Conor Flynn, cork man; Imprisoned For Sharing Intimate Video

Conor Flynn, a resident of Cork, Ireland, was sentenced to prison after exchanging an intimate Snapchat video with a woman. He is who? Let’s learn more about him right now.

According to the most recent media sources, the Irishman shot a sex video while having sex with a 30-year-old woman. Conor recorded the video without the woman’s knowledge.
Flynn continued after this and shared the woman’s video on Snapchat without her permission. The woman finds it alarming and called the police to report what happened.
Not everyone who received the video was the unnamed woman. The Irishman sent the video to three or four more persons on his messaging app’s top list, according to the officials.

Conor Flynn, an Irishman from Cork

Conor Flynn, a native of Cork, Ireland, was found guilty of uploading an intimate film of a 30-year-old woman and was given a six-month prison sentence.
Conor Flynn, a father of three who recorded a lady having sex and posted the footage on Snapchat, was imprisoned.
Because of social media, the incident shows the sexual harassment that women are now subjected to. She claimed that watching the video had traumatised her.
According to Judge Treasa Kelly, the Cork native betrayed the woman’s confidence when she was at her most vulnerable. The other four individuals who Conor had shared the film with, however, were unable to be identified by the court.
When Flynn first met the woman, she was giving him a sex act at his house while they were both going through addiction treatment. On May 16, 2021, the incident happened at Flynn’s house.

Conor Flynn Age

In 2022, Conor Flynn will be 47 years old. The victim, though, is reportedly 30 years old.
In addition, the Cork native is a father to three kids. The woman’s identity has been kept a secret by the authorities in the interim, and we should respect that right.
Flynn, 47, went to Kilmainham garda station by appointment to give a statement after the complaint was filed against him. The woman testified in court that when she learned that her private film had been shared on social media, her entire body froze.

Conor Flynn Wiki

Conor Flynn, a 47-year-old resident of Cork, Ireland, was sentenced to six months in prison after uploading a sexually explicit film of a lady.
The Cork-based man works as a builder on Tyrconnell Road in Inchicore, Dublin, according to Independent Ireland. He has previously been charged with robbery, blackmail, extortion, and eluding justice.
According to Flynn’s lawyer, Mervyn Harnett, the father-of-three made a sincere apology to the victim. The attorney went on to say that Flynn’s mental state contributed to the crime.

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