Crossfire Actor Shalisha James Davis’s Biographical Information and Background

In the BBC drama Crossfire, Shalisha James Davis portrays Amara, a young woman of 25 years of age.

She is a well-known actress and model who hails from the United Kingdom and has been in a number of films. In addition, she is most known for her performances in films like Mary Queen of Scots (2018), Alex Rider (2020), and The Bay of Silence (2019). (2020).

Additionally, the story of Paige is currently being recounted by James-Davis on the BBC show Casualty. It is interesting to note that she also serves as the Patron and Mentor for the Boury Academy and Agency. She is reportedly now being managed by the talent agency Markham, Froggatt & Irwin, which is located in London, according to the sources.

Shalisha James Davis
Shalisha James Davis

A few interesting tidbits about Shalisha James-Davis

Full Name Shalisha James Davis
Profession Model and Actress
Date of Birth 2 August 1997
Age 25 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Birthplace London, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Height 5′ 5″
Weight 55 kg
Famous for Mary Queen of Scots (2018), Alex Rider (2020) and The Bay of Silence (2020)

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Age And A Brief Biography Of Shalisha James Davis

Shalisha James Davis has been acting since she was a little child and is currently 25 years old in the year 2022. She has a variety of experience and has worked in a number of films and television series. Her skill is extensive.

In addition, her family has always been on board with her chosen line of work and has encouraged her to pursue her ambition of becoming an actress. In point of fact, James-Davis has always had the ambition to pursue a career in the acting industry.

In addition to that, as a direct result of her performance, she is currently serving as the highlight of a show called Crossfire. Louise Doughty debuted in the world of television production and writing with the series Crossfire, which she also created (best-selling novelist and author of Apple Tree Yard). The action takes place in a luxurious resort on the Canary Islands.

How old is the actress who plays Shalisha James Davis on Crossfire?

Actress Shalisha James Davis, who hails from the United Kingdom, has reached the age of 25 at this point. Additionally, the day of her birth was August 2nd, 1997. Her birthday puts her under the sign of the lion, which is her zodiac sign. In a similar manner, she is a devout follower of the Christian religion.

In reference to her biography, Shalisha James Davis is of British nationality. [Citation needed] In London, England, in the United Kingdom, Shalisha James Davis was brought into the world by her parents. She is said to have a height of approximately 5 feet 5 inches, which is equivalent to 165 centimeters or 1.65 meters.

In a similar vein, her body weight is estimated to be around 55 kilograms (or 122 pounds). In addition to that, both her eyes and her hair have a naturally dark color. In the next section below, we will get into some specifics regarding the actors and other members of the cast of Crossfire.

Learn More About the Actors in Crossfire, Including Their Biographies and Backgrounds

On September 20 at 9 o’clock in the evening, the first episode of Crossfire, a brand-new three-part drama, was shown. on BBC 1. The author of Apple Tree Yard, Louise Doughty, is the brains behind the show, and actress Shalisha James is the main attraction.

In addition to this, it takes place at a stunning resort in the Canary Islands, where the main character, Joe (Hawes), has her life turned upside down in the midst of an otherwise ideal holiday with her family and friends. When vengeful shooters open fire in the complex, guests and employees of the hotel are forced to make split-second decisions that can alter the course of their lives in order to stay alive.

It is interesting to note that the dramatic and gritty narrative is excellent for Hawes, who has participated in a number of great crime dramas, as well as the rest of the ensemble, which includes several members of the well-known British police procedural television series Line of Duty.

Keeley Hawes

Keeley Hawes, who plays Jo, is in the lead role of the cast. Jo was the one who organized the getaway for everyone. It would appear that Keeley herself was incapable of making a decision on Jo. She continued by saying that she “went from sort of admiring her and finding her quite appealing, thinking she’s this really intriguing, quite complicated, quite confused, and then thinking god” in reference to Keeley’s character, who was portrayed as having a lot of flaws and being a very messy individual.

In addition, Keeley Hawes is most known for her appearances as Julia Montague in “The Bodyguard” and “DI Lindsay Denton” in “Line of Duty,” but she has also been in “It’s a Sin,” “Finding Alice,” “Honour,” and “The Durrells.”

Shalisha James Davis
Shalisha James Davis

Lee Ingleby in the role of Jason

Jo is now in a relationship with Jason, who is portrayed by Lee Ingleby. When we met Jo and Jason, Lee said that they had a somewhat cold relationship, but he also mentioned that Jason was quite a simple man on paper, adding, “he’s married, he has two kids, and I think he always gets a sense that he’s not good enough, maybe for Jo. I believe he suffers with low self-esteem.” When we met Jo and Jason, Lee said that they had a somewhat cold relationship.
On Crossfire, Josette Simon portrays Miriam, a general practitioner who has been Jo’s friend for the longest time. Miriam is married to Ben, and the Simons are the only couple on the show who do not have any children.

In addition, Josette has referred to Miriam as the one who is quietly bold, who is incredibly on top of her game, and who is someone you would trust entirely and truly.

In addition, Josette is best recognized for her performance in the first season of Anatomy of a Scandal, which aired on Netflix earlier this year. However, she has also appeared in a wide variety of other television shows and films, including Blake’s 7, The Witcher, Broadchurch, Detective Pikachu, Wonder Woman, and a number of productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Dan Ryan as Ben

Ben is used to being under pressure as a nurse, but Crossfire will place him in a whole new condition. As Ryan mentioned, Ben is frightened because Miriam is stuck within the complex, and he is responsible for the children of the other families. Dan Ryan will play Ben next.

In addition, viewers of The Bay on ITV may recognize Dan Ryan from his role as Detective Inspector Tony Manning in that show; nevertheless, he has also been in Home Fires, Cold Call, and Mount Pleasant, and he will play a role in Litvinenko.

Anneika Rose as Abhi

Anneika Rose plays the role of Abhi, who is married to Chinar and has three children with him. Annika thinks Abhi is an exceptionally faultless kind of person, but she believes that Abhi’s outer look conceals what’s going below the surface in terms of her relationship with Chinar.

Anneika Rose has also appeared in Shetland, The Midwich Cuckoos, Deadwater Fell, and Ackley Bridge, in addition to Crossfire, where she plays the role of PC Farida Jatri. Like several of the other cast members of Crossfire, Anneika Rose has also appeared in Line of Duty, where she plays the role of PC Farida Jatri.

Vikash Bhai as Chinar

The final member of the ensemble is Vikash Bhai, who plays the role of Chinar. Chinar is a self-assured and successful man who, according to Vikash Bhai, “is not scared to go after what he wants” in life. Chinar is married to Abhi.

The role he played in The Stranger is the one for which Vikash is best known; nevertheless, he has also appeared in the CW science fiction series Pandora, Hanna on Prime Video, Limbo, Knightfall, and Casualty.

Amara is a role that is played on the show by Shalisha James Davis.

In addition to Marta Fuenar as Pilar and Shalisha James-Davis as Amara, Crossfire will also star Hugo Silva as Mateo, Noah Leggott as Adam, and Pol Torro as Gerardo. Shalisha James Davis will play the role of Amara. Marta Fuenar will play the role of Pilar.

In Crossfire, a new thriller written by Apple Tree Yard author Louise Doughty, the main character, Jo, played by Keeley Hawes, is on a fantasy holiday in the Canary Islands with her husband, close friends, and family. Crossfire is a three-part family drama that will premiere on the BBC.

The show swiftly becomes a survival thriller as it follows a range of tourists and hotel personnel while the property is being attacked. Their resort is flipped upside down by the entrance of a bunch of gunmen out for revenge, so things don’t remain pleasant for long.

Amara, played by Shalisha James-Davis on the television show Crossfire

In the second episode of the drama shown on BBC One, Amara finds herself scouring the hotel in a frantic quest for somewhere to hide after she once again loses track of her mother. She eventually finds a locked lavatory, but she immediately realizes that she isn’t alone in the room.

When Amara looked up, she noticed that the previous young shooter, Flavio, was standing just outside the restroom door watching her. As she opened the door, she saw a girl who had been injured and was lying on the floor. When she looked up, she saw Flavio. Someone else was watching her from outside the restroom door!

Further, Amara recognized Flavio and recalls running into him at the beach. Similarly, she then implored Flavio to save her life and let her go, claiming that she understood how the young child felt. Flavio was obviously moved by Amara’s statements, and he unexpectedly allowed her to leave.

Some FAQs

Who is Shalisha James-Davis?

She is a famous British Actress and Model.

How Old is Shalisha James-Davis?

Shalisha is 25 years old.

Where was Shalisha James-Davis born?

Shalisha was born in London, England, United Kingdom

Who does Shalisha James-Davis plays in BBC’s crossfire?

Shalisha James-Davis plays the role of Amara in Crossfire.

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