Cherry Valentine Demise: How did the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Contestant Pass Away?

Cherry Valentine Demise: How did the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Contestant Pass Away?

Star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Cherry Valentine passed away suddenly at the age of 28. The sad news was made public by the beloved TV star’s family. Let’s look at his cause of death, what transpired, and how he passed away.

Ward’s family penned the following in a statement sent by his agent on Friday:

The heartbreaking news that our client George Ward (@thecherryvalentine) has sadly died away breaks our hearts. The following statement from his parents, who are in our hearts and thoughts, reads: “It is with the most heartbreaking and profound regret that we notify you that our George, Cherry Valentine, has suddenly passed away. Most people will be greatly shocked by this, and we recognize that there is no simple way to make this announcement. Our lives will never be the same, and as his family, we are still processing his passing.

We are aware of how he is adored and how many lives he has influenced. At this time, all we ask in return is for your patience and your prayers. Georgie, you are very loved! 18 September 2022 – 30 November 1993

However, Cherry Valentine’s official cause of death was kept a secret.


Cherry Valentine
Cherry Valentine

What Caused Cherry Valentine’s Demise?

According to a statement from his family:

“It is with the utmost heartbreak and sorrow that I must inform you of the tragic death of our George, Cherry Valentine.

This appears to have also been validated by the mainstream media. This news is shocking beyond belief, however until the family provides additional information, we ask that you respect George Ward, alias Cherry Valentine’s memory.

Cause of Death for Cherry Valentine

Shock and disbelief over what happened to the Gypsy Queen are rife on social media.

The majority of people will be greatly shocked by this, and we acknowledge that there is no easy way to make this announcement.

“As his family, we are still processing his death, and it has completely altered our lives.

“We are aware of his adoration and the numerous lives he has impacted.

Before beginning a career in television and appearing in the BBC documentary Gypsy Queen And Proud, George, who passed away on Sunday, made an appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s second season. His death was thought to be caused by a brief sickness or accident, although the exact cause of his passing has not yet been established.

Medical subjects have made an effort to get in touch with the family and close friends to ask them about the incident. There have been no answers as of yet. Once we get enough data, we’ll update this page. Soon, more details regarding Cherry Valentine’s cause of death will be added.

Cherry Valentine: Who Was She?

“Everything about Cherry Valentine. He is a club kid, dark, gothic, a dancer, and flippant. He represents glamour. Cherry Valentine’s real name is George Ward, who was born and raised in Darlington, County Durham.

After graduating in 2015 as a mental health nurse, George—who grew up in a community of travelers—started a drag career and adopted the name Cherry Valentine.

I am a queen, look at me, he said, describing himself. I’m the empress of exquisite style. I have an hourglass-perfect figure, and there is nothing worse than a sagging b**b.

His appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK was his most notable performance.

Cherry was also featured in the BBC documentary Gypsy Queen And Proud.

Career of Cherry Valentine

He was raised in Darlington’s Traveler neighborhood and graduated from nursing school in 2015 before starting a career in drag.

George will be one of the 12 contestants in the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, which premieres in December 2020.

In the first video for the show, he described his Cherry Valentine alter ego as “glamourous,” “dark,” and “gothic.”

He asserted that becoming a nurse had “positioned me in the best situation to be able to understand them a little bit more.

“A drag queen is a person who performs for audiences. And I think you take extra steps to comprehend them.

Cherry Valentine, who worked as a nurse, was the only Drag Race queen from the same region as the user, according to a Reddit user. As soon as he learned about Cherry on the MTQs, he kept up with everything she did. He had a great deal of admiration for Cherry because she had overcome so much in her life and had worked tirelessly as a nurse throughout the covid pandemic.

I can’t believe such a good and sincere soul exists. The user went on.

Additionally, he said, “I was really excited to see her in AllStars. This is really tragic. When the pandemic first started, she returned right away to her nursing work to assist. This says a lot about the kind of person she is.


Cherry Valentine
Cherry Valentine

Honors Paid to Cherry Valentine

A homage was posted by BBC on their website.

The organization stated, “We are all stunned and heartbroken to hear the news of the demise of George, known to many as Cherry Valentine.

We had the honor of working with him at BBC Three, where he was a fan favorite and an inspiration to a lot of people. His countless admirers and friends will miss him dearly, the BBC added. “At this awful time, our sincere sympathies are with his family and friends.”

Tweeted Brittany Broski:

One of my favorite queens and a very beautiful friend was Cherry Valentine. I am devastated beyond belief. We had numerous plans to spend the new year together. She was such a brightness, and I will miss her terribly; gosh, I’m so very sorry. wishing her family and friends love

Tooncow remarked,

Not at all what I had anticipated hearing at this time of the morning. Man, what is happening in this world? We appreciate you for providing LGBT+ visitors in the UK with representation and for being such an inspiration and role model despite long-term oppression. Let your young angel rest in peace.

I had never before seen traveler representation in the LGBT community, much less in drag. Cherry was such a lovely person, and I am so happy to have been alive when she was so that I could benefit from the love and inspiration she gave to so many people. Cherry, RIP. I’m currently utterly heartbroken.

Hessian said:

really heartbreaking She was such a source of joy and love, and she infused everything she did with these. It truly can’t be understated how significant she was to young queers in those areas, and I can’t even begin to guess how many young Irish travelers/Romani she inspired. I hope she was aware of our love for her.

Says Jack Rem x

Death to Cherry Valentine. a talented drag performer who served the world admirably as a nurse and an advocate for the gypsy population. a significant loss

Added Seddera Side:

One of the world’s most gifted and stunning queens, may you rest in peace! Cherry Valentine, you are going to be terribly missed!

From RuPaul’s Drag Race UK:

We were completely shocked to learn that Cherry Valentine had passed away. Our initial thoughts are with our loved ones as we work to digest this news. We send our sympathies and love to their family and friends. Death, Cherry

said Hugeasmammoth.

My thoughts are with Cherry’s family during this trying time. Love and courage are being sent. Cherry was a gifted artist who spoke to our souls and touched our hearts; her work will always hold a special place in our hearts. Peace be with you, Rosa Valentine

Pristine spoken,

Oh my goodness, that truly surprised me. She was such a gifted queen, but her season didn’t provide her enough opportunity to really flourish. She made a bold and in some ways ground-breaking documentary about being gay and a drag queen in the gypsy community. RIP, you wonderful and gifted soul.

Fans Regarding the Shocking Death

I’m stunned.

The only other Drag Race queen from my region is Cherry. As soon as I learned about her on the MTQs, I kept up with everything she accomplished, and I still do. She has my utmost respect for having overcome so much in her life and for working nonstop as a nurse throughout the Covivirus pandemic.

I can’t believe such a good and sincere soul exists.

said Missjsquared

Being from a place where there isn’t a lot of LGBT representation, I could really empathize to Cherry. She made an amazing documentary, and I hope she was proud of the impact it would have had on those from various backgrounds who needed to see it and needed a role model.

She nevertheless managed to have a significant impact, and her legacy as a performer, an inspiration to those of us who didn’t see ourselves in our communities, and of course, a selfless member of our NHS, should be remembered. I always thought she’d get the chance to return for an all-stars season.

R.I.P. Cherry

Someone remarked,

This is so tragic! She truly blazed new paths.

Cherry was a devoted gypsy who was unaware of the context in America.

Gypsy culture has a strong focus on machismo and traditional gender norms, which many people would consider to be highly sexist and homophobic. Additionally, Gypsies experience a ton of open discrimination and are frequently regarded as persona non grata in many places.

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