How to Apply for Death Certificate Registration in Delhi

If someone just passed away in your family, you must complete Death Certificate Registration Delhi within 21 days from death. Various government bodies such as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (Nagar Nigam), Delhi Cantonment Board, and NDMC issue death certificates online and offline. One must note all the details produced here to apply for Death Certificate in Delhi.

You can apply for a Death Certificate for more than one year old or current year cases through the official portals provided by the state government. As per the concerning authority, it’s now mandatory for citizens to obtain a death certificate in case a family member or relative is deceased to proceed further. Every death must be registered in government records as per provisions for which MCD Delhi issues a formal certificate in the state.

Why is Death Certificate Registration in Delhi Important?

A death certificate is useful and handy for various reasons. Some of them are:

  • To establish the fact about the cause of death.
  • To record the date, time, and place of death of a person.
  • To prove that the person is no longer committed to social, legal or official proceedings.
  • To settle property inheritance issues and pass on the assets/property to the successor.
  • To claim insurance benefits (if any).
  • To get replaced in the government/non-government departments so the successors of the deceased can get employment benefits as compensation.

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Eligibility for Death Certificate Order in Delhi

A person is eligible to be issued a Death Certificate if S/he fulfils the following conditions.

  • The deceased is a citizen of India/NRI born in Delhi.
  • If the death has occurred within the territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi.
  • If the deceased hasn’t had any death certificate issued from any Government agencies in India.

Who is responsible for Death Certificate Registration Delhi?

A person can register for Death Certificate in Delhi if:

  • The death has occurred in the house; in this case, the head of the household can register the death at the nearest Registrar Office.
  • A person has died in the hospital; then the authorised medical personnel is responsible for registering a death in the nearest Registrar office.
  • A person dies in jail, then the jail warder/person-in-charge is responsible for registering a death in the nearest Registrar Office.
  • If a deceased has been found in the public area, the local bodies such as a Police in charge or area head (Parshad or Pradhan) carry out the formalities.

Documents required for Death Certificate Registration Delhi

The applicant must attach any one of the following documents along with the application form in order to complete Death Certificate Registration in Delhi.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Bank Passbook
  • Telephone Bill (Landline or Postpaid)
  • Voter ID card
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Driving License
  • Rent Agreement (Registered)
  • Water Bill
  • Any Govt. Recognized Document (Employment ID or Address-related document).

List of Documents required for Death Certificate Issuance 

Applicants must also provide any one of the documents related to the deceased in order to confirm their death.

  • Any one of the documents listed above for ID proof of the deceased.
  • Permanent Address proof of the deceased (Refer to the list shown above).
  • Cremation/Burial Slip Police enquiry Report.
  • Nursing home/Hospital Report Court Order.

Note: In case the deceased is a minor, a letter from the School Principal (on letter head), School ID Card or birth certificate (for less than 5 years of age) is also acceptable.

Affidavit to be submitted by the applicant on a non-judicial e-stamp paper

  • Applicant’s self-attested copy of the original documents must be produced while applying at Citizen Service Centre (CSC).
  • For online registration, documents must be uploaded online.
  • After online registration, all the documents are subject to physical verification.
  • A scanned copy of the original Affidavit and self-declaration must be uploaded while applying online.
  • The original Affidavit and hard copy of the declaration should be submitted to the concerned SDM/Tehsildar/CSC by hand or registered/speed post along with the Application/Acknowledgement number.
  • The applicant must submit or upload the deceased person’s photograph while applying online or offline.

Fees for Death Certificate Registration in Delhi

  • For death within 21 days, there is no fee for registration.
  • For death registration within 21 to 30 days from death, applicants has to pay Rs. 25/- to the Medical Officer, Health (MOH) for certification.
  • For registration of 30 days to 1 year from death, Rs. 50/- (late fee) must be paid to the Joint Director of Statistics.
  • For registration after a year from death, the certificate can be obtained from a first-class magistrate upon producing the cause of issuing death certificate, Cremation Certificate, and an Affidavit.

How to Complete Death Certificate Registration Delhi online

Citizens can log on to any of the web portals at their convenience to apply and register for Death Certificate in Delhi.

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