Conrad Roy III: How Did He Die? How Many Times Did He Attempt Suicide?

Despite his long and complex issues with mental health, Conrad Roy III’s family believed that he was “doing wonderfully” at the time of his suicide in the summer of 2014, despite his lengthy and complex struggles with mental health. In the Hulu series ‘The Girl from Plainville,’ however, it is revealed that, while this was not fully the truth, his relationship with Michelle Carter played a significant influence in the way things ultimately ended. For those who seek to understand more about his death and past, in particular with a specific focus on his experiences and suicide attempts, we have the information you need at your fingertips now.

Conrad Roy III
Conrad Roy III

What Caused Conrad Roy III’s Death?

When everything flipped upside down for Conrad Roy III, he was 18 years old and had acquired a charter boat captain’s licence while also graduating with a 3.88 GPA from the Old Rochester Regional High School. In fact, he’d been accepted to Fitchburg State University, demonstrating that the socially nervous adolescent had a plethora of options to choose from, none of which he appeared to have been forced to pursue by his parents. As a result, no one could have predicted that Conrad would commit suicide after spending the day walking along the beach with his mother and bringing his sisters out for ice cream.

On the evening of July 12, 2014, Conrad visited his mother at their Fairhaven, Massachusetts, home for a few minutes before leaving (without saying goodbye to her). He was never seen or heard from again. Only a few hours later, on the following morning, she called the police to report her son missing, which resulted in the authorities discovering him dead inside his pickup truck, which was parked behind a nearby Kmart. When the adolescent was driving his closed-up vehicle in the vacant lot, he accidentally turned on a gas-powered water pump, enabling carbon monoxide to flow into the cab, ultimately leading to his death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

How Many Times Did Conrad Roy III Make an Attempt on His Own Life?

Despite the fact that Conrad Roy III appeared to be a successful businessman on the surface, the truth is that he had been suffering from depression since his parents’ divorce when he was 16 years old. Along with taking medication, he had also seen multiple therapists and counsellors in the months before his death, including a cognitive-behavioral therapist, in the months leading up to the event. While his father allegedly mistreated him, it has been claimed that his former girlfriend and his grandfather ridiculed him, which is said to have adversely affected his mental well-being. As a result, Conrad had tried suicide four times before to that awful day in his life.

It has been said that the first time Conrad attempted suicide, he was talking to a female who had met him while in a group, and she immediately called the police in an effort to assure his safety. Even the authorities reacted quickly, ensuring that he was taken to the hospital before it was too late. According to official records, he may have died if his acts had gone undiscovered for longer periods of time. After all, the then-17-year-old had purposefully overdosed on acetaminophen, a moderate painkiller and fever drug commonly referred to as paracetamol due to its ability to reduce fever.

There is little information available on Conrad’s other three suicide attempts, but sources claim that he spent a lot of his spare time researching the most successful suicide methods on the internet. To further illustrate this point, a month before his death, he had recorded a video diary in which he described what was going on in his mind and had stated, “What I am doing is looking at myself so negatively, looking at myself as this no good trash that will never be successful, never have a wife, never have children, and never learn. ” “However, I have a great deal to offer someone.”

‘I’m a good child,’ Conrad had remarked, as can be seen in the image above. Eventually, however, I become too kind to be tolerated any longer. The worst part is that it’s real since, despite his previous attempts, it wasn’t until he was encouraged by his then-17-year-old girlfriend Michelle Carter that he was able to complete the task. In their text messages after they’d planned everything out, she was not only the one who outlined the manner in which Conrad would die, but she was also the one who made sure he actually died in that manner.

“Yeah, I think it’ll work,” Michelle responded to Conrad’s text message. “If you release 3200 parts per million of it for five or ten minutes, you will die within a half hour,” says the author. You lose consciousness without experiencing any discomfort. You simply fall asleep and pass away. You may also just attach a hose from the exhaust pipe to the rear window of your car and seal it with duct tape and clothes to ensure that the gas does not escape. “You’ll be dead in 20 or 30 minutes, completely painless,” says the doctor. If that wasn’t enough, she also gave him advice on the location and alternate techniques, effectively encouraging him to commit suicide by whatever means possible.

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