Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

A brand new Christmas comedy film called “Christmas On Mistletoe Farm” (also known as “Nosso Natal Na Fazenda”) is now available to watch on Netflix. The film’s story, written by Debbie Isitt and directed by her, follows a struggling father of five striving to find a balance between his home life and his professional Life. The film’s duration, from beginning to end, is precisely one hundred minutes.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

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Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Review

Scott Garnham, Scott Paige, Kathryn Drysdale, Delilah O’Riordan, Evan Scott, Madison Davis, and Faith Delaney Dexter are among the actors who are featured in the film’s ensemble cast. Sol Ansell, Carolyn Pickles, Ashley Jensen, Celia Imrie, Inel Tomlinson, Sydney Isitt-Ager, Jonny Weldon, Simon Lipkin, Stewart Wright, Steven Wickham, Gabriel Vick, Hannah Smith, and Isaac Fox. Ashley Jensen, Celia Imrie, Inel Tomlinson, Sydney Isitt-Ager, and Jonny Weldon.

Chris Bunyan, Nick Jones, and Hannah Perks are responsible for the film’s production. Nicky Ager and Debbie Isitt are the ones responsible for the music. Sean Van Hales is the one responsible for the movie’s cinematography.

Given that Christmas is less than two months away, it is only natural that Netflix is getting into the holiday spirit. They already have Christmas performances like Klaus, but more than the ones that are already available is required for the occasion. Christmas on Miste Toe Farm is a Christmas show that portrays the lives of a widower who inherits a farm over the holiday season. It has been added to their list of offerings.

Unbeknownst to him, moving to the farm could involve some long-term considerations with which he will need to come to terms. Although Christmas is almost forty days away, the show is set to premiere in November as planned. We know everything about the Christmas series that will be airing soon.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Release Date 

The IMDB reports that the Mistletoe series will be arriving on our televisions on November 23, and you want to experience the feel-good programme being produced. We do not know when the series announcement was made nor where the show was filmed because more information needs to be provided. Because the show will be longer than one hour and forty minutes, it could be a movie rather than a series. Streaming the show on Netflix will be possible, and you will want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Plot

The plot of the series revolves around a recently bereaved father who discovers that he has inherited a farm during the holiday season and decides to leave the city for the duration of the holiday season to spend it on the farm. Unbeknownst to him, his children like spending time in the town, and they devise a strategy to persuade their father to continue working on the farm. The man’s circumstances that led to his widowhood and the number of children he had could be explored in the series.

It is also possible that it might examine the possibility of the father agrees to stay back in the countryside despite creating a life for himself in the city. It might also investigate the various adjustments the father needs to make now that the family is moving in permanently to the village.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Cast 

The role of Matt Cunningham will be played by Scott Garnham, an actor who has already been in several other series, such as Billy Elliot, The Musical, and Les Miserables. This actor will be cast alongside Scott Paige, who will play the role of Beano, and Ashley Jensen (After Life), who will play the role of Ms Fletcher. Celia Imrie (Better Things), who will play the role of Miss Womble, and Kathryn Drysdale, who will play the role of Miss Ashley. And Carolyne Pickles, who will play the role of Grandma. Shelley Williams, which she played in the Emmerdale series, and DCI Kim, which she played in The Bill, brought Pickles a lot of fame. Nick Owen Ford as Barney Postle, Steward Wright, Richard Price, Johnny Weldon, Simon Lipkin, Jack Chissick, Dexter Scott, Sydney Issit Ager, Jamie Chapman, David O’Reilly, and Intel Tomlinson. Nick Owen Ford as Steward Wright.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Trailer 

It is not yet known when a trailer for the Christmas series will be made accessible nor when it will be made available. A release date of November 23 has been set for the series, and the trailer may be made accessible before that date; alternatively, we will have to watch the series to understand what it comprises.

There are many other shows on Netflix that will get you in the holiday spirit while we wait for the premiere of the series. Among the holiday-themed television programmes that may pique your attention are “Home for Christmas,” “Three Days of Christmas,” “Elves, Klaus,” and “Fireplace.”

Without getting too bogged down in cinematic specifics, we will point out that ‘Christmas in Mistletoe Farm’ is produced with the sole intention of being a specific feature for children to watch for them to experience the joy of the Christmas season, which is getting closer all the time, and for them to get a glimpse of what Life is like outside of the big city, where animals are always present and entertaining, and where wonderful people can be found anywhere.

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There’s no reason to worry about that. They will get a good giggle out of the gimmicks that involve stepping on excrement and the adults acting goofy.

It is a very humorous and heartwarming holiday film that will keep the younger audience members entertained and, at the very least, make them chuckle.

The release of Netflix’s newest holiday movie, Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, is scheduled for Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 3 am Eastern Time (ET) and midnight Pacific Time (PT). Because the movie is about discovering the Christmas spirit in the unlikeliest of places, it has the potential to be very compelling viewing.

All of the scenes for Christmas on Mistletoe Farm were filmed in the rural countryside of the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.


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Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Production

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm was both written by and directed by Debbie Isitt. The story follows the exploits of a recently bereaved father and his children as they move into the farm he inherited with his late wife. As the father adjusts to living in the country with ease and watches his children take pleasure in it, he begins to miss the hustle and bustle of the city. The remainder of the novel focuses on the children’s efforts to convince their father to alter his decision and the many strategies they use to do this.

According to Netflix, the following is how the official plot summary of Christmas on Mistletoe Farm reads:

“A widowed father undergoes a hard transition to village life after inheriting a farm at Christmas time, while his kids plot a scheme to stay there forever,” the story goes.

The West Midlands area’s scenery was used in the production of Netflix’s Christmas on Mistletoe Farm.

According to various stories, the English metropolitan county of the West Midlands was where the filming of Christmas on Mistletoe Farm took place. This was backed up by Create Central, a media firm based in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom that promotes creative work from that region. Create Central shared the movie’s trailer on Twitter, along with a comment stating that it was “wonderful to see another production being done in the region.”

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

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Christmas on Mistletoe Farm: Promotion

A movie like Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, which takes place on a farm in a picture-perfect community, would ideally be shot in the West Midlands, surrounded on all sides by gentle hills and stunning plateaus. Shakespeare and the heavy metal band Black Sabbath are just two of the many cultural icons that have their roots in this part of the world, which boasts a significant cultural heritage. The Warwick Castle and the Dudley limestone tunnels are also popular tourist destinations in the area.

Many well-known movies and television shows have also been filmed in the West Midlands, including Peaky Blinders, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, American Assassin, The Italian Job, Citadel, and You Don’t Know Me.

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