Dani Welniak’s Husband,Bradly Rogers, Who Is He?

Dani Welniak’s Husband,Bradly Rogers, Who Is He?

Dani Welniak has continued to be active. Even after quitting softball, she continued to work out with her boyfriend to maintain a healthy figure. (Instagram as a source)

The days of Dani Welniak at KCTV5 are soon coming to an end.

She is well-known to listeners and viewers of sports channels. She worked in the sector for more than ten years. She is currently resigning from her post as KCTV5’s full-time Sports Director.

Bradly Rogers, Dani Welniak’s husband, who is he?

On April 8, ten years ago, Bradly Rogers proposed to Dani, and the two were soon wed. Her partner does not appear to be active on social media, in contrast to the Sports director of KCTV5. He is not mentioned in any of the numerous photos she has shared of him.

Furthermore, the pair looked supportive and had known each other for some time before they got engaged and finally married. She arrived in the city with her spouse, Bradly, according to her channel network bio.

As a result, we think they made good partners and may have helped each other advance professionally.

Are Dani Welniak and KCTV5 parting ways?

Understand The Age Gap Between Dani Welniak And Her Husband: Relationship Information

Given that both Dani and her spouse appear to be in their 30s or 40s, their age difference may not be very great. Despite the age gap, their relationship appears to be thriving, and they appear to be content in their marriage.

She refers to her partner as her best friend, which suggests that they have a special bond. They can be seen competing together in events like the Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and others because they are both athletic.

Dani Welniak’s Children:

Cameron, Dani’s lone child, was born in 2020. But after many years together, she and her husband made the decision to establish a family, and she gave birth to a sweet little one.

The couple’s family is also mostly unknown because they haven’t shared many pictures with them. However, Welniak shared a photo of herself, her mother, and Bradly playing softball.

 Dani Welnaik Net Worth in 2022

Before she announced her resignation a few days ago, Dani Welnaik worked as the sports director for KCTV5. Before disclosing her departure from the network channel, she had been a part of the team for more than six years.

The former football player won the 2007 Rookie of the Year award, was selected for three Pro Bowls, won the 2008 Women’s Super Bowl, and received the 2010 WFAF Gold Medal. He spent a year as a Freelancer on ESPN from 2010 to 2011.

She worked as a production assistant there, primarily on news and game telecasts. She managed plays on stage as well. She also edited and photographed the ESPN GameDay Package.

Additionally, she spent more than five years as a sports anchor at KWCH during her tenure. She also worked as a supplemental reporter for Chiefs Radio Network. She once more worked for over six years as a freelance Radio Color Analyst for Cumulus Media and Pikewood Creative, respectively.

She eventually found work as a sports anchor at KCTV, where she was later elevated to sports director in 2017. But this weekend, she made the decision to resign from her post.

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