inconsolable over this terrible tragedy,” they declared. The family then said, “We want the person who killed him to comprehend the gravity of his crime. He murdered a father and a husband. Our trust and hope are in the competent work of the police. We also hope that the criminal justice system as a whole does its work completely and that justice is properly served.”

In the neighborhood for 32 years, Ronald Mouton Sr. served as a pastor. Bishop James Dixon, a close friend of Ronald’s, stated to Defender that Ronald’s family is still in mourning.

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