Who were David Sigers and James Thomas? US Army veteran and father of 4 killed in ‘execution-style’ double homicide

MACCLENNY, FLORIDA: On August 1, deputies from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office discovered the bodies of David “Daniel” Sigers and James Michael “Bo” Thomas at a residence located off Sawtooth Road. Both men had suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Sheriff Scotty Rhoden of Baker County, Florida, stated that it had been so many years since the county experienced a homicide that he is unable to recall the most recent one. On August 3, Rhoden addressed a press conference and stated, “Autopsies were performed…. We are able to say that these two people were brutally slain, and it is possible that they were the intended victims. Let there be no misunderstanding about this; the murder was carried out in the manner of an execution.

People in this thinly populated county of approximately 30,000 are terrified as a result of the horrifying circumstances of the occurrence because a significant portion of the case is still a mystery. There are no known suspects, and there is no known motive. It was thought by the investigators that they had been shot over the weekend. According to the Miami Herald, the statement from the sheriff’s office reads as follows: “Deputies entered the residence and found two adult males in separate locations of the house deceased from what seem to be gunshot wounds.”

Macclenny County Sheriff’s Office is offering a prize of $5,000 to anyone who can provide information regarding the homicide of two males in that city. Together with the sheriff’s office, the Florida Sheriffs’ Association (FSA) Criminal Apprehension Assistance Program (CAAP) is looking into the double homicide that occurred. The number of times that the guys were shot, the reason why detectives believe they were the intended target, and why the crime scene is described as “brutal” are among the elements that have not been published. Rhoden also stated that there is no evidence to suggest that the murders are tied to drug use. According to the authorities, Sigers did not have any prior criminal past, although Thomas’s record merely included “some minor misdemeanour charges.”

The investigators have asked the locals in the area to report anything unexpected or out of the ordinary that may have occurred during the weekend. Rhoden asserts that there is nothing that can be considered insignificant. According to an obituary, the incident took place in the residence of Sigers, where he had lived “a tranquil, secluded existence.” The obituary states that he “was a lifelong citizen of Baker County” and that he served in the United States Army after playing nose guard for the football team at Baker High School.

According to his obituary, Thomas was another Macclenny native who went to Baker High School during his formative years. In addition to being a father of four, he was the owner of Bo Thomas Construction LLC. According to the obituary that was written about Thomas, he was a member of both the Whiskey Moon String Band and the Modern Day Troubadours. Both of these men were skilled musicians and enthusiastic hunters. The sheriff’s office claims that there is no proof of a “imminent threat” to the people who live in the area that is very sparsely inhabited. Despite this, anxieties have not been allayed, nor has conjecture regarding the motivation been halted. There are a lot of individuals with questions, but none of them are being answered right now.

Do you have any idea why they were singled out? If they were the target, how do you know that they won’t target someone else in the same general region if they were successful in targeting them? Angie Vlacos Sams posed the question on the Facebook page for the sheriff’s office. “This was obviously the work of more than one person. Micah Morrison stated in his writing that this “must to have been 2 or more.” “Someone has some inside information! “People talk,” remarked Eric Howard. “People talk.” According to what Michelle Dawn Lowe Baughman said on Facebook, “Say your prayers, lock all doors, and have your firearm accessible.”

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