Deborah was killed in Sokoto, and the video was leaked on Twitter.

The Sultan of Sokoto Reacts To The Killing Video: This is to inform you that a Nigerian police officer has been arrested in connection with the homicide of a Nigerian schoolgirl who made a vulgar post about Prophet Muhammad. People were outraged by this case since the killing of a Nigerian schoolgirl sparked communal rioting in the country. This news broke a few days ago, but there was no main suspect at the time; however, we pledge to keep you updated on the situation. We’ve arrived to fulfill our obligation. In this post, we’ve discussed the latest findings of the investigators and written up some key points from the police department’s exclusive reports. However, we also wrote on the Sultan of Sokoto’s reaction to the incident. You should read through all of the parts listed below. Keep this page open in your browser and swipe down to see the information.

Deborah’s death in Sokoto

As we previously reported, a Nigerian student was macabrely slaughtered by enraged pupils after publishing a derogatory post against Prophet Muhammad. This event provoked widespread outrage across the country. Meanwhile, Sultan of Sokoto Saad Abubakar III reacted quickly to the incident, condemning the beating and killing of a Nigerian student named Samuel. Please continue reading to learn more about Samuel’s assassination.

The Sultan of Sokoto Reacts to the Killing Video

“Burning and assassinating Deborah Samuel is ridiculous,” the Sultan of Sokoto said. However, the Sokoto Sultanate Committee, Saidou Machido, made a statement in which the secretary of the committee stated that the palace reported the occurrence to the institution of the terrible circumstances. As previously stated, authorities have made an arrest in connection with Samuel’s heinous murder. Look at the next part to figure out who the main suspect is in this case.

Nigerian police wasted no time in responding to the incident. The state police took swift action to mitigate the possibility of communal violence in the state. To apprehend the perpetrators, Nigeria’s senior police in Sokoto conducted a thorough investigation. Nigerian police, on the other hand, have reported the arrest of two individuals. The men are accused of burning Samuel alive at the facility to death. The state’s governor has now ordered the temporary closure of all schools in the state owing to unsafe conditions.

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