Chanel West Coast (TV personality) Parents & Boyfriend

Jamie Dudley and Penny Porsche are Chanel West Coast’s parents. Chanel West Coast is an American TV personality, singer, and rapper. Her parents’ names are Jamie Dudley and Penny Porsche.

In 2008, Chanel became acquainted with the television star Rob Dyrdek through mutual friends and colleagues. Not long after that, Dyrdek extended an invitation to Chanel to work for him as his receptionist while she was taking part in the MTV reality series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.
After some time, MTV decided to give the sitcom a second season order. The third season of the series began airing in 2011, and it featured a total of twelve episodes; the fourth season also began airing in 2011.
2009 saw Coast and Valleywood team up to create the Valleywood apparel range. Additionally, she introduced a new apparel business in 2019 under the name LOL CARTEL. In 2018, she created a series of smoking accessories called Chanel West Coast for the cannabis delivery service Daily High Club.

Chanel’s parents when it comes to the West Coast

Los Angeles is where Chanel West Coast first made her appearance. When she was a young child, her parents had a divorce, which meant that she had to split her time between two different states. Chanel West has Jamie Dudley and Penny Porsche as her parents. Chanel West is an only child.
She split her time between living in New York City with her DJ father and returning home to Los Angeles to be with her mother. As a child, Chanel remembers going to clubs with her father, who was a DJ at those venues, and she gives credit to her father for kindling her love in music.
She never fails to acknowledge the contribution of her parents to her accomplishments today. She attributes her strong work ethic and witty sense of humour to her mother’s influence.

Penny Porshe, Chanel’s Mother

Penny Porshe is Chanel West Coast’s mother. Penny West Coast is a model. In addition, she has a stepmother who goes by the name Linda. Coast enjoys a wonderful relationship with both her biological mother and her stepmother.
When West Coast was in the state of California, she spent her time in the San Fernando Valley with her mother. According to Chanel, whose account was obtained from LA Weekly, her mother put in a lot of effort to ensure the financial stability of the family and at one point even grew marijuana in order to contribute to the household income.
Chanel asserts that she first tried marijuana in the privacy of her own home when she was 11 years old. Chanel has never stopped praising her mother for the sacrifices she has made in order to provide a better life for her daughter.

Jamie Dudley, the father of Chanel West Coast

Jamie Dudley is the musician Chanel West Coast’s father. Chanel is a vocalist. When the vocalist was 14 years old, her inspiration came from her father.
Chanel spent her childhood on both the East Coast and the West Coast, splitting her time between North Hollywood, where she lived with her mother, and New York City, where she visited her father. The introduction of her to music, which was provided by her parents, changed everything.
No matter where she is at in her career as a singer now, there is no doubting that music had a significant role in her childhood. Her most remarkable musical accomplishment was a collaboration with her father.

Chanel West Coast Relationship

Even though she is not married, Chanel West Coast is reportedly pregnant with a child that will be born to her partner, Dom Fenison.
Before she appeared on the red carpet earlier this month, the musician announced that she was expecting a child.
She accentuated her growing belly by wearing a sequined floral mini dress, while Fenison wore a suit with a green pocket square and heels that matched the colours of her clothing.

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