Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date & Time Check Star Cast and Spoilers Alert

Netflix has to decide if it will make a sixth season of Cobra Kai. The Karate Kid spinoff series with Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence has been a huge success around the world for the streaming service. In 2020, it bought Cobra Kai from YouTube Red.

Seasons 3 and 4 of Cobra Kai were only available on Netflix. Season 5, which starts on September 9, 2022, is expected to be as exciting and well-received as the previous seasons, if not more so. Let’s find out when the sixth episode will be out.

Season 5 of Cobra Kai picks up where season 4 left off: Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) won the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament by cheating, which forced Daniel and Johnny to close their dojos. Silver puts into action his big plan for Cobra Kai to take over all kinds of karate in the San Fernando Valley. Daniel asks Chozen Toguchi, who is played by Yuji Okumoto, to help him stop Silver. Johnny and his son Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), who plays Miguel Diaz, fly to Mexico to bring him home.

Cobra Kai Season 6
Cobra Kai Season 6

Cobra Kai Season 6

Tory Nichols (Peyton List) is upset because she knows Silver lied to make her plan work, and John Kreese (Martin Kove) is in jail because he was wrongly accused of trying to kill someone. Netflix hasn’t told Cobra Kai that it will be back for a sixth season. Netflix picked up Cobra Kai for a fifth season in August 2021, which was months before season 4 came out in December 2021. Both seasons 4 and 5 were shot in 2021, so season 5 was already in preproduction.

Cobra Kai is an exception to Netflix’s rule of canceling shows early, and it looks likely that Daniel, Johnny, and the rest of the high-kicking cast will be back for season 6. Since season 6 of Cobra Kai hasn’t been announced or started filming yet, it won’t be on Netflix until the end of 2023. Season 6 will definitely air before the show starts making it. A season of Cobra Kai takes about three to four months to film.

Still, some of season 6’s scenes were shot while season 5 was being made. Cobra Kai Season 6 could come out a year after season 5 in the fall of 2023, or it could stick with the December release date that worked so well for seasons 3 and 4 on Netflix. Well, there’s no doubt that fans are looking forward to the new season. Stay in touch with Social Telecast to find out more.

Netflix hasn’t said anything about a sixth season of Cobra Kai yet, but nothing about Season 5, which just came out, makes me think it will be the last. The season ends with yet another big cliffhanger, and series star Ralph Macchio has said in interviews that Season 6 footage has already been shot, in case Netflix decides to make more episodes.

I’m pretty sure there will be a sixth season of Cobra Kai. I’ll watch it if we do. But if it were up to me, that would be the end of the show. Cobra Kai hasn’t made people sick of it yet. Still, Season 5 was by far the worst one so far, and it was the one in which the show’s clever plan to use old Karate Kid movies as story ideas started to lose steam.

The premise of Cobra Kai might be the best of all time: After 30 years, the roles of the two main characters in The Karate Kid have completely switched. Johnny Lawrence, who was the BMOC in high school and a member of the Cobra Kai dojo and played by William Zabka, turned out to be a total loser as an adult. After his rival Daniel LaRusso (Macchio) kicked him in the face at a karate tournament, Johnny spent a lot of the next few decades drinking and being sad. In the meantime, Daniel became a successful businessman who was also kind of a jerk. In the meantime, a new student named Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) needs advice and help dealing with bullies at his high school. Miguel ends up under Johnny’s care because he doesn’t have a kind and wise Mr. Miyagi to teach him. In order to help Miguel, he decides to start up the Cobra Kai dojo again, which makes Daniel very unhappy.

That’s where the show got its clever, character-based start. In the early years of the show, Johnny and Daniel’s relationship made people think about them in a new way. We saw that Johnny’s childhood was just as hard as Daniel’s, and we learned what was going on in his mind that made him pick on others. Later, Cobra Kai showed how hard John Kreese’s life was before he started his “evil” dojo. After seeing what he went through in Vietnam, you could see why he might believe that you should attack your enemies before they attack you. Cobra Kai covered up The Karate Kid’s black-and-white, good-versus-evil morality with a layer of gray.

By Season 5, most of these parts and many of the characters’ more complicated parts are long gone. Daniel, who was almost the bad guy in the early Cobra Kai episodes, has returned to his role as the series’ steadfast and unstoppable hero, while Johnny, who was shown as well-meaning but deeply misguided, has become a loveable oaf who gets along with everyone. The characters’ rough edges have been smoothed down, except for Terry Silver, who has been the main bad guy for the last two seasons (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Cobra Kai Season 6
Cobra Kai Season 6

Silver was first seen in The Karate Kid Part III. He never quite fit into Cobra Kai’s plan to make the Karate Kid movies more complicated. In The Karate Kid Part III, Terry Silver is a caricature of evil. He is a businessman who made a lot of money by dumping toxic waste. He then decides to help his old war buddy John Kreese by getting revenge on the old man and the recent high school graduate who made him look bad. In the movie, Silver, an adult, seems to put his whole life on hold in order to hurt Daniel, a poor teenager with few options. He hires thugs to scare him, acts like he cares about him, drives a wedge between him and Mr. Miyagi, and then uses cruel and painful techniques to train him for a tournament. All because Daniel won a karate tournament and beat one of his friend’s students.

Griffith does a good job playing Silver, but the character has no redeeming qualities and is so unlikeable that he doesn’t fit in with the rest of Cobra Kai’s fictional world, where everyone on both sides of the Cobra Kai vs. Miyagi-Do war has motivations that are easy to understand. Most of the people at Cobra Kai want to get their lives in order, gain confidence, let go of their painful pasts, or find acceptance in a group of other outsiders. Terry Silver wants to take over the world with a karate dojo and get even with Daniel LaRusso, who he has been mad at for 35 years. Terry Silver can’t be made into a complicated creature with a sad past, or if it is possible, the people who made Cobra Kai never figured out how.

The show has other problems as well as it moves into its sixth season. At first, one of the best things about the show was that it had a lot of young characters. Miguel wasn’t the only one there. There was also Sam (Mary Mouser), Daniel’s popular daughter, Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), Johnny’s troubled and estranged son, and Hawk (Jacob Bertrand), another bullied kid who eventually joins Cobra Kai because he’s so angry about how he’s been treated. They gave Cobra Kai a chance to see how the old high school stereotypes from The Karate Kid looked in a modern setting and to emphasize one of the show’s main ideas, which is that violence leads to more violence in a never-ending cycle.

By Season 5, though, the “young” cast of Cobra Kai is starting to look as old as Ralph Macchio did in The Karate Kid Part III, when he was supposed to be 18 but was actually 27. (Mouser is now 26 years old. The LaRusso family seems to have a lot of people who look like adults even though they are still in high school. What’s more, some of these kids’ stories have pretty much ended already. During the early years of Cobra Kai, for example, Robby went back and forth between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do as he tried to get along with Johnny. He was eventually kicked out of school after accidentally hurting Miguel during a fight. In Season 5, Robby has made up with his father and stopped being a bad boy with Cobra Kai. In the first couple of episodes, he even makes up with Miguel and they become friends. He does good things for the rest of the season while waiting for a new subplot that never really comes.

When it was at its best, Cobra Kai had an uncanny ability to take simple ideas from The Karate Kid movies and turn them into deep, interesting drama. As it goes on, it’s getting closer and closer to being as silly and over the top as the original movies. Just look at how this season ends on a cliffhanger. It sounds like the plot of a bad version of The Karate Kid Part IV, not what we’ve come to expect from the much smarter Cobra Kai. On the show, no one has really jumped over a shark yet. But the way things look right now, it wouldn’t be too strange if someone did.

The best Easter eggs for Karate Kid fans in Cobra Kai Season 5

The parts of Cobra Kai Season 5 that make references to the old movies that we liked best.

The Master of Terry Silver

In The Karate Kid Part III, Terry Silver’s plan to get revenge on Daniel for his old war buddy John Kreese was to trick Daniel into thinking he was there to make up with him on behalf of Cobra Kai. Never forget how weird The Karate Kid Part III is! He goes to Mr. Miyago’s dojo and says he is a student of Kim Sun-Yung, who is said to be a great martial arts master. In Karate Kid Part III, that line was just a throwaway, but in this season of Cobra Kai, it has a lot to do with Kim Sun-techniques Yung’s and the fact that some of his students are going to America to work for Terry Silver’s rising dojo.

Uncle Chozen

In Episode 2, Chozen has a short flashback to his childhood, where he talks about how his uncle taught him martial arts. They don’t say much, but that’s Sato, who was Mr. Miyagi’s rival back in Okinawa. Sato and Chozen are the main bad guys in The Karate Kid Part II for most of the movie. However, Sato changes his mind at the end of the movie after seeing Daniel and Miyagi be brave during a storm (more on that later). After what happened in The Karate Kid Part II, Sato changed his ways and died a few years ago, as was shown in earlier seasons of Cobra Kai.

Barnes’ Contract

In The Karate Kid Part III, Terry Silver hires a mercenary karate master named Mike Barnes to help him beat Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi by winning the annual All-Valley Karate Tournament. (Don’t forget how strange Karate Kid III is!) In Episode 3 of Season 5, Mike Barnes is an adult. In this episode, he talks about one of the most ridiculous parts of Karate Kid Part III, which is that Silver agreed to write up a contract for Barnes’ payment if he beats Daniel in the All-Valley. (Because you want to make sure there’s a paper trail when you’re carrying out a very crazy plan for revenge on behalf of an old war buddy.) Barnes does talk about the contract and confirms that it did exist. However, he says that he lost it a long time ago.

Having Fun With Boys

The dream sequence that starts Episode 4 is a direct homage to the famous beach volleyball montage from Top Gun, which was set to Kenny Loggins’ “Playing With the Boys.” Top Gun came out around the same time as the first Karate Kid, but it fits even better on Cobra Kai today because Top Gun got its own legacy sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, this year.

Rare Bonsai Trees

When Terry Silver bids a crazy amount of money at a charity auction for three of Daniel’s rare bonsai trees, he really sticks it to Daniel. In The Karate Kid Part III, Mr. Miyagi and Daniel started a business selling bonsai trees. Throughout the movie, Mike Barnes and Silver’s other thugs keep trying to destroy their business and the beautiful trees, so Silver knows how mad Daniel will get if he buys them and threatens to destroy them. What a jerk!

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