Chainsaw Man Chapter 118: Release Date, Plot, Review, Spoilers, Recap and More

An enormous cliffhanger was left behind from chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man’s Part 2 Academy Saga arc, which is heating up as we move forward in the story

With the upcoming chapter, Asa is without a doubt planning to add even more excitement to the already thrilling tale.

If you simply cannot wait, we have the publication date as well as some plot details for the 118th chapter of the Chainsaw Man manga.

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man


Chainsaw Man Chapter 118: Release Date

On the 17th of January, at ten in the morning Eastern Time (ET), the 118th chapter of Chainsaw Man will be made available on the website of Viz Media.

Chapters 115–117 are currently available for reading on this website, which enables users to read the most recent three chapters even if they do not have an account with the website.

When January 17 rolls around and you realise you need a refresher on the plot, you are free to go back and review a couple of the earlier chapters whenever you have the time.

As an additional option, mobile users can download the Manga Plus app developed by Shueisha.

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118: Plot

There is currently no information that can be considered a spoiler regarding the resolution of the cliffhanger that was left in chapter 117. Those who can’t wait to read the new chapter will have to hold out until January 17 before they can access it for free on the website.

The events of Chapter 117 came to a close with Asa and Denji having successfully evaded a recurrence of the Eternity Devil Arc that had trapped them in a never-ending aquarium.

Yoru was able to gain control of Asa and intone the proper power in the previous two pages, which allowed him to make a “Denji Spinal Cord Sword.”

It’s possible that the War Devil’s powers won’t have any effect on Denji, but considering they were able to function on the Justice Devil before, anything might happen at this point.

After a week from the time this was written, everything will be brought to light. That wraps up everything there is to know about the publishing date, as well as any potential spoilers, for the 118th chapter of Chainsaw Man.

This Summer, a spin-off light book titled Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories is going to be released in connection with the series.

One Punch Man is one of the most popular series published in Shonen Jump and has a significant number of readers.

Those readers who have been waiting impatiently for the release of the new chapter are in luck. For those who can’t wait till the release of One Punch Man Chapter 177, here is what we know about when it will be available as well as story spoilers.

There is both good and terrible news to report. On January 12, 2023, the publishing of One Punch Man was resumed after a brief hiatus, and chapter 177 was the first chapter to be made available.

Nevertheless, this is exclusively for the Japanese edition that will be distributed via Tonari no Young Jump. There is presently no information that can be found on when the English translation of Chapter 177 will be made available on the website that is run by Viz Media.

At the time of this writing, the One Punch Man offering from Viz Media was only up to chapter 174, and the website did not provide any indication as to when chapter 175 and subsequent chapters could become available.

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118: Spoiler

As is the case with any major manga, as soon as a new chapter becomes available to read online in Japan, fans instantly devour it and then discuss what’s going to happen with others in the audience who do not speak Japanese.

Having said that, it is true that there are spoilers for chapter 177 available. Continue reading if you’d like to get a head start on the One Punch Man plot and find out what’s going to happen next.

The title of Chapter 177 is “The Supernatural & Risks,” and the chapter begins with the hero sisters Tatsumaki and Fubuki engaging in combat with a powerful member of the Tsukuyomi.

The powers of the adversary are exceedingly potent, as seen by the fact that he is able to incapacitate Fubuki and momentarily coerce Tatsumaki into surrendering to him by threatening to poison her sister.

During the struggle, the Tsukuyomi antagonist opens all of the neighbouring containment cells of the Demon class monsters, but Saitama is able to immediately stop a huge number of them.

Tatsumaki is successful in removing the poison danger against her sister and turning it on their assailant, so rendering their assailant completely powerless to prevent his capture by the heroes.

Tatsumaki learns from the close call that she cannot save everyone if she is also responsible for dealing with her sister’s Blizzard Bunch of C-rank heroes after she nearly loses the battle.

The next thing that happens is that Tatsumaki scolds Fubuki for the fact that she surrounds herself with weak people and insists that Fubuki severe all of her links with the individuals in question.

Tatsumaki goes to great lengths to make preparations to wound the Blizzard Bunch in such a way that they are no longer fit to perform hero job. Fortunately, Saitama is able to stop her before she can carry out this plan.

The group will almost definitely get a substantial amount of fresh information about the Tsukuyomi from their newest hostage in Chapter 178.

The release date for One Punch Man chapter 177, as well as any plot details that may be revealed, are included in the following information for your convenience.

The author of One Punch Man has created a new manga series titled Versus that is definitely worth checking out.

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 118: Recap

In Chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man, we saw how Asa’s plan to transform the aquarium into the Aquarium Spear was a complete success.

The Eternity Devil was made visible to everyone by first removing the actual aquarium from the room and then turning it into a weapon.

After that, Asa and Yoru were both successful in slaying the Eternity Devil for the first time, and for Yoru it was the second time they were able to do it. Both of these deaths were exceedingly gory.

The most important thing, however, is that Denji was able to fulfil his childhood ambition of witnessing a penguin.

He even had the opportunity to touch and hold a penguin before the authorities took it away from him.

On a more serious note, fans noticed that this scene, along with others in the issue, played a role in his character development on a larger scale, highlighting how much he has developed since the first chapter.

A confrontation between Hirofumi Yoshida and Fami, also known as the Famine Devil, was featured in this issue. It gave the impression that the two characters know more about each other than the fans do at this point.

Denji asked Asa out on a second date, which spurred Yoru to quickly seize control of their combined body and attempt to turn Denji into a weapon, as is her power as the War Devil. This was shown in the last pages of the comic.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 will most likely begin either with a focus on Asa and Denji or by leaping directly back into current events and revealing Yoru’s attempt to weaponize Denji.

Either way, it is almost guaranteed that this will be the case. If the tale were to concentrate on Asa or Denji, it might provide a rundown of their thoughts in the immediate aftermath of the events in the most recent few issues or possibly shed light on previously unknown portions of their background.

On the other hand, the possibility of Fujimoto stepping right back into the ongoing tale, in which it is expected that Denji will survive the effort to weaponize him, is somewhat lower than the likelihood of such events occurring.

As for how Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 will explain this, there are quite simply an unlimited number of possible explanations, and only Fujimoto himself has even the slightest notion as to how this will take place.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 might conclude with each party exposing their true identity to the other, followed by the beginning of a fight or skirmish between them.

This would come after Denji’s survival of the attack. However, it is more likely that Denji, who is uninformed of what Yoru is trying to achieve, will make some sort of joke of the situation before walking away.

This will leave the rest of the problem open for Asa and Yoru to reevaluate their plans and determine how to proceed.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118: Review

In Chapter 118 of “Chainsaw Man,” Yoru will be unsuccessful in his attempt to turn Denji into a weapon. In point of fact, it is physically impossible for them to transform Denji into their blade.

In chapter 118 of “Chainsaw Man,” Yoru’s scheme will never come to fruition. So, what sort of response may we anticipate from her in the following segment?

The most shocking revelation for Yoru will come when she realises that she is unable to use Denji as a weapon against her opponents.

Because she is unaware that Denji is the Chainsaw Man, she will never be able to use him as her arm. This is because she cannot trust him.

Yoru ought to have allowed Asa and Denji to spend more time together in their free time. The chemistry between them is improving, and it is becoming more endearing and humorous.

Fans, on the other hand, can’t help but feel sorry for the couple because there doesn’t appear to be any hope that Denji will ever have a typical love story. Having stated that, there are many people who hope for his happiness.

In other places, the hole Spoilers for the “Chainsaw Man” chapter 118 reveal that Denji is attempting to transform Asa into her blade. He strokes her back and says, “Asa spiral sword,” but neither of those things have any effect.

Asa speculates that the reason may be that Denji has not yet developed romantic feelings for her. While at school, Denji extends an invitation to Asa for a late-night movie date, but Asa declines the offer.

She decided that renting a video would be a better option given how much less expensive it is.

Asa makes the decision to travel to his house rather than hers since Denji inquires about the availability of a VCR at her residence, and she does not have one. On the other hand, he does.

This catches Denji off guard, and he tells Asa that she must abide by the laws of his house. In Chapter 118 of “Chainsaw Man,” it is revealed that she will die if she breaks it.

They had no idea that Haruka was listening in on their chat when they were having it.

In the meantime, “Chainsaw Man” Chapter 117 revealed that Denji was taken aback when he realised that he had decided to heed Asa’s directions despite previously refusing to follow anybody else’s lead.

However, all of his concerns disappeared when he noticed a penguin looking directly at him.

While Asa was fighting the Eternity Devil, Denji had already escaped the aquarium. The Eternity Devil then cursed the Famine Devil, who then attacked Asa. The Octopus Devil was then used by Hirofumi to strike the Eternity Devil.

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