Why Christopher Scarver Took The Life of Jeffrey Dahmer? 

Why Christopher Scarver Took The Life of Jeffrey Dahmer? 

The life and crimes of the notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer are chronicled in the Netflix documentary titled “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” The first episode of the series opens with his apprehension, and throughout the course of the next 10 episodes, the audience is shown how he began his murdering spree as well as all of the causes that led to his crimes going unpunished for such a significant amount of time.

He was finally apprehended in 1991 and sentenced to numerous terms of life imprisonment, which ensured that he would spend the remainder of his life behind bars. On the other hand, the horrific nature of his deeds had infuriated a large number of individuals, including those who were incarcerated for their crimes. Dahmer was assaulted twice by other convicts while he was incarcerated.


Christopher Scarver
Christopher Scarver

What prompted Christopher Scarver To Take The Life of Jeffrey Dahmer?

When Christopher Scarver met Jeffrey Dahmer, Dahmer was serving a life sentence for the murder of his supervisor at the Columbia Correctional Institute in Wisconsin. Scarver was serving his term for the death of his supervisor. On November 28, 1994, Christopher Scarver, another convict named Jesse Anderson, and Jeffrey Dahmer were working as part of a routine labor assignment at the prison gym. They were unattended for twenty minutes, during which time Scarver administered the deadly blows that resulted in both Dahmer and Anderson’s deaths. On the floor of the locker area at the gym at approximately 8:10 in the morning, Dahmer was discovered bleeding and beaten.

He was brought to the hospital, but an hour later, it was determined that he had passed away. Anderson, too, was unable to overcome the effects of his injuries and passed away two days later. It was discovered that a metal bar measuring 20 inches had been used to assault both of them.

After replacing the bar on the exercise machine that he had taken it from, Scarver strolled back to his cell to resume his sentence. He went on to say that he was disgusted by Jeffrey Dahmer’s criminal behavior and that he did not believe the serial killer was capable of repentance. He asserted that Jeffrey Dahmer would use the food to manufacture limbs and other body parts, and that he would use ketchup as a substitute for blood. “He would arrange them in areas where there would be other individuals. He went too far with several individuals, including inmates and staff members at the institution. “There are some people who are in prison who are contrite, but he was not one of them,” claimed Scarver, who had kept a newspaper story detailing Dahmer’s atrocities in his pocket before he murdered him.

Dahmer had been sentenced to life in prison for his murders. In addition to this, he stated that he had been stabbed in the back by Dahmer and Anderson before he assaulted them. “When I turned around, and Jesse were sort of chuckling to themselves under their breath,” she said. He said, “I stared directly into their eyes, and I couldn’t determine which one of them had done it.”

Scarver reportedly sang as he entered the courtroom and later informed the investigators that the attack had not been planned in advance. He said that all he was doing was “just yielding to the will of God and that he was simply a tool employed by the spirit.” Some people believe that Scarver’s animosity toward Dahmer and Anderson stemmed from the fact that their respective crimes had a racial overtone to them, and this is another theory that has been put up. While the majority of Dahmer’s victims were people of color, Anderson attempted to place blame for his wife’s murder on two black males. Dahmer’s victims were predominantly persons of color. Scarver, who was himself a black guy, must have been incensed by the behavior of the white people. On the other hand, this hypothesis has not been supported by any concrete evidence.

According to a report from The New York Post in 2015, Scarver feels that he was not accidentally left alone by the jail guard, despite the fact that he has accepted responsibility for the murders of Dahmer and Anderson. Despite the fact that he had not before asserted this theory in 1994, he stated that “they had something to do with what took occurred.” “I would need a good attorney to ensure there would not be any reprisal by Wisconsin officials or to get me out of any type of retaliatory situation they would put me in,” he added. “I would need an attorney to get me out of any form of retaliatory position they would put me in.” Concerning his mental condition, Scarver, who has been examined by a number of different prison doctors, claims that the food he is forced to eat in prison is one of the contributing elements to his insanity. “Through my own investigation, I was able to determine the source of the issue, which is that certain foods, such as bread and refined sugar, are to blame for my psychotic episodes. “Those are the primary causes of the problem,” he explained.

Christopher Scarver: Who Is He?

Christopher J. Scarver Sr. was born in the United States on July 6, 1969, and is currently serving a life sentence for the murders he committed in 1994 in the Columbia Correctional Institution, where he is notorious for his fatal assault on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and murderer Jesse Anderson. Dahmer and Anderson were fatally injured and killed by Scarver, who used a metal bar of 20 inches (51 cm) in length, which he had removed from a piece of exercise equipment located in the weight room of the prison. In the end, Dahmer and Anderson both succumbed to the injuries they sustained. Scarver was given two additional life terms for each of the homicides he committed.

Christopher Scarver’s Initially in Life

Scarver was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised there throughout her childhood. She is the second of five children. He began his education at James Madison High School, but left the school in the eleventh grade without graduating. As a result of his drinking problem, he was eventually evicted from his mother’s home. A job program run by the Wisconsin Conservation Corps recruited Scarver to work there as an apprentice carpenter.

He stated that he had been promised by Edward Patts, a supervisor, that upon completion of this program he would be hired full-time, but Patts was fired, and as a result, Scarver’s full-time position never materialized. He said that Patts had promised him that he would be hired full-time upon completion of this program. This led to Scarver engaging in excessive drinking, and while he was under the influence of alcohol, he started to hear voices referring to him as the “chosen one.”

Christopher Scarver’s Conviction For Murder

On June 1, 1990, Scarver went to the office of the Wisconsin Conservation Corps training program and met Steve Lohman, the supervisor who had taken over for Edward Patts. Patts had been replaced by Lohman. Scarver threatened Lohman with a gun and demanded money from him. When Lohman gave Scarver merely fifteen dollars, Scarver became upset and shot him once in the head, resulting in Lohman’s death.

At the same time, he requested monetary compensation from the facility manager, John Feyen. Scarver is quoted as saying, “According to the authorities,” “Do you honestly believe that I am joking with you, Herr Hitler? I require a larger sum of money.” After shooting Lohman for a second time, both times after he was already dead, Scarver received a check for $3,000 from Feyen, who then fled the scene.

Scarver was found guilty, given a life sentence, and transferred to the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, in the year 1992. [4] Scarver was incarcerated for the rest of his life.

Christopher Scarver in Prison

On the morning of November 28, 1994, Scarver was assigned to a work detail with two other inmates, Jesse Anderson, who was arrested for the murder of his own wife, and Jeffrey Dahmer, who was a cannibalistic serial killer. As part of the detail, Scarver was responsible for cleaning the toilet in the prison gymnasium. Anderson was arrested for the murder of his own wife. When the three inmates were left unattended by the guards, Scarver attacked the other two inmates with a bar that was twenty inches (51 centimeters) long and had been stolen from a piece of exercise equipment in the weight room of the jail. An officer questioned him about why he wasn’t continuing working when he got back to his cell earlier than expected. During that time period, two law enforcement officials located Dahmer and Anderson.

As a direct consequence of the beatings, both of the men were killed. Both Dahmer and Anderson were pronounced dead within an hour of their arrival at the hospital, and two days later, physicians disconnected life support for Anderson, causing his death. Scarver was determined to be mentally capable of standing trial, and he was subsequently sentenced to two further terms of life imprisonment for the killings of Dahmer and Anderson.

It is a widely held belief that Scarver, who is African-American, was the one who murdered Dahmer and Anderson, who were both white. This is due to Dahmer’s history of murdering African-American males and Anderson’s history of stabbing his wife to death and then stabbing himself in an attempt to frame two African-American males as the attackers of Anderson’s wife. Scarver is believed to have done this because of Dahmer’s history of murdering African-American males According to a remark attributed to Scarver, he once stated that “nothing white people do to blacks is just.”

In 2005, Scarver filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officials of the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility, arguing that he had been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, which was in violation of his constitutional rights. Scarver’s lawsuit was brought in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

As a consequence of the killing of Dahmer, according to Scarver, he was placed in solitary prison for a period of sixteen years. The lawsuit that had been brought against several of the defendants was thrown out by a judge in the district court, who also determined that the actions of the remaining officials could not be considered illegal. In 2006, Scarver made an unsuccessful attempt to appeal the ruling. After some time had passed, the federal district court judge Barbara Crabb issued an order mandating that Scarver and approximately thirty other inmates who suffered from severe mental illness be moved from the Wisconsin facility. Scarver was ultimately transferred to the Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado, which is located in that state.

In 2012, an agent representing Scarver said that Scarver was willing to publish a tell-all book regarding the murder of Dahmer, and that the agent was representing Scarver.


Christopher Scarver
Christopher Scarver

Where Is Christopher Scarver Now?

Christopher Scarver is presently doing his time at the Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado, which is located in the state of Colorado. Before he murdered Dahmer and Anderson, he was already behind bars doing time for a previous crime. After this, he was given two more sentences of life imprisonment as a consequence of his actions. Scarver filed a federal civil rights suit against the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility in 2005, alleging that the facility “subjected him to conditions of extreme sensory deprivation and social isolation despite his severe mental illness and were deliberately indifferent to his serious mental health care needs.”

Scarver claimed that the facility “subjected him to conditions of extreme sensory deprivation and social isolation despite his severe mental illness.” His action was thrown out by a judge in the district court, and his appeal to the higher court in 2006 was unsuccessful. Later on, Scarver was transferred from the Wisconsin jail to a new facility, along with a few other inmates who also suffered from mental illness. After some shuffling, he was eventually transferred to the facility in Colorado where he will remain.

In 2012, Scarver revealed the desire to write a book detailing why he killed Dahmer, including the details such as Dahmer’s final remarks to him. He also stated that he wanted to include Dahmer’s final comments to him in the book. However, despite the fact that he had been negotiating a book deal with a few different publishers, nothing has come of it as of yet. In the meantime, Scarver has penned and self-published a number of poetry books.

Some of these books include ‘A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste,’ ‘Pain: Poetry of Christopher J. Scarver,’ ‘The Child Left Behind: Poetry of Christopher J. Scarver,’ and ‘The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get in Prison,’ amongst others. Scarver also has a poetry collection titled ‘The Child Left Behind: Poetry of In 2014, Scarver’s son, who was born not long after his father was initially sentenced to prison, gave an interview to CNN in which he discussed how his father has stayed in contact with him and assisted him during moments when he feared he was headed in the wrong direction.

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