Who Was Cristine Lee Silawan? Philippines Murder Case As Killer Is Set Lose

Many of the stab wounds on the forensic photos of Cristine Lee Silawan were not recognisable.

In 2011, a high school girl named Cristine Lee Silawan was brutally killed. She was found dead in Barangay Bangkal, Lapu-Lapu City, in an empty lot.

Silawan’s body could not be identified because she had been skinned and stabbed many times.

What happened to Cristine Lee Silawan? Her Wikipedia

Cristine Lee Silawan was only 16 when she was killed very badly. Silwan was found dead in an empty lot in Lapu-Lapu City on March 11, 2019.

Silawan was in high school, and he also collected money for the Church. She was from Cebu, which is in the Philippines.

Before she was killed, her boyfriend, who was not known, met her through a fake Facebook account. At first, the suspect tried to pass himself off as someone else.

From the CCTV footage, we could see that Silawan was walking with a man. Because of this, the police think that at least three people were involved in her death.

Photos of the Cristine Lee Silawan case are shared on Reddit

Photos of Cristine Lee Silawan’s autopsy are being shared on the web right now.

It shows that she was killed without any care. Her naked body was found with more than 20 stab wounds and nine wounds from fighting back.

The forensic pictures showed that she was missing her tongue, trachea, oesophagus, parts of her neck, and her right ear. Her face was all the way down to her skull. The initial investigation also found that she had been sexually assaulted before she died.

The forensic team also found out that the caustic materials were used to destroy half of her face. Acid burned her face, and it also got on her forehead, neck, and eyes. The marks on her neck showed that a 1-centimeter-long rope was used to choke her.

The killer of Cristine Lee Silawan is about to be caught: Case updates

Jonas Martel Bue was arrested on March 16, 2011, because he was thought to be Cristine Lee Silawan. But the man from Barangay Maribago said he had nothing to do with the 16-year-death. old’s

Renato Llanes, who was also named as a suspect, was caught after making a “extrajudicial confession.” But he said he wasn’t guilty when he was charged with murder. Llane says that the infamous momo challenge was the reason for the murder.

On May 24, 2020, Renato Llanes killed himself by hanging. Silawan’s death did not give him true justice. Instead, it got rid of his criminal obligations.

The prosecution was sure that Llanes was the one who killed the man, and when he killed himself, the case was over.

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