Delaney Brennan:Is He Arrested For Jack Elliott’s Death?

Delaney Brennan:Is He Arrested For Jack Elliott’s Death?

In 2019, Delaney Brennan’s life took a drastic change. She was having fun and flirting with her boyfriend Jack Elliott as they were at a boat party in Lake Travis. Jack was then pushed off the deck by Brennan in good fun.

He unfortunately drowned in the sea after colliding with the propeller. Elliott attended Texas Christian University at the time and was 19 years old. Ten days later, 100 feet below the water’s surface, his body was discovered.

Delaney Brennan is detained and accused of killing Jack Elliott.

While partying at Lake Travis with 12 pals on a boat, Delaney Brennan lighthearted shoved her boyfriend, Jack Elliott. Tragically, Elliott died as he was thrown into the propeller.

In order to keep the truth from the authorities, the witness made up a lie. They claimed that Jack fell overboard because he was inebriated. At first, the story was accepted by the police.

His parents, though, shouted for a thorough investigation. Later, it was discovered that Jack was pushed off the deck rather than falling because he was intoxicated.

Delaney and four other students were found guilty by a Texas grand jury of fabricating a narrative. Brenna faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. August 17 is the date set for her preliminary hearing.

Delaney Brennan: Who Is She?

Delaney Brennan, a fashion student at Texas Christian University, is 21 years old. She was Jake Elliott’s girlfriend. Following the disclosure of Jake’s death’s true cause, Delaney makes headlines.

After Jack passed away, she decided to get his initials tattooed on her wrist as a reminder of how much he valued life. She did it because she wanted to always have a memento of Jack.

The 21-year-old has fair skin, light eyes, and blonde hair. Brennan enjoys fashion and wants to pursue modeling. She will now be serving out legal sentences, therefore her career will need to wait.

How did Jack Elliott fare?

Twelve college students partied in a 22-foot boat in October 2019 on Late Travis, a man-made lake outside of Austin. Delaney and Jack were kissing and making out at the time.

When Jack was startled by Delaney’s lighthearted behavior, things got worse. He was knocked off the watercraft and struck the propeller as a result. The students used their cell phone lights to try to find him, but they were ineffective.

Authorities received multiple accounts from Jack Elliott’s pals as to how he fell from the boat. They were all untrue.

He disappeared after dark. People were crying and in a panic. Elle contacted 911 after that and told the police what had transpired. They followed that by submerging their booze bottles.

To keep Brennan out of problems with the law, her companions made the decision to keep the facts from the authorities. All of the witnesses’ responses to the investigators’ questions did not line up, and ultimately the truth emerged.

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