David Kerns (Becca Scott’s Husband): Both Enjoy Summer, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth (2023), Hobbi

David Kerns, Becca Scott’s husband, and I both enjoy summer

David Kerns, Becca Scott’s spouse, works for CH Media as a corporate executive. Since getting married in 2016, Becca and David have experienced happiness in their union.

33-year-old Becca is an actress and performer who is well-known online for her voluminous game tutorials and as the Internet Nerd. She also serves as the Geek & Sundry host on programs like Game the Game and How to Play.

The co-owner of the YouTube channel GoodTimeSociety where she discusses board games and cohosts the show To Boldly Watch, Scott is also a spokesperson for Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Dell.

Becca Scott
Becca Scott

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David Kerns (Becca Scott’s Husband): Who Is He?

David Kerns, Becca Scott’s spouse, serves as CH Media’s Executive Producer and COO. Since 2017, David has been employed at Connected Ventures.

The producer was raised in Maryland and went to Landon School, an all-boys school outside of Washington, DC. His job path changed even though he earned a BS in psychology from college in 2008.

Two years later, Kerns started his career as a Producer for College Humor with Connected Ventures, based in West Hollywood, California. When he arrived in 2013, he changed his scene and entered the world of television and movies.

As a Field Producer for “The Pete Holmes Show” and “Any Given Wednesday,” Kerns joined well-known television networks like TBS Television Networks and HBO.

In addition, he oversaw The Late Late Show with James Corden productions at CBS Corporations.

He returned to Connected Ventures in 2017 and has served as vice president of content and production and executive producer for the company’s subsidiaries.

Kerns is well-known for producing a number of TV shows, including Dimension 20, Game Changer, Paranoia, Breaking News, and many others.

Additionally, he made brief appearances on a couple episodes of the shows Bad Internet and College Humor Originals.

Becca Scott
Becca Scott

David Kerns (Becca Scott’s Husband): Love Life

David Kerns and Becca Scott have been together for six years. Following their legal nuptials in 2016, Becca and David have never been apart.

There has to be more information on when the pair first started dating because they kept their relationship private. But by May 2015, the couple had already been engaged.

The actress announced her engagement to producer Kerns on social media while flashing the ring on her finger.

Scott and her current spouse were married in a stunning Costa Rican ceremony on August 13, 2016. The actress looked like the ideal bride while standing next to her partner, wearing an off-white gown and exquisite jewelry.

The actress’s day was made even more wonderful by the couple’s relatives and friends joining them in their celebration. Scott was extremely appreciative of the wedding guests as he reflected about the couple’s wedding on the occasion of their fourth anniversary.

Scott expressed her love for Kerns while posting pictures from her wedding, feeling fortunate to have such a kind and giving companion in life.

It is my never-ending objective to make him sincerely laugh every day because he is the one who makes me grin every morning and every night. the actress captioned “I feel incredibly fortunate to have created a life with this individual.”

Scott and her traveling companion Kerns adore summertime more than anything. The couple has enjoyed nature together by going on numerous outings and treks since they started dating.

The couple went “Splashin’ about on the whale’s tail” at Costa Rica’s Marino Ballena National Park earlier in April.

After six years, Scott and her boyfriend Kerns are now adding a third member to their two-parent household. The couple is thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into the world in May of next year.

Scott announced her pregnancy on Instagram earlier that day, on December 15, ecstatic with the thought of becoming a mother. The actress is thrilled to experience it with her boyfriend and her child’s ideal father.

Becca Scott: Early Life

The How to Play, Game the Game, and Fail Lab actor, comedian, and producer from the United States is most known for her work on these web series. She is also well-known for playing the character Alex in the 2017 drama This Is Us.

In August 2016, she wed fellow performer and producer David Kerns.

David Kerns (Becca Scott’s Husband): Ethnicity

Many people are curious in Becca Scott’s race, ethnicity, and nationality. Let’s investigate it! IMDb and Wikipedia state that Becca Scott’s ethnicity is Unknown. In this post, we’ll provide an update on Becca Scott’s political and religious views. Please review the article once more in a few days.

Becca Scott
Becca Scott

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Becca Scott: Bio

Becca Scott Kerns is an American national who was born on February 20, 1989, in Kansas City, Missouri, under the sign of the Pisces.

She is an actor, comedian, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer, but Sophie Gray, a character from the highly acclaimed animated comedy series “South Park,” may be best known as the voice of Sophie Gray.

It was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who also star in it, and it centers on the lives of four boys who attend a South Park, Colorado, primary school.

Since it began broadcasting in 1997, the series has received 90 nominations and has won 23 awards, including five Primetime Emmys.

Becca Scott: Education

Becca’s parents, about whom she doesn’t disclose anything out of respect for their privacy, reared her in Kansas City. She hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, thus it’s assumed that she is an only kid.

While still a student at a nearby primary school, she developed an interest in acting and comedy. She loved making her classmates laugh by doing pranks and telling jokes.

Becca started acting in school plays after enrolling in the local high school’s theatre club. She also participated in athletics during her four years there, concentrating mostly on volleyball.

Becca graduated in 2007, and since she hasn’t discussed her post-secondary education, it is assumed that she hasn’t gone to college.

Becca Scott: Career

Becca made her film debut in 2009, playing Female Customer in the horror film “Berdella.”

In the years that followed, she appeared in a few short films, including the drama “Queen of Diamonds,” the comedy “Monkey See Monkey Do,” and the science fiction “The Realtor.”

The thriller “Hacker,” written and directed by Nadeem Soumah, and starring Haylie Duff, Craig Stark, and Dan Spector, was her next major appearance.

In it, she portrayed Banjo. It centers on a teenage girl who witnessed her father’s arrest as a teenager and who is now an adult and a hacker. Becca had appearances in a number of other films that year, including the drama “This Is Us” and the horror “Turn.”

Inhale, a 2019 short drama, “Just Us Girls,” and Thank You for Your Consideration, a 2020 short thriller, are three of her most recent film roles.

Becca Scott
Becca Scott

Becca Scott: Television Show Roles

With her performance as Bee in the fantasy series “Funny Days” episode “The Birthday Party,” Becca made her television series debut in 2012. In 2013, she appeared in the episode “Superhero” of the short drama series “The Flipside.”

In the comedy “Fail Lab,” which was released in 2013 as well, Becca played Katie with Crystal Dilworth and Felicia Kelley. In the years that followed, she had a number of guest appearances on various television shows, including “Beautiful Fools,” “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and “Bad Internet.”

She portrayed Chloe in the horror film “Vampire: The Masquerade: L.A. By Night” in 2018 and 2019, which also starred Alexander Ward and Cynthia Marie and followed four vampires who lived in Los Angeles.

The comedic “Tempting Fate” episode from 2019’s “Game of Thrones” and the terrifying “The Sheridan Tapes” episode from 2021’s “Ashes, Ashes” are two of Becca’s most recent TV appearances.

Added credit
Three writing and nine producing credits belong to Becca. She developed and produced the short film “The Realtor” in 2012, as well as “Dance Macabre,” “The Birthday Party,” and other works for the television show “Funny Days.”

She has produced 63 episodes of the game show “Game the Game” in 2019 and five episodes of the 2013 television series “Law of the Land,” as well as the 2016 episode “Wedding” of the comedy “Gregg & Becca.”

Becca has appeared as a guest on a number of talk shows, including “Um, Actually,” “TableTop,” and “Agent Carter After Show.”

Becca Scott: Channel on YouTube

On 16 October 2012, Becca and her pals started the “Good Time Society” YouTube channel, which has now gained close to 25,000 subscribers and received close to 1.3 million views of all of their videos put together.

We’ll discuss three of their most popular YouTube videos since they primarily produce comedic content.

Since July 11, 2021, their most popular video, “Call of Cthulhu Classic RPG | The Auction with Becca Scott,” has received about 70,000 views. It portrays Becca and her pals playing the “Call of Cthulhu Classic” board game.

Becca Scott and her pals demonstrate how to play the board game in their second-most popular video, “Munchkin: Critical Role Playthrough | Gameplay’d with Becca Scott,” which has received over 48,000 views since April 13, 2021.

More than 43,000 people have seen their third most popular video, “How to Play Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition RPG | Rules Overview | How to Game w/Becca Scott,” since August 26, 2020. The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Becca Scott: Hobbies

Becca enjoys dressing up as video game characters and seldom turns down the chance to attend a cosplay event or a Halloween party. Her Instagram feed is rife with images of her in various costumes.

Since sitting on the beach is one of her favorite things in the world, she prefers summer the most. Becca also likes to play beach volleyball and go scuba diving.

She enjoys traveling, and she and her husband have visited a number of US states, but it doesn’t appear that they have yet visited Europe.

Board games are a great passion for Becca, and some of her favorites include “Dungeons & Dragons,” “Scythe,” and “Azul.”

She enjoys watching movies featuring Jim Carrey and Julia Roberts in her downtime, which is typically late at night, including “Ace Ventura – Pet Detective: When Nature Calls,” “Bruce Almighty,” and “Notting Hill.”

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