Clarkson’s Farm: Is It Real or Fake? Review, Where To Watch? Season 2 and More

The majority of “Clarkson’s Farm” on Amazon Prime follows Jeremy Clarkson once he decides to manage his 1,000-acre farm

The English Cotswolds setting of the documentary show gives viewers a new understanding of how gruelling the agricultural sector can be.

The celebrity typically requires assistance from those who have been involved in the field of agriculture for far longer than him because of his lack of experience.

Even though Jeremy might not always pay attention to other people, he does seem to be passionate about this part of his life and is still willing to learn more about it.

The series also stars Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland, and Lisa Hogan in addition to the “Top Gear” legend. Despite the fact that the series has attracted attention thanks to its expansive rural settings and distinctive sense of comedy, many viewers are unsure of the series’ authenticity. Fortunately, we are here to investigate the same.Clarkson’s Farm

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Clarkson’s Farm: Is It Real or Fake?

No, we don’t think “Clarkson’s Farm” is staged. The series’ core premise—a man starting a new life in the country and picking up numerous lessons along the way—seems to have been lifted directly from a work of fiction.

But if these tales are as interesting as Jeremy Clarkson’s actual life has proven to be, it is understandable why the cliché is so well-liked. In light of this, Jeremy’s venture into the agricultural sector is entirely accurate.

It is somewhat strange to watch the show’s host in a public place where people do not really seem to be all that in awe of him given the level of popularity he has amassed over the years.

The former “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” host has, however, provided an explanation for why there isn’t more celebrity adulation. He told The Guardian, “Why would they do otherwise? “I’m just one of those wealthy f—-s who moved to the Cotswolds,” said the speaker.

The individuals who are frequently seen attempting to assist Jeremy are unquestionably authorities in their fields with credentials that can be verified. One of the most interesting aspects of the show is the fights between the TV celebrity and his helpers, yet viewers may wonder if all of these exchanges are as sincere as they seem.

However, individuals like Kaleb Cooper have publicly asserted that the statements they made and the language they used in the series were correct.

Even those working in the agriculture sector have expressed their admiration and support for the event. Even some of Jeremy Clarkson’s detractors have expressed gratitude for his attempts to improve the rural community where he lives.

In reality, those who have experienced similar circumstances at some point or another found a lot of empathy for the TV celebrity during his fight with the local council over his restaurant in season 2. As Jeremy struggles to deal with the challenges of living the farm life, the public’s general opinion appears to be rather favourable to the show’s credibility.

To put it another way, “Clarkson’s Farm” gives viewers what appears to be a true representation of how demanding farming can be. Not everything is easy, but when someone decides to live this way, there will inevitably be some sort of difficulty. Jeremy doesn’t appear to be regretting his choice all that much, either.


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After a day on the farm, “I definitely sleep better,” he said. “However, there aren’t any cameras here today. I’m seeing you even though I have to write a piece. But as soon as you leave, I’m getting back on the tractor, weather permitting.

The Clarkson Farm? Did you anticipate detesting it but wind up adoring it? Do you really like Jeremy Clarkson more than you thought you would? And are you looking forward to Season 2?

Even Clarkson himself was shocked by the success of the series that exposed the harsh reality of farming to the big screen (really, Amazon Prime Video).

On a 1,000 acre property in Chipping Norton, Clarkson struggled as an inexperienced farmer over the course of eight episodes. during a pandemic when British weather is at its most erratic.

Fortunately, he had his gang of amusing fellows to provide both advise and jeers. The seasoned farmer Kaleb Cooper is practically in command, according to Clarkson. Then there’s talkative dry stone wall expert Gerald Cooper and cheerful land agent Cheerful Charlie.

White males in their 60s tend to dominate the farming industry. However, a few females also step in to save Clarkson. Specifically, his shepherdess Ellen Helliwell and his lover Lisa Hogan.

Clarkson’s Farm
Clarkson’s Farm

Clarkson’s Farm: Where To Watch?

The reality of most farmers is not quite like Clarkson’s excursion into farming. He reportedly has a cushion of £48 million (plus or minus) to absorb any costly errors. Whether he succeeds or fails, Amazon will pay him.

Nevertheless, according to farmer and author James Rebanks, Clarkson “did more for farmers in one series of Clarkson’s Farm than Countryfile achieved in 30 years.” And a lot of farmers concur.

In Clarkson’s Farm, several significant issues regarding the situation of UK agriculture today were raised. Specifically, its reliance on chemicals, “non-organic” food, erratic weather, the use of animals in farming, and earnings after a year of labour…

But before we elevate Clarkson just yet in the hopes of changing how people view farming, let’s be careful. He continues to publish cliché-filled Sunday Times essays that may be more detrimental to the climate situation than Clarkson’s Farm is.

He made headlines this week (November 7, 2021) for claiming that Greta Thunberg needed “a smacked bottom.”

Instead of “moaning about how [his] cows burp too much and how there’s a turd in the River Evenlode,” Clarkson also seems to imply in his less-than-woke column for The Sunday Times that climate activists should perhaps consider violent suicide or spending decades in a labour camp in China if they truly want to make an impact.

Therefore, even if Clarkson may have started the farming dialogue, we wanted to make sure that it included more perspectives.

We’ve been talking to some of the pioneering British farmers in environmental defence. Here are their opinions on the programme, UK farming realities, and what the future must entail.

Clarkson’s Farm: Review

  • The ridiculousness of raising Rosewood farm cattle is well matched by Clarksonesque stupidity.
  •  As a result, they maintain that the work they do to improve the natural world results in their beef.
  • Rob Rose, Rosewood Farm: “Ever since Jeremy said he intended to depict what farming is truly like, warts and all, I’d been anticipating Clarkson’s Farm.
  • My main worry was that this would end up becoming “The Grand Tour on a Farm.” Despite the opening sequence, I realised this was going to be rather different five minutes into the first episode. And impressively effective.
  • It was fairly accurate. I believe they did a nice job of striking a balance between Clarksonesque stupidity and the ridiculousness of farming as a profession.
  • The fact that the “star” doesn’t overpower his supporting cast is what makes it so real to farmers. Clarkson doesn’t make any effort to appear as though he is working alone. Each of the personalities is a lot of fun.
  • While not everyone in farming is like that (! ), we all know folks who are just like Gerald, Charlie, Ellen, and Kaleb. They truly have nothing but scorn for the newcomer that is trying their luck!
  • Clarkson explains the value of working effectively right away in the context of farming. His portrayal of the frustration all farmers experience when the combined effects of the weather and markets don’t quite work in their favour is accurate.
  • He also didn’t hold back when discussing the negative environmental effects of farming. I could relate to the internal difficulties caused by wanting to support nature yet being constrained by the market’s financial requirements, laws, and even the passing of time.
  • Regardless of our level of enthusiasm for animals, we are all faced with similar difficulties.
  • Farming’s realities were given by Clarkson, including the experience, disputes, highs, and lows.
  • Because of the way Clarkson demonstrated the emotional connection you have—and need—to maintain when things aren’t going well, I was able to relate to his book Clarkson’s Farm.
  • Many farmers take great satisfaction in providing the food we all need, especially in the midst of the pandemic, and they never give up hope that tomorrow, next week, or next year will be better.
Clarkson’s Farm
Clarkson’s Farm

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Clarkson’s Farm: Season 2

This implies that it treats farmers fairly and pays close attention to where the meat and fish it sources are sourced from.

“One thing we as humans cannot avoid is our urge to eat,” says Simon Price, a pig farmer for field & flower.

Our amount of interest in what, when, and how we eat can vary. But it’s a basic requirement for survival.

Additionally, our population is expanding and is anticipated to reach almost 70 million by the end of this decade.

No one is more aware of this than the farming community, as Clarkson demonstrated.

Weather may be harsh to us. The media frequently attacks us for failing to take environmental responsibility. There is a rising need for food that is as inexpensive as feasible. On a farm, daily survival, environmental protection, and animal care are all constantly at odds with one another.

What then is the answer? If we want to feed the country, do we have to give up our desire to eat more sustainably?

In my opinion, no. I’m hopeful the upcoming season of Clarkson’s Farm will demonstrate how commercially viable sustainable farming is.

And by this, I mean a farming system that sustains biodiversity and nourishes a sizable population. It brings in money for Jeremy the impoverished.

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